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The following list is part of the Tioga County Records collected by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd .

Printed by Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Joseph T. and Mary R. Gibbs Hawkins
Family Bible

The Hawkins Family Bible Record was the property of Joseph T. Hawkins and is now owned by Roberta Wills of Millerton, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

The Holy Bible containing The Old & The New Testaments. Indianapolis Book & Stationary Company, Indianapolis, Indiana. No date given.

This certifies that the Rite of Holy matrimony was celebrated between Joseph T. Hawkins, son of John Hawkins and Mary R. Gibbs, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Gibbs on April 3rd 1873 by Rev. McMahan at Father’s Home…

Witnesses: By a number of friends.


Joseph T. Hawkins born Nov 2nd 1848

Mary R. Hawkins born Dec 30th 1857

Etta May Hawkins born Jan 12th 1874

Homer Francis Hawkins born Jan 17th 1875

Bertie Alice Hawkins born Mar 20th 1876

William W. Hawkins born Mar 15th 1878

Cora Belle Hawkins born Feb 7th 1880

Meritte C. Hawkins born May 12th 1882

Maud Myrtle Hawkins born Sep 17th 1883

Olive Fern Hawkins born Mar 2nd 1886

Nora Pearl Hawkins born Sep 28th 1888

Carrie Hazel Hawkins born Jul 26th 1891

Mathew R. Hawkins born May 6th 1894

Chrystal Roe Hawkins born Dec 10th 1897

Lelia Ilo Hawkins born April 1st 1899

Elsie Trecil Baker born Mar 14th 1904

The following from The Family Record:

Joseph Thomas Hawkins, son of John Hawkins, was born in Fayette County, Indiana, on November 2nd 1848. He came to Boone County in 1834 and resided in the County the remainder of his life. He died on July 9th 1927. He was married April 3rd 1873 to Mary Roseanna Gibbs, daughter of John Gibbs, who died in August 1927. They are buried in Bethel Cemetery on Lot #39 in Boone County.

Elsie Trecil Baker is a foster child.


William W. Hawkins m. Aug 20th 1898 to Julia Boyer

Cora B. Hawkins m. Apr 3rd 1898 to Frank Burgess

Meritte C. Hawkins m. Jul 23rd 1903 to Stella Stower

Maud M. Hawkins m. Oct 6th 1900 to Lawrence Whitesaw

Olive F. Hawkins m. Jul 3rd 1903 to Roscoe J. Pearson

Nora P. Hawkins m. May 26th 1905 to Hal Wills

Carrie H. Hawkins m. Aug 23rd 1917 to Williard Quick

Mathew R. Hawkins m. Jan 2nd 1915 to Edith Quick

Roe Hawkins m. Dec 6th 1917 to Vinnie Hearold

Ilo Hawkins m. Oct 21st 1915 to Wilbur Woolf

Trecil Baker m. Jul 21st 1923 to Paul Irwin


Etta May Hawkins died Jan 29th 1874

Homer Francis Hawkins died Feb 7th 1875

Bertie Alice Hawkins died Aug 16th 1878

These three children are buried in the Wiley Chapel Cemetery located in Harrison Twp., Fayette County, Indiana.

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