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The following list is part of the Tioga County Records collected by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 

Printed by Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

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Joel Sanderson and Sally Briggs Hudson
Family Bible

The frontispage is gone. The Hudson Bible belonged to Joel & Sally Hudson and now in the possession of Mary Holman, 821 Franklin, Center Point, Iowa. Records furnished by Elizabeth W. Deming.

Family Record Births: Page #1

Joel Sanderson Hudson born 10 Feb 1784

Sally (Briggs) Hudson born 10 Nov 1786

Joel S. & Sally Briggs were married 1808

Their children:

Seth B. Hudson born 20 Jun 1809

Priscilla Hudson born 2 Aug 1810

Dean Hudson born 17 Apr 1812

Abagail Hudson born 29 Mar 1816


Hannah Hudson born 29 Mar 1816

Sylvanus N. Hudson born 15 Aug 1815

Abagail L. Hudson born 24 Apr 1817

Joel Edson Hudson born 25 Nov 1818

Patty B. Hudson born 13 Oct 1820

James Monroe Hudson born 24 Jul 1822

Esther H. Hudson born 6 Jun 1824

George W. Hudson born 24 May 1827

Sally L. Hudson born 7 Aug 1830

Mary E. Hudson born 18 May 1833

Family Record Marriages: Page #2

Joel S. Hudson & Sally Briggs were married 1808

Dean Hudson & Harriet Bisbee were married 16 Mar 1835

Walter L. Bills & Priscilla Hudson were married 16 Dec 1835

Sylvanus N. Hudson & Jane Somers were married 21 Aug 1836

Seth B. Hudson & Lucy Stickney were married 23 Sept 1838

William Rathburn & Hannah Hudson were married 28 June 1840

Willard Abbott & Abagail L. Hudson were married June 1842

Joel E. Hudson & Sarepta Buel were married 15 Dec 1842

Family Record Births: Page #3

Children of Sylvanus & Jane Hudson:

Harriet Melissa Hudson born 11 Sept 1837

Sarah Jane Hudson born 15 Apr 1840

Joel Sanderson Hudson born 14 Mar 1849

George H. Hudson born 4 Aug 1844

William Herbert Hudson born 24 Oct 1846

Elsa A. Hudson born 1849

Philander B. Hudson born 9 Jul 1851

Dora M. Hudson born 2 Apr 1853

Benjamin W. Hudson born 12 Apr 1856

Beri Hudson born 1859

Children of Dean & Harriet Hudson:

Abigail L. Hudson born 13 Feb 1836

Adaline N. Hudson born 24 Feb 1837

Ira Hudson born 7 May 1838

Adah Elizabeth Hudson born 15 Jan 1848 (this could be 1840)

James Munroe Hudson born 15 May 1841

Ellen Hudson born 5 Aug 1842

Laura Hudson born 15 Feb 1844

Alice M. Hudson born 31 Aug 1845

Esther B. Hudson born 1 Mar 1847

Laura Hudson born Sept 1849

Ellen Bills born 3 Oct 1837

William Bills born 1 Dec 1839

Walter Bills born 1844

Joel Hudson born 9 Mar 1842

James Munroe Hudson born 18 Oct 1839

Children of William & Hannah Rathburn:

Francis Rathburn born 17 Apr 1841

Esther F. Rathburn born

William Francis Rathburn born

Daniel Rathburn born

Ashman Rathburn born

Harriet Bisbee born 29 Oct 1818

Walter L. Bills born

Jane Somers born 6 Jul 1818

Lucy Stickney born 21 Sep 1817

William Rathburn born 14 Jun 1815

Family Record Deaths: Page #4

Joel S. Hudson died 22 May 1836

Sally Hudson died 5 Mar 1879

Abagail Hudson died 20 Jun 1814

James Monroe Hudson died 24 Aug 1839

Esther H. Hudson died 1 Mar 1843

Abagail L. Hudson died __May 1851

Dean Hudson died __Oct 1849

Harriet Hudson died 1 Dec 1884

William Rathburn died __Mar 1852

Hannah Rathburn died 6 May 1864

Abigail Abbot died_______1864

Priscilla Bills died___Mar 1880

Sylvanus N. Hudson died 22 May 1855

Jane Somers Hudson died 27 Jul 1801

Ira Hudson died 9 Dec 1838

Sarah Jane Hudson died 13 Jan 1841

Francis Rathburn died __Nov 1842

Philander R. Hudson died 23 Apr 1852

Beri Hudson died 24 Aug 1862

Laura Hudson died __Sep 1849

Laura Hudson (2nd ) died __Mar 1850

James Monroe Hudson died_______1863 killed in U.S.Service at Chancellorsville.

Adaline Atkins died____Dec____

Joel Rathbone died in service in 1864

Members of this family can trace their lineage to Seth Hudson born 1758 Ma., and died Nov.., 1828 at Dummerston Windham Co., Vt. Married 12 July 1777 to Abigail ( Livermore ) Sanders born 9th Jan 1749 at Petersham, Worchester Co., Ma.; died 10th November 1828 at Dummerston, Windham Co.,Vt.

He served in the Regiment commanded by colonel Porter of The Massachusetts Line; Enlisted March 1776; served one year as a Pvt. In Capt..Shepherd’s Co., commanded by Col. Elisha Porter of The Ma. Line;

Went to Canada, joined The Northern Army; served till the later part of February and was discharged at Morristown, New Jersey.

Children of Seth Hudson and Abigail (Livermore) Sanders Hudson:

Betsey Hudson born 27 May 1781

Rebecca born 6 July 1783

Susanna born 3 June 1785

Joel Sanderson born 10 Feb 1786 m. Sally Briggs

Esther born 4 Dec 1790

References for above:

Pension Record of Seth Hudson No. S-38847

Vital Records of Petersham, Worcester Co., Ma.

Certified Record from the Town Clerk of Dummerston, Windham Co., Vt.

Hudson Family Bible Records.

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