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The following list is part of the Tioga County Records collected by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Printed by Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

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Lemuel M. and Emeline E. Storer Palmer
Family Bible

The Holy Bible John C. Winston & Co., No.1009 Arch St., Philadelphia, Copyright 1890 by J. Holman & Co., This Bible Record furnished by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Harris ( H. Louise Palmer ) R.D.#2, Box 119,

Mansfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 16933.

Family Record Births Page #1

Lemuel M. Palmer born Mar 22nd 1801

Emeline E. Storer born Dec 25th 1806

Charles E. Palmer born Jul 7th 1834

William F. Palmer born Oct 5th 1836

Caroline E. Palmer born Mar 27th 1839

Selina S. Palmer born Aug 8th 1840

John E. Palmer born Mar 3rd 1842

George W. Palmer born Jul 17th 1843

Flora M. Garrison born May 9th 1848

Harriett A. Palmer born Sep 27th 1868

Lewis M. Palmer born Jul 25th 1874

Infant son of

G.W. & Flora M. Palmer born Oct 2nd 1874

Family Record Marriages Page #2

Lewis M. Palmer to J. Blanche Hanyen Sept. 23rd 1903

Lewis M. Palmer to Bertha M. Roff August 13th 1929

Harriet Louise Palmer to Thomas Grant Harris September 1st 1934

Linda Jo Harris to George L. Baker September 5th 1958 Espanola, N.M.

Anne Marie Harris to Philip J. Clark September 8th 1956 Roseville, Pa.

Mary Alene Harris to Walter Gilbride April 22nd 1961 (divorced)

Mary Alene Harris to Roger York August 5th 1968 (divorced)

Jean Ellen Harris to Albert J. Neumeyer Jr., July 9th 1966 (divorced)

Jean Ellen harris to Gary N. Kendrick 1972

Harriett A. Palmer to William O. Wills

Leonore Palmer Wells to John Allison Thomas (lived in Louisville, Kentucky)

Family Record Birth Page #3

Lewis Murdock Palmer born Jul 25th 1874

Jennie Blanche Hanyen born Mar 22nd 1880

Harriet Louise Palmer born Jun 24th 1910

Bertha May Roff born May 2nd 1889

Leonore Palmer Wells born Dec 8th 1895

( Daughter of Harriett & William Wells)

Thomas G. Harris born Aug 11th 1910 of Bradford, ( Pa.,)

  1. Louise Harris ( daughter of Lewis M. Palmer & J. Blanche Hanyen Palmer)
(see Harriet Louise Palmer) born June 24th 1910

Born to Thomas G. & H. Louise Harris:

Linda Jo Harris born Oct 29th 1936

Anne Marie Harris born Aug 11th 1938

Mary Alene Harris born Dec 8th 1939

Jean Ellen Harris born Jan 5th 1947

Family Record Deaths Page #4

Infant Son of G.W.

and F. M. Palmer died Oct 2nd 1874

Harriett Palmer Wells died Jan 21st 1912

Charles E. Palmer died Mar 27th 1918

Flora Garrison Palmer died Jun 1st 1920

George W. Palmer died Jun 24th 1932

Lewis M. Palmer died Dec 28th 1932

J.Blanche Hanyen Palmer died Feb 15th 1928

Newspaper clipping no name on paper or no date However content of article has some genealogical notes which are important here.

Mrs. Jennie E. Reynolds, Hanyen died at her home in Rutland, Pa., March 29th 1923. She was the wife of C.B. Hanyen and the daughter of Norman J. & Marie Argetsinger Reynolds, born Aug., 12th 1838 in Sullivan, Pa. the eldest child. Her paternal ancestors came from Rutland, Vt. Her Maternal line was from Holland, Rutland , Pa., was named for Rutland Vt., the home of the Green Mountain Boys. Her great grandfather was one of these and served in the Revolutionary War.

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