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Tri-Counties School Memorabilia
Gillett School. Teacher – Florence Dewitt.
Front Row: Fremont Kerrick, Betty Strong, Millard Rought, Glenn Boughton, Marie Hoagland, Bob French, George Oldroyd, __ Dean, Warren Porter.
Middle Row: Jervis Boughton, Cleo Belle Tunnicliff, Esther Andrus, William Andrus, Cora Porter, Don Lewis, William Wood, Marie Blodgett, Rachel Dean, Phyllis Blodgett, Wesley Benson, Lynn Maynard.
Back Row: Emmet Wood, Glenn Craig, James Kerrick, Walter Newton, Rex Maynard, Allen Wright, Leon Tunnicliff, Sylvia Tunnicliff, June Lewis, Violet Parks, John Jezorski, LaRue Saunders.
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1833-1983 South Creek Sesquicentennial
Reprinted on Tri-Counties site with permission of June SMITH Mickley
ReTyped by Paul Newell

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According to Clement Heverly, there was a one-room log schoolhouse in South Creek Township near Gillett (Dunning) in 1830. There is no record of its early teachers. Meetings were held there irregularly. Gradually, other one-room schoolhouses were built in the township until there was a total of eight altogether; these were: Checkerville, Doty Hill, Dunning, Fassett, Gillett, Justice Run, Roaring Run, and Thompson Hill.

The original school building, on the present site of the Gillett School, was erected on land given by John F. Gillette for this purpose. It was a two-room building which burned on January 20, 1930. School was held in the Fassett School building and over Strong and French’s Store the remainder of the year.

A new three-room school was built during the summer. Florence DeWitt, Winifred Robbins and Leda Lewis were the teachers. A fourth room was added to the building in 1949. Nearly all of the work on this project was volunteer labor given by men of the school district with Samuel Kerrick as overseer. For several years extra classes had to be held in the church annex and, in 1857, the Jr. High students were transferred to Troy High School after South Creek Twp. Became a member of the Troy Community Joint Schools.

The present school was dedicated November 4, 1961. The jointure tried to close the school in 1982 but members of the township fought the closing and the school was to remain open for one more year. Students next year will be bussed to Troy and Mosherville Elementary Schools. Children north of the post office will attend school at Mosherville; children south of the post office will be bussed to Troy.

The 1900 Bradford County Directory for South Creek Township lists Donald H. Aird as principal of the Gillett School. He was also principal in 1907.

Some early teachers were:

Yulan Boughton (substitute), Nellie Chase, Edna Cleveland, Winifred Collins, Louise Curran, Florence DeWitt, Mrs. Fibbard, Elizabeth Frantz, Leda Lewis, Anna Mackafay, Frances McGlenn, Mae McGlenn, Eunice Hunsinger, Lucy Loomis Passmore (taught music lessons at home), Winifred Robbins, Grant Robyler, Eileen Turk, George O. Turk, Llewellyn Turk, John Updike.

Later teachers were:

Flora Albrecht, Richard DeGues, Lane Haflett, Ellen Jennings, Mr. Lloyd, Helen Shaylor, Sharon Stackhouse.

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Checkerville School was located near the Gordon Furman residence as you go down from Thompson Hill to the Checkerville Grange Hall. A partial list of teachers includes:

Winifred Dobbins – 1929-30

Checkerville Students

School Census August 1921 (H.O. Kingsley, Enumerator)

DOTY HILL SCHOOL (Independent)

Doty Hill School began in a log schoolhouse. A second school was built about 1896-97 and was also used as a church. It was located on the Paul Pautz property today. Some of the teachers who taught there were:

Theresa Butler – 1900

[School photograph]

Dunning School – 1923.

All of the students are not identified. Some of them were: Dorothy Vernier Harkness, Nellie Kilmer, Edsel Petty, Josephine Petty, Martha Sawdry, Edith Thompson.

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The Dunning School was located on the site where Stanley Swatworth’s garage is now.


The Fassett School was located near the filling station owned by Oliver Owens. It is still standing and has been remodeled into a house. Children were transported to Gillett in 1930.


Justice Run School #6 was located on the southeast corner of Monkey Run Road; where Hi-Run intersects it.

[School photograph]

Justice Run School – 1917.

Clarence Lewis, Doris Vandermark, Charles Vandermark, Ella Faulkner, Erwin Cooper, Lester Tunnicliff, Lester Cooper, Clinton Wood, Edna Sawyer.

Justice Run Pupils – 1915-1916

Jennie Hillman, Mildred Hillman, William Hillman.

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[School photograph]

Roaring Run School – 1928.

Teacher – John Updike.

Front Row: Clarence Hummel, Dorothy Hummell, Menzo Conklin, Pauline Congdon, Bobby Hovencamp.

Back Row: Alta Conklin, Mildred Conklin, Marie Congdon, Robert Tillinghast, John Updike, Edgar Congdon, Kenny Andrus, Mell Cockshutte, Orilla Tillinghast, Jack Hovencamp.


The Roaring Run School was located near Rev. and Mrs. J. Sydney Kane’s home. Fred Combs hauled the lumber to build it. Some of the teachers were:

Mary Ayers – 1921-22

[School photograph]

Thompson Hill School.

Front Row: Katherine Sweeney, Shirley Harkness, June Ward, Rosamond Harkness, Harold Winslow.

Middle Row: Elwin Harkness, Teddy Anderson, Merle Chase, Herbert Winslow, Dana Harkness, Estelle Harding, Eva Ward.

Back Row: Elizabeth Ward, Lucy Chase, George Ward, William Chase, James Ward.


The Thompson Hill School was located on the corner of Thompson Hill and Checkerville Roads near the Ed Ballard residence.
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