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Ella Stevens Autograph Book
Inside cover from Ella Stevens Autograph Book
Ella Stevens Autopgraph Bookk
Township: Pike Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1880 to 1885 
Images scanned by and Submitted by Bill Benson
Formatted by Bill Benson and Joyce M. Tice
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Ella Stevens Autograph Book - page 44 (last)

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Mary Allen's signature

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Remember your friend, Mary Allen, Stevensville, [PA], Sep. 21th, 1881.

Sunday night, Oct. 15th [In bottom left corner]. [A special night for some reason? - editor]

Dominoes [In bottom right corner]. 

May our friendship last for ever.  [In top left corner.]

Remember the sleigh ride.  [In top right corner]  [Perhaps it occurred on Oct. 15th?]

She may be the Mary Allen who worked for the Silas W. Stevens' family during the 1880 Census in Pike Township, Bradford Co., PA.  If so, she was born about 1864/65. - editor