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Submitted by Allison Dhuy 
Photo of a stream like the one where Jerome and his siblings played. By Joyce M. Tice June 2002
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Subj:  Poems by Jerome B. Packard for you to share
Date:  12/05/2003 10:46:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Allison Dhuy)

Hello Joyce:

First of all, your site is amazing.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  I have two items to send you, the first being some poems written by Jerome Bonaparte Packard.  (The other is a picture of William B. Packard, Anna Margaret Ayres, children, and grandchildren.  As soon as I find the slip of paper that defines who is who - I'll forward it).

My husband's grandmother, Rhea nee Packard, has in her possession a small book of poems authored by Jerome B. Packard, her paternal great-grandfather.  I did not have access to a computer when I read them so I only managed to record a few pages.  Inside the book, if you can call it a book, we found the handwritten name "Mrs. S. Collins."  If anyone has information that relates to any of this - they are invited to contact me at

"Poems Composed by the late Jerome B. Packard of Granville, PA.

"The author of the verses contained in this little volume was born December 28, 1821 in Granville Twp., Bradford County, Penna on the same farm where he died July 11, 1897 at the advanced age of seventy five years.  He was always a hardworking honest man, respected and beloved by his family and neighbors.  He reared a family of seven children all of whom but one, a daughter, survive him.  His early opportunities for education and learning were those only which were afforded by the wilderness, by which, at that early day he was surrounded, but his quiet thoughtful mind and his overwhelming love of nature and God, its maker, show to what he might have aspired had he been more favorably situated.  Always a man of undoubted integrity he never manifested much interest in the matters of the church till past sixty years of age, when he became deeply impressed with the value of religion and from that time till his death was ever zealously at work for his master whom, his writings show, he loved so well."

"To E.M. Clark

"While coasting down the shores of time,
Towards our distant home,
Which lies beyond death's turbid wave
Where we shall learn our doom
Let's strive to walk while here below
Our few remaining days
In such a way that when it comes
We here may sing God's praise
With shots of victory to rejoice
With all that ransomed throng
That in the realms of bliss on high
Sing the redemption Song

Granville Summit May 5, 1884"

(The following is to Jerome's sister, Sophia.  My records indicate that Sophia married Alexander Eastman.)

"To Sophia

"Sophia do you remember when we all lived at home?
You the youngest of the group, the eldest was Jerome.
But, ah! how things have changed since them
That group - where are they now?
Some in the plains and valleys,
Some on the mountains brow;
While some beneath the valley's sod
Are sleeping now in death
Whilst you and I meander here,
Away out in the west.
How things are changed at our old home
Where in our youth we strayed
Along the spring brook gathering flowers
Beneath the maple's shade
The old log house where she was born
With basswood puncheon floors
Has long since passed from usefulness
Unto oblivious shares
Those parents too who watched o'er us
Through all our youthful days
Have been sleeping beneath the sod
These many many days
That group thus scattered far and wide
No more on earth can meet
Perchance beyond death's rolling tide
We may each other greet
If we but seek while yet we may
A Saviors guiding hand
To help us o'er death's surging waves
To that fairer happier land
Beyond these rolling waves of time
On which we are drifting fast
Toward the brad internal shore
Where all must land at last
Sophia please remember your old brother of to-day
Whose years are well high numbers
Who soon must pass away
Now I'll go to my eastern home
Two thousand miles away
So pray for me while life shall last
Is all that I can say
The western sun may shine on you
and cause your cheeks to bloom
While eastern dews will moisten
the grass upon my tomb

Corwith, Iowa February 11, 1882"

"Edwin Rogers
"(line composed on his death who was killed by the falling of a tree on the land of L.B. Van Horn, West Granville, Bradford County, PA November 25, 1880)

"At 3 o'clock when Edwin left
Just for a little while
Expecting he should soon return
To greet his children's smiles
He little though his time on earth
Had drawn so near its close
That he within an hour should sleep
In death's deep, calm repose.
But such is life's uncertainties
No mortal knows his doom
Nor knows how soon his mortal clay
Shall sleep within the tomb
He left his home in usual health
Yet who but God could tell
How very soon in Edwin's home
A widow there should dwell
An honest man's God's noblest work
Was Edwin Rogers true
Faithful and honest was his walk
While faults he had but few
Beloved by kindred and by friends
By all who knew him best
A mourning circle he has left
And gone we trust to rest
Yes gone we trust where Jesus reigns
Where troubles never come
To dwell with all the blest above
With the father and the son
God the father and the friend
Of widow and orphan too
Remembers the household Edwin left
With blessings not a few"

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06 DEC 2003
By Joyce M. Tice
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