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Family Bible Records for Tioga, Bradford, Chemung Counties

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 Bible Records
Submitted by Don Stanton
Elizabeth (Betsy) Case (b. 1797; m. Ansel D. Williams) and grandson Jesse 
Nelson Williams (b. 1859)

Ansel Williams                       b. July 20, 1789
Elizabeth Case                         b. Dec. 30, 1797
                                                m. Oct. 4, 1814

Julia Ann Williams                 July 30, 1815 
Aaron Williams                       Feb. 25, 1817 
Oliver Williams                       July 25, 1818 
Anson Williams                      Oct. 19, 1820 
Abigail Williams                     Dec.       1822 
Philip Williams                        Jan. 21, 1825 
Laura Williams                        Oct. 4, 1827 
Joseph W. Williams                 June, 17 1835 
Oliver Williams shown at right
Ansel Williams                       May 5, 1859
Elizabeth Williams                 Dec. 9, 1879
Phillip Case                             May 22, 1878
Laura Porter                            April 20, 1885
Julia Ann Williams                 Apr. 23, 1891
Oliver Williams                      March 16, 1894
Philip Williams                       July 25 (?) 1898 or 1899
Abigail Linderman                  Nov. 15, 1899
Jesse N. Williams                    Oct. 27, 1903

Julia Ann Williams to Edwin Williams                    July 31, 1838
Oliver Williams to Mary Williams                           Aug. 7, 1845
Anson Williams to Lucy Case
Laura Williams to Daniel Sherwood
Abigail Williams to James Lindeman  (Linderman)  July 8, 1849
Laura Sherwood to Harman Huntington
Philip Williams to Ella Baly (Ellen Bailey)               Apr. 5, 1858
Laura Huntington to Uel C. Porter

Jesse N. Williams                    Jan. 21, 1859
Kate Williams                         Nov. 14, 1862
Laura Williams                       Nov. 26, 1887
James Williams                       Nov. 21, 1894          (Apr. 95 – written in margin)
Isabel (?) Williams                 Apr. 12, 1896
Philip Williams                       June 28, 1898

Written on the business stationary of J. N. Williams dated Troy, PA March 21 189_
(Handwriting appears to be that of Mary W. Williams, Mrs. Oliver Williams when compared to letters that she wrote)

Isaac Williams             born    March 26, 1801
Experience Marble       born   Nov. 19, 1800
Simeon Williams                    Sept. 25, 182(?) – looks like 1825
Mary Williams                        March 15, 1824
Ambrose Williams                  May 6, 1827
Jane (?) Rebecca Williams      July 19, 1833
Julia A. Williams                    March 30, 1836
Eliza P. Williams                    April 15, 1839

Isaac Williams married to Experience Marble Dec, 5(?) 1821

Grand Mother’s maiden name was Rebeca Allen Married to Simeon Marble when 19 years old.

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Herrington - Perry  Family Bible


Lewis A Herrington  and Lettie M Perry  were married July  8, 1901

Helen I Herrington and Harold Ackerman were married August 4, 1934

Howard F Herrington and Dorothy Putnam  were married August 15, 1930

Robert Herrington and Eleanor J Scouton  were married June 19, 1941


Lewis A Herrington  was born Feb 20, 1877 in Barclay, Bradford Co. Pa

Lettie M Perry  was born Dec 19, 1880 in West LeRoy, Bradford Co. Pa.

Howard F Herrington was born June 15, 1904 at West Burlington, Bradford Co. Pa.

Helen I Herrington was born April 28, 1906 at West Burlington, Bradford Co. Pa.

Robert L Herrington was born Oct 7, 1922 at Troy, Bradford Co. Pa.

Dorothy Putnam was born Aug 15, 19 (whitened out) at Troy, Pa.

Harold Ackerman was born Aug 15, 1904 at Wellsburg, NY

Robert R Herrington was born Oct 7, 1922 at Troy, Bradford Co. Pa.

Eleanor J Scouton was born June 1924 at Burlington, Bradford Co. Pa

Lewis H Ackerman was born Nov 9, 1940 at Wellsburg, NY.

John Howard Herrington was born Nov 19, 1940 at Troy, Bradford Co. Pa.

Anne Jeanette Herrington was born April 9, 1948 at Sayre, Bradford Co, Pa.


Lewis A Herrington died 1958

Lettie M Perry Herrington  died Jan 19, 1953

Howard F Herrington died April 11, 1985

Clippings found in Bible

Pretty Wedding Solemnized Saturday Evening-A very pretty wedding took place on Saturday evening August 4th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Herrington when their daughter, Helen, became the bride of Mr. Harold H Ackerman, of North Tonawanda, NY.  Mr. Ackerman is an employee of the American Sales Book Company of that place. Miss Herrington was attended by Miss Minnie French, of Chemung, NY and Mr. Charles VanDeusen, also of Chemung, was best man. The bride was charmingly attired in a dress of white organdie and carried a bouquet of roses. The ring ceremony was performed by the Rev, Leonard F Basford in the presence of  a group of immediate relatives and friends of the bride and groom. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Herrington and son, Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Herrington, Mrs. Emma Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ackerman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ackerman, Mrs. Sadie Austin, Miss Clara Austin, Miss Ruth Putnam, Mrs. Leonard Basford and Miss Annie Basford. A delicious buffet lunch was served following the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman left for a motor trip through the Adirondacks and points in Canada.

Dr Anne J Herrington has accepted a position as an associate professor of English at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mass. She will move from State College, Pa. to Hatfield, MA in August. Dr. Herrington’s mother, Mrs. Howard Herrington, lives in Troy, Pa.

Births: Thomas E and Michele Brasington of Fort Devens, Mass announce the birth of twin daughters, Linda Beth and Lisa Rae at the Emerson Hospital, Old Road to Nine, Acre Corner, Concord, Mass. Brasington is a native of Troy and is assigned to Fort Devon in the U S Army. Paternal grandparents are Gene and Ona Brasington, of Troy.

Bible from Dorothy Putnam Herrington Auction June 23, 2007
Submitted by Janet PETERS Ordway