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Remains of the old stone silo on Thompson Hill. It was built by Henry Oldroyd, grandfather of Walter Oldroyd and Belle Oldroyd Congdon, around 1854 and was one of the first silos around. In 1926, a cyclone blew down the barn adjacent to the silo. It was once owned by the DeWaters family of Elmira; the farm containing 260 acres.
Remains of an old rail fence on Roaring Run Road, Fassett. It was presumably built by Henry Bristol.
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   Judge H.B. Smith of New York Supreme Court and J. Sloat Fassett, State Senator, Congressman, etc. from New York spent their boyhood days in South Creek Township.

Hon. John F. Gillette Rep. in the State Legislature 1877-1878
Charles Dewey House of Representatives (two terms) 1918
Peter J. Dean Sheriff of Bradford Co. 1878-1891
John H. Dean Deputy Sheriff of Bradford Co. 1879-1884
Charles P. Dewey Register and Recorder of Bradford Co. 1903-1907
John H. Dean Deputy Treasurer of Bradford Co.
Ira Crane County Auditor
Donald Aird County Auditor

George V. Ward Gillett Town Commissioner 1900
Don F. Lewis Gillett Town Commissioner 1900
Lyman C. Boughton Gillett Town Commissioner 1900
William H. Passmore Gillett Town Clerk 1900
George W. Ayers South Creek Twp. Treasurer 1907
Edgar Berry Gillett Assessor 1907
David Chase South Creek Twp. Auditor 1907
James B. Judson South Creek Twp. Auditor 1907
Claude Andrus South Creek Twp. Auditor 1907
George Fletcher Gillett Tax Collector 1907
Belle Coursen Fassett Census Enumerator 1930

Samuel Pettingill First Township J.P. 1835-1840’s
William Goldsmith J.P. several years; died 1883 1840’s
Gideon Ingersoll  1845
Linus Williams  1849
Benjamin Inman  1850
C. Fred Moore In business 1884
Isaac J. Mahaffey In business 1900 & 1907
George O. Turk In business 1900 & 1907
Clarence Newell  Abt. 1918
Harry Kerrick J.P. then Notary Public 1933-1974
Fannie Benson  1940-1962

Elwyn Wrisley  1962-1968
Mary Jones  1960-1982
Rexford Maynard  1981-present
Helen Kay Sheddon  1982-present
Virginia Maynard  1983-present
Collette Roberts  1983-present

Harry B. Corey  1900 & 1907
Gregory Lawrence  1980-present

Truman Fassett First Township Constable 1835
Peter J. Dean Served 12 years 1870’s
C.A. Pitt  1884
George Fletcher  1900
Merton D. Loomis  1907
Chester Carson  Abt. 1918
Ward Hunsinger  1929-1951
Llewellyn Ameigh  1955-1977
Rexford Maynard  1976-present


   There are only two Century Farms in the township of South Creek to our knowledge. One being that of Clemens Andrus of Doty Hill in Fassett, and the other being that of John and Ona Lou Patterson of Gillett. Ancestor to the Andruses, Abner Aber was born November 10, 1822 in Orange County, N.Y. He married Julia Elizabeth Easton, born October 23, 1825 in Orange County, on October 2, 1845. They came to Fassett from Chandlersburg, Tioga Co., Pa. in 1848 and built a log cabin beyond the barn on the 77 acre farm now occupied by Clem Andrus. They built the present home in 1863, the barn having been built at an earlier date.

   The children of Abner and Julia Easton Aber were:

Mary Ellen Aber Born July 25, 1846
Charles Aber Born February 6, 1848
Emily Milicent Aber Born November 8, 1851
Cynithea Jane Aber Born December 13, 1853
Isabel Aber Born May 6, 1856
Martha Aber Born August 18, 1859
Clara Aber Born December 5, 1863
Willi Lee Aber Born August 28, 1867

   Clara Aber married Elmer Andrus and had daughters Addie and Flora Andrus born 1880 and 1884 respectively, and sons Max Andrus born 1896 and Clemens S. Andrus born July 19, 1904. Clemens married Ruth Ruggles on November 26, 1925. Their children were Phyllis Andrus and Clara Andrus.

   Land for the John Patterson Century Farm, located in Checkerville, just east of Gillett, was cleared by James C. and Mary J. Patterson who came to South Creek Township from Ireland in 1832. They built a log cabin near the site of the present house. A son, Samuel C. Patterson, built their tenant house in 1919. It was built from a Sears ready-cut home which they transported from Gillett with horses and a wagon. Their son, James C., built the present house of John and Ona Lou Patterson in 1921. They moved into it on Christmas Day and their son Lester was born the following day.

   Children of James C. and Mary J. Patterson were:

Eliza H. Patterson Born August 23, 1838
Ellen D. Patterson Born November 19, 1842
Rachel Patterson Born November 26, 1844
Isaac Patterson Born December 3, 1847
John W. Patterson Born November 16, 1849
Infant Daughter Born March 5, 1852
*Samuel C. Patterson Born March 13, 1859

Children of Samuel C. Patterson married Jennie E. Simmons and had the following children:

Mary J. Patterson Born March 28, 1890
Mabel Patterson Born September 18, 1891
Minnie Patterson Born July 7, 1895
*James C. Patterson Born September 4, 1897

James Cowdy Patterson married Berdena Harkness, daughter of Frank and Mary Balmer Harkness and had four children:

Jennie Marie Born May 6, 1917
Lester Samuel Born December 26, 1921
Isabell Patterson Born June 5, 1923
*John Patterson Born January 23, 1931

   John Patterson is married to Ona Lou Congdon Thorpe. He had two children, James Ross Patterson born December 5, 1953 and Richard Lynn Patterson born January 12, 1961 by a previous marriage. Johnna Lou Patterson is a daughter of John and Ona Lou and helps with the many farm chores on the 400 acre farm that has been in the Patterson family for over 150 years. The Pattersons recently sold their dairy cows.
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