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Transcribed by and Submitted by 
George Edward Stahlnecker Sr.
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January 2007
Dear Joyce,

      Thank you for providing such a valuable website. I have been doing my genealogy for a about thirty years now. I have some genealogical information that I hope you will find worthy to include on your website. I feel the same as you about the old family bibles as you do and therefore am sending the information I have recorded from the family bible of my fourth great-grandparents, Samuel Mansfield Beach and his wife Margaret M. Blundell who lived in Bradford and Tioga counties. I will include my lineage from them after the transcription. I hope that this format will be acceptable to you. If not, just let me know and I will correct it. I know this must be an awful lot of work for you but I want you to know that it is much appreciated. I have noticed that in some sources, on the internet, there was some confusion over the exact birtthdate of Samuel M. Beach being either the 4th or the 11th of December, 1811. This should clear that up. I would like to be contacted by anyone who is either seeking or is willing to contribute information so I will include my e-mail address at the end . Thank you very much.

                                                                                                                                                  Ed Stahlnecker
                                                                                                                                              ( G. Edward Stahlnecker Sr.)
                                                                                                                                                  Greenville, South Carolina -

This is a transcription of the Samuel M. Beach Family Bible pages in possession of G. Edward Stahlnecker Sr.  The Marriages, Births and Deaths pages from the large, coffee table type bible were previously removed from the book by someone before 1958. They were passed from Samuel M.Beach to his son, Ephraim M. Beach to his son Jesse E. Beach then by Jesse's widow, Emma E. Beach to their daughter Levina Jane Beach Davis to her grand-son, John C. Stahlnecker in 1958 They were later laminated in plastic by John C.Stahlnecker in the 1960s. I received them in 1976 and carefully copied the information to paper. Some of the entries were starting to fade but most were clear enough to still be easily read. The following  is an exact transcription:

(Samuel M. Beach was the son of Jesse Mansfield Beach and Margaret Bethana Ferris.)

The Family Bible of Samuel M. Beach and his wife Margaret M. Blundell


Samuel M. Beach was born in  Troy, Penna. Dec. 4th, 1811

Margaret M. Blundell was born in  Dunnstown, Penna. Sept. 2nd, 1814

 (Their Children)

Esther M. Beach was born in Troy, Penna. June 8th, 1837

Ephraim M. Beach was born in Troy, Penna. Dec. 31st, 1840

Malvina M. Beach was born in Sullivan, Penna. Nov. 8th, 1845

Mary R. Beach was born in Sullivan, Penna. July 26th, 1848

Fred M. Beach was born in Monroe, Ashtabula Co., Ohio March 30th, 1855

Abbie M. Beach was born in Covington, Penna. Jan. 30th. 1858


Samuel M. (for Mansfield) Beach was married to Margaret M. Blundell Feb. 28th, 1836

Esther M. Beach was married to  Noah Stevens Oct. 20th, 1857

Ephraim M. (for Mansfield) Beach was married to Jane Bafsett (Bassett) May 18th, 1860

Malvina M. Beach was married to M. J. Andin(s) (or possibly) Ardin(s) Jan. 12th, 1867

Mary R. Beach was married to  J. N. Peppers Aug. 14th, 1867

Abbie M. Beach was married to (this next line was barely readable but looks like) Herbert Streeter Aug. 4th  ?1876? (year very unclear)

Fred M. Beach was married to Kathrine Fuller Feb. 8th, 187(?) (year very faded)


Mrs. Abbie M. Streeter Daughter of Mr.& Mrs. S. M. Beach Died February 9th, 1892 aged 34 years, 10 days

Mrs. Margaret M. Beach Wife of Samuel M. Beach Died April 4th, 1895  (unreadable) years of her age.

Samuel M. Beach Died June 2nd, 1895 At the home of his son E. M. Beach  At Falls Creek, Jefferson Co. Pa.

Esther Stevens Died April 29, 1908 at C??ton, Pa.         (name of town partially readable)

Mary Peppers Died  April  ?12?, 19?? (day and year faded)                   Old Virginia

Fred Beach Died                 Old Virginia

(All notations in parentheses in the above transcription were added by me, G. Edward Stahlnecker Sr.    It would appear that Samuel M. Beach was the one who made the entries in the bible, including the death entry for his wife Margaret just four months before his own death. The pattern of information changed with the recording of his death. Only three more entries were made after his death, and without as much attention to detail.)

Here are the descendants of Ephraim Mansfield Beach, second child of Samuel M. Beach and Margaret M. Blundell Beach:

Ephraim Mansfield Beach - b.31 Dec, 1840 Troy, Bradford, Pennsylvania                                          d. after 1908

 married 18 May, 1860 Jane Bassett (about 1840 of Massachusetts)

Their only known child:

Jesse Ephraim Beach- b. 18 Feb., 1861 Ward Twp., Tioga, Pennsylvania

                                   d. 31 Oct., 1934 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

married: 1880 Emma Eliza Lenig -b. 8 Nov., 1860 Brush Valley, Pennsylvania

                             d. 21 Feb., 1953 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Their children:

Levina Jane Beach- b. 29 Aug., 1882 Penfield, Clearfield. Pennsylvania

Charles Edward Beach -b. 9 Sept. 1884 Penfield, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Clarence Wesley Beach - b. about 1887 Penfield, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Harry Beach - b. about 1888   Penfield, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Myrtie May Beach - b, 1889 Penfield (died when six weeks old)

Maude Ellen Beach -b. 30 Mar. 1890 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

James Franklin Beach - b. 31 Aug., 1896 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Levina Jane Beach - b. 29 Aug., 1882 Penfield, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

                                d. 26 Oct., 1959 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

married: 29 Aug., 1900 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Harry Curtis Davis - b. 22 Mar., 1880 Lumber City, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

                                d. 8 Oct., 1959 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Their children:

Charley Clifford Davis - b. 2 June, 1901 DuBois, Pa. d. Oct., 1901

Lillian Madge Davis - b. 2 Sept., 1902 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Ivan Curtis Davis - b. 17 Mar., 1905 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Lillian Madge Davis - b. 2 Sept., DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

                                 d. 2 Dec., 1969 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

married: 31 Dec., 1919 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

George Henry Stahlnecker - b. 27 June, 1900 Williamsport, Lycoming, Pa.

                                           d. 15 Sept., 1979 DuBois, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

They had seven children, all but two are still living in 2007.

Submitted by George Edward Stahlnecker Sr.,

grandson of Lillian Madge Davis and George Henry Stahlnecker

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