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The following LOCAL people are willing to help you in the Tri-County area with lookups at local facilities. You may contact them directly by email and arrange your own terms and pay rates. PLEASE DO NOT contact these people if you are not willing to pay as you have committed to do. We have lost several researchers in this area because they had trouble getting paid. Inclusion on this page does not mean that I am endorsing them. They make themselves available because they have access to our local resources that those of you in other parts of the country do not. These services are made available in addition to the services of the three county Historical Societies all of which can be reached from the same page as this and in addition to the Lookup Volunteers who will do research in their own home libraries for you on a limited basis. They also are reached from the Tri-Counties Online Research Library from which you accessed this page.
George Farr Research for pay - Town of Elmira Historian - My current email address is and my research rates, background, etc. can be found at <>. In addition to paid research, I am willing to answer any questions regarding research, i.e. where would I look for such and such, received by telephone, email at no charge. I will do research in Chemung, Steuben and Schuyler Counties. I'll do research in the Northern Tier, if no one else from Pennsylvania is available. 
John Clancy I am running out of family members, and friends, as candidates for my genealogical interests so I am going commercial. We have set up a web site and would appreciate any referrals you might send my way.

I take my work seriously and will do the very best I can on every research project that I accept. I have particular resources and experiences with immigrants into the US from Western Europe during the period 1790-1920. I have good access to data from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Within the US I have spent quite a bit of time researching, and becoming familiar with, genealogical resources in PA, DE, NY, OH and MA but feel comfortable following immigrant migrations into any state. 

As you will see on the website, my rates are very reasonable. If you refer someone please tell them to mention your name and they will receive a 10% discount off the total labor cost.

Thank you for your interest.
John Clancy

My Family Histories
P.O Box 304
Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970-0304

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03 NOV 1998
By Joyce M. Tice
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