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Photo at Fallbrook by Joyce M. Tice August 2003
Poem by William N. Muir
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IN 1870

In a little town named Fall Brook,
Standing on the top of the hills,
Was a very industrious village,
Noted for mining, lumbering and mills,
Where the Scotch, Welsh, English and Irish
Whenever they came across,
Were to purchase a ticket via Erie
That brought them right into Bloss.

In Blossburg they were met by their friends and acquaintances,
That preceded them over here,
To show them a hearty welcome,
Dear ones they hadn’t seen for years;
It was there hands shaking so joyous and glad
Now bound for the Brook with Engineer Bragg.

In those days they were slow but sure,
Didn’t advertise fifty miles per hour.
The distance is seven miles from Bloss to the Brook,
And the schedule, I believe, thirty minutes, it took.
The people gathered round the depot
to see the greenhorns and what not,
Would ask all kinds of questions of little Billie Butts,
It annoyed him so, I don’t understand,
The train is on time, says old John McCann.

In the evening of course, there was a big spread,
The following morning there was a big head,
So right after dinner they purchased their tools and took them to Tom Buton,
Who had charge of the mules.

It is my recollection,
Number two was then on the boom,
And then hearty fellows came along soon;
That morning there was a great “How-do-you-do”,
Says Jim Pollock, “We will put you lads in number two,”
“Billy Griffiths,” he says, “You dosee,
The next bunch that comes, we will put in number three,
And some of them might be used to low veins,
We will give them a job right up in the plane.”

Some of the old worthies, I’ll never forget,
I’ll mention their names just out of respect,
The Heatherhills, the Halls, MacNeish and the Jones,
The Fagans, and Eagans, Dwyers and the Bones,
The Quinlish and Quinlins, Muirs and Lenans,
Pearsons, McPhearsons, Russels and McManns,
Moriaritys, McCarthys, McIntoshs and Blands,
Lewises and Alsups, Donds and McManns,
Lloyds and Boyds, I cannot remember half,
One I will mention is Big Henry McGrath,
Shearers and Hays, Clarksons and Chambers,
John Davis, the blacksmith, I also remember.

The Ryans and Branns,
Old Billie Benger could relate you a story,
As long as December,
O’Donnells, O’Connells, Whitehouse and Kitsen,
Would solicit your shoes when they needed fixing;
Murrays, Gulfoyles, Nichols and Hinds
Old Mr. Couser that lived near the mines;
The Wells and Kanes, Smiths and Malloys,
The Herons, Brewers, Hindmans and Lawtons,
Fiddlers and Farrs, Cushings, Hardigans, Wandrums and Brans,
And also John Keating the famous baseball pitcher who was the joy of the fans;
Thomas Ford, with his curly hair,
And Mike Nugent with his cud,
There is none can compare.

This bunch I write of will never be forgotten;
Now friends in conclusion,
I cannot think of anything more,
If I had some one to help me,
I might get a score.
To see the old place now, it would give you the blues,
So I finish this letter by saying,

Wm. N. Muir
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/15/2006
By Joyce M. Tice
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