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Transcribed by Linda ZAPF Cracraft
We are transcribing these from photocopies of local Bible Records in the collection of Tioga County Historical Society in Wellsboro. We thank them for their generosity in making them available to us. Many of the pages we have are photocopies of photocopies of faded or damaged original pages. As such, they are often very difficult to read. We have done the best that we can do considering the poor condition of some of the copies. 
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The Bernauer Family

The following Ancestral Sketch is from the History of Elk Run, Elk Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. This booklet was prepared in 1929 by members of the families represented.

Recopied by Rhoda ENGLISH William Ladd, RD #3, Box 116, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 16901.

The Bernauer family is numbered among the pioneers of Elk Run. About the time of Napoleon’s greatest power, when the principalities of Germany and other European States were forced to furnish troops to further the mad ambitions of the Emperor, Colonel Bernauer of Baden, was drafted for the Russian Campaign.

All his patriotic instincts rebelled against serving the interests of him who caused his country to bleed and lie prostrate at the conquerors feet.

He fled to Switzerland for asylum. After a time he escaped to America by using the passport of his dead brother. Arriving at Philadelphia, he was bound out for three years to pay his passage of sixty dollars.

About 1815 he immigrated northward with a small company of three families. They came to Pine Creek and made clearings on Elk Run, which was then a mere wilderness.

These were pioneer days when the wits and strength of the hardy woodsmen were pitted against the problems of a livelihood and the dangers of the forest which echoed to the screams of the panther. Wellsboro was a little clump of houses, other towns not located as yet.

Under such conditions Joseph B. Bernauer was born January 8, 1833. He lumbered in pine and hemlock, drove logs and rafted on Pine Creek and the Susquehanna.

He married Mary C. Champney of Canton. Four children blessed this union: Ada; Nellie; Edna; and Frank.

On September 17, 1898 Mrs. Bernauer passed away. On November 22, 1902 he married Mrs. Elizabeth Schoonover, of Gaines. He died in the spring of 1909. 

Following submitted  April 2005

  Morris J.Bernauer of Marshlands,Tioga County Pa.and Carrie S. Stillman of Ulysses Pa.
were married at Wellsbore Pa.
By Rev O.L.Hills June 26 1897.
Groom was born June 2, 1867
Bride was born at Ulysses Oct  19,1864

Ella Faustina Bernauer Daughter of Morris J.Bernauer and Carrie S.[Stillman] Bernauer was born Oct1,1902 at Cammal Pa.

Ella Faustina Bernauer was married to Donald T.Hughes of Tioga Township, in New York City Oct 22,1932 in The little Brown Church around the corner,

Mrs.Carrie S.Bernauer died May 1, 1924

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