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Transcribed and Submitted by Suzzanne Congdon
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Merrill-Hartshorn Bible

Title Page

Self-Pronouncing Edition

In which all the Proper Names are Divided, Accented, and Marked with the Vowel Sounds, Showing How They Should b Pronounced.


Holy Bible

Containing the

Old and New Testaments,

Translated out of

The Original Tongues,

And with

The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised;


With Marginal References.

Conformable to the Edition of 1611, Commonly Known as the

Authorized or King James Version

The Southwestern Co.

Publishers and Booksellers

Nashville, Tenn.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1892, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.

First "Records" page

What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder.

This is to Certify

That William C. Merrill

And Anna A. Hartshorn

Were United by me in the Bonds of

Holy Matrimony

At Milan, Penna on the 27 day of

June in the year of our Lord 1886

In Presence of Susan Walker, Susan B. Anthony

Signed D. J. Anthony


Richard J. Merrill – Agnes L. Wood married July 28, 1929

Julia W. Merrill – Bert E. Page married December 24, 1919

Eleanor Merrill – Francis Drake married June 27, 1921


William C. Merrill – December 15, 1851

Anna A. Hartshorn – January 12, 1862

Richard Joseph Merrill October 14, 1887

Eleanor S. Merrill April 15, 1890

Lois Blanche Merrill January 11, 1892

Clara Adele Merrill October 9, 1893

Julia Winifred Merrill July 8, 1898

Mary Rosena Merrill September 21, 1900

Bernice Leah Merrill March 2, 1903


Harry E. Merrill died August 9, 1902 Age 21

There is a much older Family Record page that obviously came from another bible. It was folded and is in very delicate condition. It is apparently from the bible of William Richard Merril, father of William Campbell Merrill, owner of this bible. It reads as follows –

William Merril, the son of Richard Merril, was born October 9th 1806.

Sallyan Wallace, the Daughter of Moses Wallace, was born September the 17th, 1807.

They were united together in Marriage August 2, 1828

Their Children were Born as follows, to wit –

1st Richard, Born April the 15th, Ano Domini 1829

2nd Harry, Born September 21st 1830

3rd Maryann, Born April 13th 1833

4th Susan, Born December 28th 1835

5th Sevena, Born September 26th 1837

6th Elen Jane, Born November 30th 1839

7th Margaret, Born February 8th 1841

8th Moses W, Born June 7th 1844

9th Martin Luther, Born January 7th A.D. 1847

10th William Campbell Merrill, Born December 14, 1851

This older page was folded inside the newer Bible. 
Anna Hartshorn & William Campbell Merrill Bernice Leah Merrill & Milford James Hulslander
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 Subj:  Last Will and Testament - Moses Wallace
Date:  01/16/2004 10:26:52 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Suzanne Congdon)
To: (Joyce Tice)

Hi Joyce,

I recently acquired a copy of the Last Will and Testament of Moses Wallace, b. 29 December 1775 d. 28 November 1843 in Chemung, Chemung County, New York.

Moses is my GGG Grandfather and is the son of Joseph Wallace, b. bef 1753 in Scotland d. after 1795 and Elizabeth Weaver, b. aft 1750 Northampton, Pennsylvania d. 1792 Northampton, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Weaver is the daughter of Christian Weaver b. 1728 Northampton, Pennsylvania d. May 1783 Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania and his wife, Barbara.

Moses was married in 1799 to Anna Campbell b. January 1781 d. 3 April 1863.  Moses is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Chemung, New York.  Anna is buried in the Ulster Cemetery, Ulster, Pennsylvania.

Moses and Anna Campbell Wallace are the parents of my GG Grandmother Sarah Wallace, b. 17 Sep 1807 d. 3 Feb 1889 who married (2 Aug 1828) William Richard Merrill b. 9 Oct 1806 d. 19 Dec 1889.  They are buried in the Ulster Cemetery in Ulster, Pennsylvania.

William and Sarah Wallace Merrill are the parents of G Grandfather William Campbell Merrill, b. 14 Dec 1851 d. 25 Dec 1935 who was married (12 Jun 1886) to Anna Hartshorn, b. 12 Jan 1862 d. 26 Dec 1932.  William and Anna are buried in Ulster, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

William and Anna Hartshorn Merrill are the parents of Grandmother Bernice Leah Merrill, b. 2 Mar 1903 d. 15 Dec 1933.  Leah was married (12 May 1923) to Milford James Hulslander, b. 3 May 1903 d. 27 Apr 1999.  They are buried at Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, Pennsylvania.

Here are photos of William and Anna Hartshorn Merrill and Milford James and Bernice Leah Merrill Hulslander.  I don't know if you want to post them together.  Your choice.

I have the Merrill-Hartshorn Bible transcribed and will send in a separate email.  There is one page much older that appears to be from the Merrill-Wallace Bible.

Suzanne Congdon
Smyrna, Georgia

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