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Movie Making 1915, Canton, Bradford County PA
Article - 1915 Movie Making
Township: Canton Borough, Bradford County PA
Year: 1915 / 1967 
Ad from Troy Gazette-Register 1915 scanned by Joyce
Article by Eleanor PARSONS Keagle submitted by Don Stanton
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Eleanor Parsons Keagle

Elmira Telegram

March 5, 1967

The reference to Antonio Morono’s death at age 80 in the February 19 Elmira Telegram, recalled his stay in Canton during the summer of 1915 and the movie and parts of other movies shot here at that time.

The principle picture was titled "A Son of the Hills" listed as "a modern drama in six parts by Harriet T. Comstock." Canton’s famous actor, Harry Davenport directed the production.

In the plot, Sandy Merly, longing for an education and a better life was played by Antonio Moreno; his father by Robert Gaylord, and his sweetheart, Cynthia, Belle Bruce.

Others in the cast included Mr. Felton, Mr. Balfour, Mr. Matus, Florence Radiniff, Julia Gordon, Miss Franicke, Miss Blow, and Harry Davenport’s daughter, Kate Davenport.

A number of homes and cabins in and near Canton were used as "props", the High School for a college building where Morono graduated.

To advance the plot, and old house near Lake Nephawin was burned. I was not well that summer and so missed much of the local excitement, but no advice, medical or otherwise could keep me from witnessing the scene which included the house burning and rescue it entailed.
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