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An Extrordinary Thank You
Article: An Extraordinary Thank You
Township: LeRoy Township, Bradford County PA
The Galveston Flood 1900
From Patti MOTT Barber of Texas 
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Postcard submitted by Betty Lamont shows Leroy as it was in 1900 when the Motts visited
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Today I received a note from a woman in Texas who had just found the site. She was very touched to read a 1900 article on the site from the Troy Register about the kindness of the people of LeRoy when her great grandparents lost everything they had, and relatives and friends as well, in the great Galveston Flood  of that year. They were visiting in LeRoy when the disaster occurred. Her note is very touching to me as well. It is also very rewarding to me and to the people who help me so extensively in making the site available to people who can benefit from it as Patti has. I am so grateful to her for sharing this story with us. Finds like this make it all worthwhile for us. Kindness and gratitude go on long after the events that triggered them. If you would like to comment on this note or send Patti a message, I'd like to collect them here. This is a real connection of the past and the present and demonstrates the best of what I envision for this site. The barriers of time and place have been broken down by search engines.   Joyce M. Tice
Subj:  Thanks!
Date:  5/5/2003 5:45:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Patty Barber)

Hi Joyce!

Your website has been such a blessing to me!  Thank you so much for all your hard work and for the work of the people who stand beside you!  I've something to tell you that I think is very interesting - it certainly caused a light bulb to click on in my brain!

As you can tell from my email address, I'm writing from Houston, Texas.  My dad's family is from Galveston, Texas - generations of us have been "born and bred" here.  Like millions of others, I've been trying to trace my dad's folks recently.  I came upon your website through a yahoo search, and one of your 1900's clippings has helped TONS.  Here's a story fer ya:  (that's Texas talk) :)

My 2nd great grandfather is Zed P. Mott, Sr.  You have a story in one of your 1900s clippings about him coming to LeRoy, Bradford County in September, 1900 to visit his brother, H.K. Mott.  While grandpa Zed was in Bradford County, Galveston was hit with the great storm of 1900, killing many people, and Zed learned that much of his family had been wiped out along with his business and home.  See the Galveston Flood Article from the Troy newspaper

The people of Bradford County began to collect money to help Zed rebuild his home, his business, and his future.  That story touches me . . . I wish I could hug somebody from Pennsylvania.  Anyway, what's really interesting is the extent to which it touched Zed, Sr. and his remaining family.  He had a son, also named Zed P. ( a Jr.) who was about 15 at the time of the great storm.  Zed P. Jr  grew up, got married and had a son himself.  He named his son LeRoy Bradford Mott.   I never knew where that name came from.  Now I'm positively certain it came from Pennsylvania, from the gratitude of his heart because of the kindness of the people who lived in LeRoy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

What's more is that my grandpa, LeRoy Bradford Mott, born in Galveston in 1903 also grew up to have a son, LeRoy Bradford Mott, Jr (my dad).  My dad named my little brother LeRoy Bradford Mott, III.  And let me tell you what (Texas talk), I'm still thankful for LeRoy, PA.  Just goes to show how the kindness and caring of a person can extend on and on and on.

Thanks to you all - for the love and kindness of your ancestors, and the hard work you give now on your website.  If you know somebody from LeRoy - give them a hug from me.

Hugs from a thankful Texas woman.

Patti Barber
Subj:  Texas Branch
Date:  5/6/2003 1:04:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Linda Mutzer)

Dear Patti,

My gr gr grandmother, Sophi Mott is sister to the man my grandmother called Uncle Zeb, Sophi called him Pratt, while tracing the tree, I learned his name was Zeddock Pratt Mott.

I can't tell you how often I heard my grandmother tell the story of Uncle Zeb and the Galveston hurricane.  Several years ago, because the Weather Channel always mentions it at the start of the hurricane season, I put 2 and 2 together, the hurricane Gramma talked about was the 1900 Galveston Hurricane.

Have you visited the Great Galveston Storm Website?

Linda Mutzer

Subj:  LeRoy-Mott-Galveston Story
Date:  5/10/2003 9:40:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To:  JoyceTice

       Thanks for the note about the Mott story in May update. This is a one of those wonderful connection stories that we seldom see. Having the Bradford LeRoy name come into the Mott family and continued for three generations is priceless and a lesson in not jumping to conclusions about being named for someone's ancestor.
Ralph Weller

In a message dated 5/17/2008 10:21:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Hi Joyce,

I accidently came across your website tonite on a genealogy search for my father’s side of the family.  It was interesting to see that my younger sister found you in 2003 (Patti Mott Barber).  Since we do not communicate, I was surprised to see her letter.

Let me add my gratitude to the folks of LeRoy, Bradford County, PA also for what they did for my family.  I’m sure my youngest brother would say the same.  We have been trying to put some of the pieces of our father’s life together in the last few months.  Even though our great uncles and aunts were listed in my brother’s baby book, we had never heard of any of them, much less met them.  So, curiosity got the better of us and we have been doing some searching of our own.  I must say your website has been a great help and I am sure we will refer to it many times in our quest.

Louanne Mott Graeber
Austin, TX

Leroy Bradford Mott, III
Bedias, TX

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05 MAY 2003
By Joyce M. Tice
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