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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Skinner, Florence Gertrude 1/8/1902 Cowanesque St. Osceola F W George L. Skinner Bessie Skinner Cowanesque St. Osceola Minister 12/24/1902 190
Skinner, Jamsie 9/5/1893 Brookfield F W Ralph N. Skinner Lucy Eugenie Skinner Brookfield Farmer 1/6/1894 7
Skinner, Mildred Engertha 8/23/1898 Skinner Hollow F W R. N. Skinner Luca A. Skinner Skinner Hollow Farmer 12/27/1898 109
Skottowe, Edmond Cameron 8/20/1898 84 Church St. M W John C. Skottowe Clara M. Skottowe 84 Church St. Clergyman 12/28/1898 112
Skullony, Walter 4/21/1905 Covington twp. M W Frank Skullony Mary Skullony Covington twp. Miner 6/5/1905 236
Skulney, Garfield 3/4/1895 1 Log St. Morris Run M W Frank Skulney Mary Skulney 1 Log St. Morris Run Miner 9/3/1895 44
Skulney, Rosa 9/2/1897 1 Log St. Morris Run F W Frank Skulney Mary Skulney 1 Log St. Morris Run Miner 11/29/1897 93
Skumski, George 3/26/1894 Antrim M W Paul Skumski Mary Skumski Antrim M 7/5/1894 16
Skumski, Joseph 3/6/1895 Antrim M W Paul Skumski Mary Skumski blank Miner 6/29/1895 39
Slavin, Agnes 12/6/1902 Arnot F W John Slavin Mary Slavin Arnot Miner 12/27/1902 191
Slavin, James 3/23/1898 Arnot M W Jno. Slavin Mary A. Slavin Arnot Miner 9/8/1898 105
Slavin, Joseph 10/1/1905 Arnot M W John Slavin Mary Slavin Arnot Miner 12/28/1905 247
Slavin, Thos. 2/26/1900 Arnot M W Jno. F. Slavin Mary A. Slavin Arnot Miner 6/11/1900 143
Sleva, Bertha 2/28/1905 Blossburg F W Peter Sleva Liousia Sleva Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1905 237
Slingerland, ? 10/10/1893 Richmond twp. M W J. D. Slingerland E. Slingerland Richmond twp. Farmer 1/13/1894 11
Slingerland, Colen Hugh 3/29/1899 blank M -- James Slingerland Esther Slingerland Mansfield Laborer 1/3/1900 134
Slingerland, G. Hugh 2/6/1894 Richmond twp. M W Wm. A. Slingerland Rose Slingerland Richmond twp. Laborer 9/7/1894 22
Slingerland, Geo. M. 8/15/1903 Wellsboro M W Jasper Slingerland Nina Slingerland Wellsboro Painter 11/6/1903 203
Slingerland, Wayne Arthur 10/4/1897 Main St. Mansfield M W W. A. Slingerland Rose E. Slingerland Main St. Laborer 11/16/1897 87
Slocum, Ella May 11/22/1904 Chatham F W F. M. Slocum Sarah N. Slocum Chatham Farmer 5/24/1905 231
Slocum, Ernest 11/6/1898 Covington boro F W Edgar Slocum Nellie Slocum Church Alley Laborer 12/15/1898 107
Slocum, Ford 2/18/1897 Chatham M W Herman Slocum Carrie Slocum Chatham Laborer 11/19/1897 88
Slocum, Grace F. 1/31/1901 Farmington F W Fred Slocum Bessie Slocum Knoxville Laborer 1/17/1902 175
Slocum, Grace F. 1/31/1901 Farmington F W Fred Slocum Bessie Slocum Farmington Farmer 5/29/1901 157
Slocum, Lena 10/23/1904 Chatham F W Charles Slocum Nettie Slocum Chatham Laborer 11/16/1904 222
Slocum, Marion A. 9/4/1893 Chatham M W Frances Slocum Nettie Slocum Chatham Laborer 1/3/1893 6
Slwak, Eula 9/15/1901 Leetonia F W John Slwak Anna Slwak Leetonia Laborer 12/20/1901 168
Sly, Earl C. 11/20/1897 Park St. M W Eugene Sly Nellie D. Sly Park St. Laborer 1/27/1898 95
Sly, Edward Lee 7/8/1900 Berry St. M W Eugene Sly Nellie Sly Berry St. Laborer 11/16/1900 149
Sly, Floyd Ransom 2/12/1896 Park St. Tioga boro M W Eugene Sly Nellie D. Sly Park St. Laborer 7/8/1896 60
Small, Charles 12/8/1893 Arnot M W Thos. Small Emma Small Arnot Miner 1/12/1894 10
Small, Mary 1/27/1895 Arnot F W Thomas Small Emma Small Arnot Miner 6/21/1895 37
Smart, Alton F. 7/28/1902 Wellsboro M W C. P. Smart Leah Smart Wellsboro Clerk 12/10/1902 185
Smart, David 8/30/1893 Arnot M W Wm. B. Smart Annie Smart Arnot Miner 1/12/1894 10
Smart, James 9/21/1899 Arnot M W Jno. Smart Ellen Smart blank Miner 12/21/1899 129
Smart, William 10/26/1894 Arnot M W John Smart C. E. Smart Arnot Miner 1/17/1895 33
Smart, William Martin 5/4/1902 Arnot M W James Smart Emma Smart Arnot Miner 6/16/1902 181
Smartt, John 10/16/1896 Arnot M W John Smartt Nellie Smartt Arnot M 12/31/1896 68
Smeetam, Hazel Thornton 3/10/1894 Arnot F W James Smeetam Lyda Smeetam Arnot Foreman 6/26/1894 14
Smeltzle, Ellis 2/14 South Union M W Cyrus Smeltzle Jennie Smeltzle South Union Farmer 9/25/1899 124
Smeltzle, Lydia E. 10/24/1893 Union twp. F W Geo. Smeltzle Lizzie Smeltzle blank Farmer 12/27/1893 3
Smiel, Max 5/10/1904 Morris Run M W John Smiel Jennie Smiel Morris Run Miner 6/1/1904 216
Smith, ? 10/10/1894 Richmond twp. M W Edgar R. Smith Addie Smith Richmond twp. Farmer 1/21/1895 33
Smith, ? 12/12/1894 Covington twp. F W John L. Smith Sarah Smith Covington twp. Farmer 6/26/1895 38
Smith, ? 12/23/1902 Richmond M W A. B. Smith Cora Smith Mansfield Farmer 6/8/1903 200
Smith, ? 9/26/1902 Jackson M W Joseph C. Smith Anna R. Smith Jackson Farmer 12/19/1902 188
Smith, ? 10/16/1900 So. First F W Thomas H. Smith Maggie Smith So. First Dentist 1/7/1901 154
Smith, ? 9/15/1897 Morris M W Albert Smith Ettie Smith Morris Laborer 11/10/1897 86
Smith, ? 1/13/1897 Richmond twp. F W C. M. Smith Mary C. Smith Richmond twp. Farmer 1/25/1897 75
Smith, ? 10/4/1894 Clymer twp. M W Newton Smith Cora Smith Clymer twp. Laborer 1/31/1895 35
Smith, Addia May 11/28/1899 Union twp. F W Merton Smith Myrtle Smith Gleason Laborer 8/30/1900 144
Smith, Albert J 7/6/1894 Arnot M W Albert Smith Trissie Smith Arnot Miner 1/17/1894 33
Smith, Alice 5/27/1905 Ward F W Coly Smith Maggie Smith Ward Laborer 12/19/1905 245
Smith, Alice 10/20/1894 Leetonia Elk F W Jacob Smith Katie Smith Leetonia Laborer 1/7/1895 26
Smith, Alice 9/1/1898 Liberty twp. F W Charles Smith Lizzie Smith Liberty twp. Farmer 6/13/1899 121
Smith, Alice Eldred 8/12/1901 Jackson Summit F W Garret Smith Edith Smith Jackson Summit Farmer 12/28/1901 174
Smith, Alice Lucele 1/14/1900 Sullivan F W D. V. Smith Mary Smith Sullivan Farmer 6/8/1900 140
Smith, Amos Philip 4/3/1904 Covington twp. M W Phillip W. Smith Effie Smith Covington twp. Farmer 6/9/1904 219
Smith, Anna Jayne 11/24/1893 Marsh Creek F W Jacob R. Smith Hattie Smith Shippen Lumberman 12/21/1893 1
Smith, Anna Jayne 5/1/1905 Blossburg F W Frank Smith Mattie Smith Blossburg Laborer 6/17/1905 237
Smith, Arthur 10/12/1896 Main St. Blossburg M W Henry A. Smith Maggie Smith Main St. Blossburg Butcher 1/12/1897 72
Smith, Arthur B. 1/20/1897 Richmond twp. M W Herman Smith Alice Wood Smith Elmira, NY Mason 9/3/1897 83
Smith, Arthur Parks 3/28/1903 Wellsboro St. M W Elmer B. Smith Caroline P. Smith Wellsboro St. Merchant 6/3/1903 199
Smith, Basal 9/14/1903 Arnot M W Leonard Smith Ada Smith Arnot Miner 11/30/1903 206
Smith, Bernice W. 4/14/1898 Sullivan M W D. V. Smith Marry Smith Sullivan Farmer 6/4/1898 98
Smith, Bert A. 4/9/1895 Wells Bradford Co. M W Clark Smith Flora Smith P.O. Millerton Farmer 1/4/1896 48
Smith, Bertha 10/20/1893 Liberty F W Charles Smith Elizabeth Smith Liberty Farmer 12/28/1893 3
Smith, Bertha 11/28/1899 Gleason F W Mert Smith Myrtle Smith Gleason Laborer 12/13/1899 126
Smith, Blanch 10/8/1900 blank F W Enos Smith blank blank Laborer 5/31/1901 158
Smith, Burnam B. 12/10/1903 Lambs Creek M W A. B. Smith Carrie Smith No.3 Mansfield Farmer 6/2/1904 217
Smith, Campbell 8/18/1901 Fall Brook M W Cola Smith Maggie Smith Fall Brook Laborer 12/26/1901 173
Smith, Carrie A. 8/1/1898 Charleston F W Stilman Smith Nellie A. Smith Charleston Farmer 10/28/1899 125
Smith, Cecil 3/3/1896 Sullivan F W R. H. Smith Gusta Smith Sullivan Laborer 6/27/1896 60
Smith, Charles S. 12/8/1898 Chatham M W Sherman Smith Lena Smith Chatham Farmer 12/22/1898 108
Smith, Clarence 10/13/1894 Sullivan M W C. A. Smith Edith Smith Sullivan Laborer 1/25/1895 34
Smith, Claton D. 3/24/1905 Brookfield M W C. A. Smith Maggie L. Smith Westfield Caom. Lab. 7/18/1905 237
Smith, Claude James 4/29/1895 Sullivan twp. M W C. Adelbert Smith Mary A. Smith Troy St. Mainesburg Clerk 6/15/1895 36
Smith, Clayton Cornelius 2/12/1894 Second St. M W Fred T. Smith Carrie C. Smith Second St. Delmar 6/4/1894 13
Smith, Clifford 9/17/1897 Second St. M W Clarence Smith Eunice Smith Second St. Laborer 12/22/1899 131
Smith, Clyde H. 6/5/1901 Keeneyville M W Geo W. Smith Angie Smith Keeneyville Laborer 12/23/1901 170
Smith, Constant Fredrick 2/10/1902 Dantz Run Rd. M W Almond Smith Bertha Smith Dantz Run Farmer 6/2/1902 178
Smith, David S. 1/10/1895 Nelson M W Chas. H. Smith Alma E. Smith Nelson Laborer 6/22/1895 38
Smith, Demming B. 1/15/1900 Sullivan M W B. C. Smith Ida Smith Sullivan Farmer 6/8/1900 140
Smith, Donald Taylor 10/15/1897 Main M W Fred T. Smith Carrie C. Smith Main St. Man. 4/16/1898 96
Smith, Dora 11/10/1893 Jackson Summit F W Gary Smith E. A. Smith Jackson Farmer 1/8/1894 8
Smith, Earl Harvey 7/2/1896 Wellsboro M W Melvin M. Smith Emma C. Smith Wellsboro Laborer 12/16/1896 64
Smith, Ed 11/30/1902 Delmar M -- Lewis B. Smith Lena Fisher Delmar Farmer 2/7/1903 194
Smith, Edsal Karl 9/5/1900 Centre St. M W Elmer B. Smith Caroline M. Smith Main St. Merchant 11/16/1900 149
Smith, Edgar 8/27/1904 Deerfield M W H. E. Smith Martha Smith Knoxville F 5/22/1905 231
Smith, Edith 1/18/1905 Richmond F W Bert Smith Clara Smith RFD5 Mansfield Laborer 6/5/1905 236
Smith, Edith A. 12/7/1899 Arnot F W A. J. Smith Lizzie Smith Arnot Miner 6/11/1900 142
Smith, Edna 12/28/1895 Ward twp. F W Jasper Smith Charlotte Smith Ward Laborer 9/4/1896 62
Smith, Edward 1/23/1900 Fisher Rd. M W Lewis B. Smith Lena Smith Fisher Rd. Farmer 5/31/1900 137
Smith, Edward B. 5/5/1897 Antrim M W Pat Smith Florence Smith Antrim L 6/5/1897 79
Smith, Edward John 8/24/1896 Leetonia M W Jake Smith Katharine Smith Leetonia Laborer 12/29/1896 67
Smith, Eleanor 2/20/1904 Asaph F W Almon Smith Bertha Smith Asaph Laborer 6/1/1904 214
Smith, Elizabeth Ann 4/23/1905 Delmar F W John L. Smith Nellie L. Smith Kress Laborer 6/3/1905 234
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