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Photo  - Interior of Baptist Church at Antrim
Photos - Antrim PA - Coal Mining Town
Township: Duncan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: Undated - early Twentieth Century
Submitted by Janice Dallas
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Antrim Street Scene about 1902
Estep's House in Antrim
Martha Young & Hazil Estep - In front of Episcopal Church, Antrim PA
Group Photo of boys in Antrim.  William Estep Derby friends 
(Wm Derby is the one with the turned down hat & bow tie to the right of him is Art Coombes) 
Hazil Estep and other teachers at the Antrim School
William Derby & William Estep.  Grandfather Estep killed bear in 1906, it had roamed from the Rocky Mountains was a cinnamon bear having a short mane down it back. It was mounted and given to Percy Cope of Antrim, Pa.
My name is John and I live only 500 ft. from where the chutes used to be.
Scanned from a stereoscopic card which dates it to possbily 1870s

In a message dated 8/3/2010 2:55:58 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Hi, Joyce, Sue Watkins here in Penn Yan.

Three things, related:

1. I came upon this link in your website --photos of Antrim, Pa., submitted by a descendent of one William Estep of that village. William is in several of these photos.

My great-grandfather Dr. Asbury Harpending Baker was the town physician in Antrim from 1886 - 1894, and as he recounts in his memoir, published as "Memories," he and William Estep were great friends; in "Memories" Asbury recounts at length a hunting adventure tale with William Estep and some other friends from the Antrim area. Among the many photos and other paper ephemera I have is a postcard, attached here, sent to Asbury, as he notes on the back, by William Estep. The date Asbury wrote on it is June 6, 1917. As you know it was a fad or custom in those years to create postcards from personal photos, so I have assumed that one of the fellows pictured among their hanging deer has to be William Estep himself. I wonder if William's descendent --is his name John? --could identify which one is his ancestor?

And I wonder if John Estep has any photos that might include my great-grandfather, or the house Dr. Baker and his wife occupied while they were in Antrim, or ??? Incidentally the Bakers joined the Episcopal church while they were there, so I was pleased to see the photo of the women standing in front of the church door.

2. Also among my papers, I have Dr. Baker's obstetrical records from the years he was in Antrim. This is in the form of a somewhat fragile hardcover account book, so I am not sure if it can be scanned, but it is a wonderful historical document listing births by date, name, ethnicity of the mother, along with medical details.

3. In that vein --I've finally figured out how to scan "Memories." I bought a decent scanner and the process will put the book in a PDF file. Is this an acceptable format for the Tri-Counties site? I thought that once I had it safely in that format I would make a copy with photos inserted in it. But for now I wanted to tell you that I will scan this memoir and send it to you as I promised I would too long ago. Would you rather I mailed a CD copy to you or would an email attachment be all right?

Sue W.
[Photo downloaded to Townships/Duncan folder on fileserver]

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 21 FEB 2004
By Joyce M. Tice
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