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Name: William Thompson 
Birth: May 19, 1793 in Ireland 
Death: March 23, 1876, South Creek Twp., Bradford Cty., PA 
Cemetery: Thompson Hill 
Parents: (unknown) 
Spouse: Sophia Houtz
Name: Sophia Houtz 
Birth: April 7, 1797 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA 
Death: May 8, 1889 
Cemetery: Thompson Hill 
Parents: Rev. Anthony Houtz and Elizabeth Chamberlain 
Spouse: William Thompson



William Thompson m. Sophia Houtz 13 Nov 1817

Anthony H. Thompson m. Rhoda Berry 3 Jun 1840

Alexander Thompson m. Emily Miller 17 Jan 1843

Margaret Jane Thompson m. James E. Kline 12 Nov 1845

John W. Thompson m. Lucy Ann Carley 31 Jan 1848

Eleanor A. Thompson m. Ransom Tanner 6 Oct 1850

George H. Thompson m. Elenora Berry 2 Feb 1855

Charles C. Thompson m. Juliette Brown Jun 1865

Rhoda Thompson m. Mathew Hill 8 Nov 1863

Samuel L. Thompson m. Jessie Snedeker 3 Sep 1873

Samuel L. Thompson m. Hattie E. Mitstifer 4 Oct 1877

Lena M. Thompson m. R. Lee Warner 7 Sep 1897

William Thompson m. Harriet Kinney 1 Feb 1910

Mary Louise Thompson m. Charles Baker 8 Mar 1936


William Thompson b. 19 May 1793

Sophia Houtz b. 7 Apr 1797

Anthony H. Thompson b. 3 Aug 1818

Alexander M. Thompson b. 12 Feb 1820

John W. Thompson b. 27 Apr 1822

Henry J. Thompson b. 5 Feb 1825

Margaret J. Thompson b. 22 Jun 1826

Eleanor A. Thompson b. 27 Apr 1830

George H. Thompson b. 18 May 1832

Charles C. Thompson b. 28 Oct 1835

Isabella Thompson b. 22 Dec 1837

Rhoda A. Thompson b. 10 Apr 1839

Samuel L. Thompson b. 12 Jun 1841

William Houtz b. 2 Nov 1799

Margaret Houtz b. 2 Mar 1800

Eliza Houtz b. 4 Feb 1802

(Brothers & Sisters of Sophia Houtz)


Lena May Thompson b. 22 Sep 1874

Harry H. Thompson b. 5 May 1879

Jennie S. Thompson b. 8 Apr 1882

Hattie Mitstifer b. 5 Feb 1859

Willie S. Thompson b. 19 Jul 1889

Jessie Warner b. 15 Jun 1898


Anthony Houtz d. Apr 1813

Elizabeth Houtz d. 4 Feb 1802 (30y)

(Parents of Sophia Houtz)

William Thompson d. 23 Mar 1876 (83y10m3d)

Sophia H. Thompson d. 8 May 1889 (92y1m1d)

Henry J. Thompson d. 17 Aug 1825 (7m28d)

Isabella Thompson d. 1 Oct 1852 (16y)

Anthony H. Thompson d. Aug 1908

Alexander M. Thompson d. Apr 1895

Margaret J. Thompson d. Apr 1907

Harriet E. Thompson d. 15 Aug 1955 (96y)

Jessie E. Thompson d. 19 Mar 1875

Charles C. Thompson d. Feb 1910

George H. Thompson d. Apr 1911

Rhoda Ann Hill d. 7 Sep 1914

John W. Thompson d. Apr 1915

Samuel C. Thompson d. 26 Dec 1914

Lena T. Lindley d. 22 Jan 1914

Date: 04/30/2000 9:21:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Marie Brasington)

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