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Monroe Township, Bradford County , Pennsylvania
Shults-Watkins Bible Records

Provided by Andrea Thompson Allison
Transcribed from scans of actual Bible pages

Marriage Certificate
Godfrey H[enry] Shults of Weston, PA & Jessie May Watkins of Weston, PA
Towanda, PA on 25 July 1892
Witnesses: Mary Warwick & E.J. Warwick
Births Date Location
Ruby Helen Northrup 10 Apr. 1891  
Crystal Ione Shults 19 Aug. 1893  
Catherine Marie Shults 21 May 1895  
Mary Clare Shults 25 Oct. 1898  
Earl Avila Shults 23 Apr. 1902  
Robert Henri Shults 6 Nov. 1905  
Frank Lyle Shults 28 Feb. 1909  
Vaughn LaVerne Shults 18 Sep. 1912  
Cleome Estelle Shults 18 Apr. 1914  
James Webster Conrad 16 Aug. 1913  
Norma Mildred Gleason Nov. 1916  
Palmer Grant Allen 18 Sep. 1918  
Mary Clare Shults to Ralph McKinley Conrad   Waverly, NY
Catherine Marie Shults to Joseph Mavoy 18 July 1917 Pittston, PA
Ruby Helen Northrup to Floyd H. Carr 4 May 1915 Towanda, PA
Crystal Ione Shults to Stephen Webb Allen 28 Apr. 1918 Towanda, PA
Earl Avila Shults to Ruth Amelia Hunsinger 14 Feb. 1928 Tunkhannock, PA
Vaughn LaVern Shults to Twila Mildred Beers 27 Nov. 1931 Waverly, NY
Earnest J. Shout to Cleone E. Shults 7 June 1934 Kanana, NY
Norma Mildred Gleason Jan. 1917  
Palmer Grant Allen 18 Sep. 1918  
Kate Marie Shults Taylor 13 Nov. 1926  
Henry H. Shults 1 Mar. 1932  
Crystal Ione Shults Allen 13 Apr. 1938  
Jessie Mae Shults 11 May 1948  
Earl Avila Shults 15 Dec. 1960  
Robert Henri Shults 26 Mar. 1987  
Frank Lyle Shults 8 Apr. 1984  
Cleone Estelle Shults Shout 30 Sep. 1975  

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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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