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Bible in possession of James H. Taylor, Lewisburg, PA 17837 []

Purchased by him (Elisha Keeler Jr) April 1, 1824, $5.00

Elisha Keeler (Jr) and Mary Lovett were married March 1, 1821

Elisha N. Keeler and Betsy Dodge were married June the 4, 1847

George Freeman and Mary Evaline Keeler were married March 29, 1848

Isaac Marsh and Florantha Helen Keeler were married January 19, 1849

Addison B. Reed and Elvira Hartman were married April 4, 1858

Wilbert Higley and Loretta Robinson were married Jan 1st, 1861

Elisha Keeler (Jr) was born March 23, 1796

Mary Lovett was born August 24, 1797

Children birthed

Elisha Nelson was born January the 5 and 1822

Mary Evaline was born August the 21 on Sunday 1825

Florantha Helen was born May the 01 on Saturday 1828

Addison B Reed was born May the 31 1830

Loretta Robinson was born April the 16 1840

Plema Robinson born Sept. 17 1846

Elisha Nelson and Betsey (Keeler) children were born:
Elnora Valentine Keeler was born Jan 2, 1849
Clarence Franklin Keeler was born May 15, 1851
Mary Abigail Keeler was born March 18, 1853
Hartley Benton Keeler wasw born September 1, 1855
Lovett Lamont Keeler was born April 7, 1858
Lorenzo Lovett (Keeler) born Feb 9, 1861
Etna Susan (Keeler) was born Sept. 25, 1863
Gifford Grant Keeler was born Sept. 21, 1865
Leon Gran Keeler was born Feb. 7th , 1868
George and Evaline Freeman children were born:
Ella Alfaretta Freeman was born August 20, 1850
Mary Rirtha Freeman was born Augustr 24, 1852
Stacy Herbert Freeman was born August 22, 1856
Edgar Knox Freeman was born March 21, 1861
Alice C. Freeman March 5, 1879
Ida Florence Freeman born March 22, 1863
Isaac and Florantha H. Marsh children born
Eustace Keeler Marsh was born November 26, 1849
Cora M. Marsh was born June the 5, 1853
Inez Evaline Marsh was born June 6, 1858
Guy N. Marsh born Jan 7, 1861
Addison and Elvira children were born:
Lucius Warren Reed
Wilbert and Loretta (Higley children:
Afa Higley Oct. 20, 1861
Porte Scott Higley born May 27, 1866
Eaton Eugene Higley born Sept. 30, 1869
Emerson Lovett (Higley) born Nov. 19, 1874
Elisha Keeler (Jr) died April 7th Tuesday morn. 1874
Mary Keeler died December 16th Saturday 1876
Lovett Lamont Keeler died Feb 11, 1859
Lorenzo Lovett Keeler died June the 22, 1861

The Keelers lived in the Herrick, Herrickville, Stevensville area of Bradford County, PA.
Typed as written in the bible.
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

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