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Transcribed & Submitted by Audrey CAMPBELL Watkins
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From an old ledger of Jesse and Elizabeth Cranmer 1826 –1866, 1884 ( Probably Leroy, Pa. Area)


Josiah M. Cranmer was born April 2nd, 1788 and died September the 28th, 1852

Electa Cranmer was born March the 13th, 1790 and died May 19th, 1850 60 yr. 2 mo. 6 day.


Hannah Bunnell Cranmer was born October the 18th, 1813 and died January 21st, 1890

Sarah Carolinre Cranmer (Van Dyke) was born July 30th, 1815 and died Aug. 12, 1898

Nancy Mariah Cranmer (Harding) was born June 11th, 1818 and died December 1877(near the 10th)

Electra Katherine was born April 20th, 1820

Samantha Matilda was born December 17th, 1823 and did October 4th, 1829

George Waldo Cranmer was born July 11th, 1826 and died Feb. 28th 1899

Mary Lucinda Cranmer was born October 6th, 1828

Ira born May 22nd, 1830 and died July 20th, 1832

Margaret Rosetta Cranmer was born April 3rd, 1833


Mrs. Cranmer was born at Elk Creek in what was Lycoming Countybut now Sullivan. Moved with parents to Elkland at 6 months old and at 10 years moved to Leroy in which township she has lived nearly all the time since.

Some of the names in the Ledger accounts are: Stephen Cook, John Weston, George Kilmer, Ruth Fowler, George Chilson, Al Rockwell, Blackman, George Irvine, Ira Fowler,John Black, John Tiwilager

Other notes scattered through pages.( Copied as they appear)

Brothers of Grandpa Brown



John (Grandpa)

Ann Ellis

Mary Kellington of England is daughter of John Brown

Grandma’s family

Thomas(Ann? Sweney) Mary Eliz (? aul)

Robert Blakely


George or John John William


Margaret died at sea

John dau. Caroline

Rose(?) bell Margaret’s dau.

1872 Gedde Warburton was born Liverpool Old England Mar. 21, 1808 Died Mar. 27th , 1872 aged 64 yr. 6d landed New York Aug 3rd, 1816

Eliz. Warburton nee Brown was born Welton, Yorkshire Old England Feb. 2nd 1808 d. Leroy , Pa. May 9, aged 76 yr. 3 mo.7da.

Jesse M. Cranmer b. Apr. 17th 18?? D. Apr. 26th, 1871 When he died he left 3 horses , 4 cows, 12 sheep (rest illlegible) G.T. was 23 years old.

G.W. Cranmer was born Feb. 11th, 1826 died Feb. 28th , 1899 72 yrs. 7 mos, 17 da.

Hi Joyce - I am attaching some Cranmer genealogy that I found in an old ledger from an auction. Not sure if it is of value to anyone. Will let you
decide if you want to use it. Tried to copy it as accurately as I could from pencil inscriptions.
Hopefully-it will help someone.
Kitty Pierce   Town of Lindley Historian
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