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The following list is part of the Tioga County Records collected by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Printed by Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Peter and Electa Bigelow Houck
Family Bible

The following is a part of a letter from Harriet Wever and may be of Historical and Genealogical value to readers searching the Houck Family.

"In one Historical account of Ionia Co., Michigan, I found this about the name Houck. James E. Hazelitt ( a prominent business man in the Ionia area) married Mary E. Houck—oldest of six children of Electa (Bigelow) Houck and Peter Houck. Mary was born in Yates county N.Y. June 2, 1838. Her Mother Electa died in N.Y. S. The father died in Michigan."

"From a Steuben Co. N.Y. Record: Henry Houck came from Germany, married Polly Bell of New York City---an English Lady, and settled in the town of Wayne, N.Y. He was a farmer and belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Their children were: Andrew; Nellie; Peter; Henry; Sallie; Abel; John; Joseph."

"There are no dates on this information but it was in the early 1800’s The Peter mentioned might be Electa’s husband."

"There was another Houck who settled in Wayne—but seems to be of no relation. He came from England. None of the family name match those from the Bible, but he apparently came over later than Henry."

Copied from the Houck Family Bible by Pauline W. Castle, R.D. 1, Liberty, Pa., 16930


Peter Houck and Electa Houck Barrington, Feb. 7th 1836

Mary E. Houck and James M. Hazelitt Barrington

Andrew J. Houck and Sarah Doughty Wayne

Lorenzo D. Houck and Margelia Hutches Barrington

Sylvestor c. Houck and Sara A. Davis

Martha Houck and Francis A. Knapp Dundee, N.Y. Sept. 25th 1872

Maud E. Houck and Thomas M. Walsh Wayne N.Y., Dec. 1, 1897 by Rev. L.C.Eveland


Reter Houck Barrington April 6th 1815

Electa Houck Reading Dec. 6th 1818

Mary E. Houck Wayne Jan. 2nd 1838

Andrew J. Barrington Dec. 14th 1841

Lorenzo D. Wayne June 6th 1844

Daniel Wm. Barrington Feb. 28th 1848

Sylvester C. Barrington July 12th 1850

Martha Houck Wayne March 12th 1856

Maud E. Houck Ionia, Mch. Oct. 11th 1872

Thomas M. Walsh Wayne, NY July 31st 1864

Hazel E. Walsh Wayne, NY Dec 24th 1899

Kenneth S. Walsh Wayne, NY July 14th 1904


Daniel Wm. Houck June 29th 1848 aged 4 months

Andrew J. Houck March 15th 1869

Electa Houck June 16th 1878

Lorenzo Houck Dec. 29th 189_

Martha Houck Knapp June 13th 1937

Thomas M. Walsh March 17th 1940 Dundee, NY

Maud E. Walsh Jan. 1st, 1945 Wayne NY

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