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Mansfield Jr. Sr. High School

Mansfield, Pennsylvania

Class of 1962

(1997) This is a start (poor indeed) of a web page for members of Class of 62. What we do with it depends on what you want and what you contribute. For a start we can at least collect whatever Email addresses are available so that people can communicate.

Let me know your ideas and let me know if you know Email addresses for other class members. I may send a mailing a little later asking for addresses. I can't remember who raised hands as having Email. Can you?

(2006) I don't know how many of these email addresses are still valid. I tried to start this nine years ago when most did not even know what I was talking about. Classmates have not checked in, but thank you John McNaney (June 2006) for making contact. I have updated and added where I can. I have added the 2006 date to the ones that I know are current. If you know more email addresses of our classmantes, please send them in. Thanks.

Check out Joyce's Site at Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice Or shortcut directly to the Mansfield-Richmond Page
And Look at this - Tracing the Descendants of Jonathan Wood and his three wives to the Class of '62 1959 Junior High Cheerleaders & Basketball
Ed Furman (old address)
Peter Baum
p b a u m AT c a p e D0T c o m _CHANGE_CAPITOLS_TO_CHARACTERS and delete spaces
Gary Cleveland - 2007 
Donna BENTLEY Davey - 2006
Michelle CURREN Bitner - 2006
Bob Jones - 2006
John McNaney - 2006
Sandy Maurer
Not sure if stil current
Sally REYNOLDS Forrest
Marcia SEYMOUR Romaine - 2006
Harlo Smith - 2006
Sue TEARS Kinkead - 2006
Joyce M. Tice - 2006
SallyWILSON Smith - 2006
Sandy ALLEN Cronkey - 2007
Ann WISE Mocarski
Anna May WOOD Hammond - 2006
Bill Chamberlain - 2007
Joanne ENNIS Leipold - 2007
Mary BAILEY Farrer - 2007
105 are numbers not letters
"Billy" Gee (He calls himself Bill now) - visited my museum this month (December 2006). He wants to attend our reunion this coming summer. He's a really nice fellow. He was with us in elementary and Jr High but moved to Wellsboro for High School. Send himn a note at

Ideas: Birthdays, New pictures, short biographies on what we've done since high school.

Here are some pictures from 2002 - at Mary and Jerry's house

March 2007 - Second meeting of planning committee 12 MAR 6 PM Donna's House
Sorry, the absent minded Joyce, after thinking aobut the meeting all day, sat down in the evening and forgot about it until 8:15. I got there just after everyone had left. I told Donna about my ideas for the Mansfield Slide Show and the web site, but can not report on anything else that was discussed.

Next meeting 23 APR

Tom and Wendell in our great new shirts. John McNaney printed them and they kindly give our year in Roman Numerals so it is not so blatant. Butch, Tom, Marie and John, Sally in background - 
Don't everybody talk at once
John leads the charge into the scene of our former glory Touring the old haunts at Mansfield High School

Reunion 2007 - 45th !!! Amazing
Trivia Game about the way things were in 1962 - with answers. Thanks To Sally WILSON Smith for the research and for sending it in for us.

1.  What date did we graduate?
           June 2, 1962

 2.  This is our 9th class reunion.  Where were the other 8
 reunions held?
              5 - Smythe Park
            11 - Wellsboro Golf Club (10th canceled because of
                  1972 flood)
            15 - Woodshed
            20 - Corey Creek
            25 - Corey Creek
           30 - Corey Creek
           35 - Corey Creek
            40 - Lakeview

 3.  What two major chain stores opened their first stores?
            K-Mart and Wal-Mart

 4.  What blond movie star committed suicide?
           Marilyn Monroe

 5.  Who won the World Series?
           New York Yankees

 6.  What basketball player scored 100 points in a single
            Wilt Chamberlain

 7.  Who were the President and Vice President?
            John F. Kennedy
            Lyndon Johnson

 8.  What was the minimum wage?

           $1.00/hour in PA (national average $1.25/hour)

 9.  What was the price of a movie?  $1.00

10.  How much was a postage stamp?  $.04

11.  How much was a gallon of gas?  $.28

12.  How much was a loaf of bread,   $.21
                               gallon of milk,   $1.04
                            pound of bacon,   $.69
                    and one dozen eggs?   $.32

13.  What British singing group made its first record?
            The Beatles

14.  What American astronaut orbited the earth?
            John Glenn

15.  What late-night talk show premiered?
            Tonight Show-Johnny Carson

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