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Submitted by
Harold B. Whitmore, Wilmington, Delaware

Family Records of Clayton and 
Sarah Jane (Hildreth) Brown

The Brown family (Clayton's parents Josiah and Hannah Brown and his siblings) was from Southport, Chemung County, New York. Josiah was one of the earliest settlers in Chemung County, having settled there prior to 1824 when it was still a part of Tioga County. Daniel Hildreth purchased his farm on Doty Hill, adjacent to the Doty Hill Cemetery, in South Creek and Ridgebury Townships, Bradford County, in May 1839, and settled there with his wife, Sarah (Crane) Hildreth and most of their children.

The bible pages were torn from the bible itself at some time in the past, and are presently owned by Alpha Gillespie, of Flint, Michigan. Material in brackets [ ] added by the transcriber and not part of the original record.

Page 1, "Family Record, Marriages"

Clayton BROWN & Sarah Jane, HILDRITH [sic] married May 23rd 1842
Sarah Jane Brown     Clayton Brown
Born Sept. 22, 1821     Born Apr. 9, 1813
Died Sept. 7, 1878     Died Jan 9, 1887

[Transcriber's note: Both Clayton and Sarah Jane are reported on census records as born in New York, Clayton probably in Tioga County, New York and Sarah Jane probably in Minisink, Orange County, New York. The wedding probably took place in South Creek, as that was the location of the marriage of Sarah Jane's sister, Susan Corey Hildreth, to Clayton's brother, Charles Brown, in December 1843, as reported in the Elmira Gazette for 4 January, 1844. Sarah Jane (Hildreth) Brown died in Mundy Township, Genesee County, Michigan and Clayton Brown in Cedar Township, Antelope County, Nebraska.]

Page 2, "Family Record, Births – Deaths"
George M. [Mickle] Brown Died Feb. 11-1927
Born March 1st 43 [Detroit, Michigan]
Joseph [Crane] Brown Died 1907 or 8 
Born July 10th 45 [Port Huron, Michigan May 4, 1907]
Daniel H. [Hildreth] Brown Died May 12th 1915
Born Sept 24th 47 [Saginaw, Michigan]
[Tioga Township, Tioga County]
Amanda J. [Jane] Brown Died Feb 12 1937
Born Nov 3rd 49 [Owosso, Michigan]
[Tioga Township, Tioga County]
Elmira Brown Jan 27 1937
Born Jan 31st 52 [Lincoln, Nebraska]
Clayton Brown, Jr. Died August 29th, 55
Born February 6th 1854 [Pennsylvania]
Page 3  
John H. Brown Jan 8, 1936
Born April 10th /56 [El Reno, Oklahoma]
Emanet Brown Feb. 26-1928
Born May 3rd /58 [Mundy Township, Genesee County, Michigan]
Elmer E. Brown Died December 21st 1882
Born 25th May /61 
[Brown Township, Lycoming 
County, Pennsylvania]
[Mundy Township, Genesee County, Michigan] 
[Date could be read as 1888, but from his gravestone in the Evergreen Cemetery, Grand Blanc Township, Michigan, we know that this is 1882.]

The following information, on two small sheets of lined paper, appears to have been kept with the above bible records. Births are listed on one sheet, deaths on the same line on the second sheet. The corner of sheet 1 has been torn off, so that the year of birth for Daniel is missing.
Daniel Hildreth Daniel Hildreth
Born January the 3 17?? Died October 5th 1876
[South Creek, Bradford County; buried in the Doty Hill Cemetery]
Sarah Crain [sic]  Sarah Hildreth
Born June the 27 1793 died April the 17 1872
[South Creek, Bradford County; buried in the Doty Hill Cemetery]
The children of Daniel and Sarah Hildreth
Mary Ann Hildreth Mary Ann Brown
Born Aprl the 6 1816 Died Oct the 7 1869
[Married Smith Brown; buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery, Wellsburg, NY]
Harriet Eliza Hildreth Harriet Eliza Hildreth
Born January the 3 1818 [Married Gilbert Denton Coleman. Died 28 September 1893. Buried in Doty Hill Cemetery.]
Charls [sic] Foster Hildreth 
Born October the 2 1819
Sarah Jane Hildreth Sarah Jane Hildreth
Born September the 23 1821 Died Sept 6th 1878
[Married Clayton Brown, died in Michigan]
Evelinda H. Hildreth Evelinda H. Hildreth
Born April the 26 1823 [Married Norman Stevens. Died 9 March 1897. Buried in the Doty Hill Cemetery.]
Susan C. Hildreth Susan C. Hildreth
Born March the 1 1825 [Married Charles Brown. Died 10 Jan 1893, Wellsville, New York.]
Smith H. [Halstead] Hildreth Smith H. [Halstead] Hildreth
Born January the 20 1827 [Died 15 July 1898, Elmira, Chemung, NY. Buried in the Ashland Township Cemetery, Wellsburg]
Elmira H. Hildreth Elmira W. Evens
Born April the 12 1829 Died March the 12 1866
[Covington Township, Tioga County]
Daniel Floyd Hildreth [Died 22 January 1892. Buried in the
Born March the 15 1831 Doty Hill Cemetery.]
Julia Antoinette Hildreth [Died 3 February 1925, Fassett, Bradford County. Buried in the Ashland Township Cemetery, Wellsburg, in the lot of her brother, Smith H. Hildreth.]
Born June the 3 1823

[All the children were probably born in Minisink, Orange County, New York]

Another old record of the Hildreth births was apparently copied from the record above. This sheet was among the papers of Sepha Coquigne Tupper, the second daughter of Emmanet (Brown) Coquine, a daughter of Sarah Jane (Hildreth) Brown. This passed to Sepha Tupper's niece, Jennie Hildreth (Waterous) Vincent, and is now in the possession of the transcriber. This duplicates all the above Hildreth birthdates, but shows a complete birth date for Daniel Hildreth as January 3rd 1787.

Transcribed by Harold B. Whitmore, Wilmington, Delaware, June 6 1997.

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