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Submitted by John Van de Houten of Las Vegas
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BIBLE RECORDS From a bible owned by Eddie W. Farnsworth of East Smithfield, Bradford, Pennsylvania. Now (October, 1998) in the possession of John Van de Houten.

Family Record


Asa Farnsworth to Martha McNitt Nov 15 1797

Asa Farnsworth to Abigail Eames

Abraham Wood to Electa Farnsworth

Hiram Farnsworth to Zerviah Minthorn

Willard Farnsworth to Lucinda Swain, Ann Pierce, Ann Hammond

Bernard Farnsworth to Elizabeth Wood May 19th 1839

David Farnsworth to Philana A. Haven July 14 1839

Orin P. Kingsley to Mary Ann Farnsworth Nov 24th 1839


Asa Farnsworth in Guilford Vt May 7th 1775

Martha McNitt in Buckland Mass Nov 24th 1775

Asa Farnsworth in Guilford Vt Dec 19th 1778

David Farnsworth in Guilford Vt Sep 1st 1800

Electa Farnsworth in Guilford Vt Aug 5th 1802

Sally Farnsworth in Guilford Vt Aug 28th 1804

Hiram Farnsworth in Guilford Vt Oct 24th 1805

Willard Farnsworth in Halifax Vt Apr 8th 1808

Bernard Farnsworth in Halifax Vt Feb 5th 1811

Mary Ann Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa Feb 28th 1814

Philana A Haven in Halifax Vt Oct 22nd 1817

Olive Elma Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa June 16th 1840 (added later, died Nov 24 1915)

Elijah Dallas Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa Apr 13th 1844

Frances Lucy Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa Nov 28th 1848

Ellen Myrtilla Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa Feb 21st 1851

Edward William Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa March 6th 1854

David Freeling Farnsworth Atchison Kans Jan 13th 1884

Howard Richards Farnsworth Atchison Kans Dec 21 1886


Sally Farnsworth Sep 4th 1804 Aged 7 days

Asa Farnsworth in Smithfield Pa 3 o'clock AM. June 17th 1824. Aged 49 years.

And on the same day, June 17th, his wife Martha Farnsworth at 5 o'clock PM. Aged 48 years.

Mary Ann Kingsley at Smithfield Pa.

Asa Farnsworth at Smithfield Pa May 5th 1874

Willard Farnsworth in Kansas

Edward William Farnsworth in New York City March 23rd 1876

Bernard Farnsworth died in Missouri March 25 1880

David Farnsworth in Monroe Wis April 23rd 1882

Philana A. Farnsworth in Denver Colorado Oct. 28th 1902

Dallas Elijah Farnsworth in Atchison, Kansas, June 13th 1914.

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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10 OCT 1998
By Joyce M. Tice
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