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 Charles Thompson  & Elizabeth Hulbert Family Bible
Published by William W. Harding 1863, Price $2.00

Family bible of Charles and Elizabeth S. Hulbert Thompson.  1818-1907
Submited by Ginny Magee

Charles Thompson was married to Elizabeth S. Hulbert, March 1st, 1842
Mary Jane Thompson was married to Nathaniel T. Miller, April 30, 1863
Charles Thompson was married 2nd time to Hannah Kinyon, January 17th, 1864
Burleigh H. Thompson was married to Eliiza K. Terry, September 25th, 1890

Charles Thompson was born Jan 3rd, 1818
Elizabeth S. Hulbert was born Sept. 4th, 1820
Edith A. Thompson was born May 30, 1893
Hannah Stedman was born March 6th, 1835
Mary Jane Thompson was born April 10th, 1843
Edward S. Thompson was born Oct. 13th, 1846
Emma Eliza Thompson was born June 13th, 1849
Henry C. Thompson was born Sept. 9th 1853
Margaret A. Thompson was born Sept. 29th, 1858
Hillis T. Miller was born May 30th, 1868

Emma E. Thompson died June 22nd, 1861
Elizabeth S. Thompson died Jan. 18th, 1863
Mary Jane Miller died Sept 15th, 1868
Henry C. Thompson died May 18th, 1887, aged 22 years, 8 mo,
Charles Thompson died Feb. 8th, 1891
Hannah Thompson died Nov. 22nd, 1907

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