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Transcribed and Submitted by Jane SPENCER Gerber
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DINSMORE/DENSMORE FAMILY BIBLE – Claremont, New Hampshire and Elmira, New York


(Grandson John W. Densmore (1795-1867), son of Asa, moved to Elmira, New York to be with his son, Joseph Dunn Densmore (1831-1899).

Captain Eliphalet Dinsmore, born January 21, 1733(35),

Married to Hannah Treadwell, born November 14, 1737, married on November 19, 1757.

John Dinsmore, born September 19, 1758.

William Dinsmore, born May 31, 1760.

Hannah Dinsmore, born July 31, 1762.

Dorcas Dinsmore, born January 6, 1764.

Moses Dinsmore, born October 22, 1765.

Thomas Dinsmore, born September 13, 1767.

Eliphalet Dinsmore, Jr., born October 9, 1769.

Lydia Dinsmore, born December 30, 1770.

Asa Dinsmore, born November 15, 1772

Daniel Dinsmore, born June 29, 1774.

A daughter was born May 15, 1775, and died.

William Dinsmore (2nd), born August 15, 1776.

Sally Dinsmore, born June 9, 1778.

Hannah Dinsmore died January 22, 1802.

Asa Dinsmore married Abigail Wilson on March 6, 1794, and died September 18, 1856. Abigail Wilson Dinsmore died on August 16, 1844.

Their children follow:

John W. Densmore, born July 19, 1795.

Ann Densmore, born January 25, 1797, and died December 14, 1889.

Gilman Densmore, born May 26, 1799. and died April 30, 1861.

Charlotte Densmore, born March 29, 1802 and died August 3, 1864.

Lydia W. Densmore, born June 7, 1804.

Susan Densmore, born December 31, 1806.

Jonathan Densmore, born December 10, 1809.

Caleb Densmore, born November 1, 1811, and died October 18, 1889.

Arvilla Densmore, born March 13, 1814, and died August 25, 1816.

Hannah Densmore, born June 7, 1816, and died June 5, 1865.

Diantha Densmore, born June 4, 1818, and died July 13, 1851. 

Typed and submitted by Jane Spencer Gerber on March 15, 2005.

Dear Joyce,

I attach a Microsoft Word document which contains information from the Eliphalet Dinsmore Family Bible. These records were copied by his granddaughter Ann Densmore in 1813.

I would like to register in their descendant chart, as I don't think I have done this before.

Eliphalet Dinsmore and Hannah Treadwell, Asa Densmore and Abigail Wilson, John W. Densmore and Pamelia Dunn, Joseph Dunn Densmore and Sarah Lawrence, Charles W. Densmore (1864-1917) and Ella Augusta Baker, Elinor Sarah Dinsmore (1886-1971) and Lyman Spencer (1872-1969), Lincoln Spencer and Marie Williams, Jane Spencer Gerber.

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