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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Tabor, ? 10/8/1893 Union twp. M W Geo Tabor Helen Tabor Ogdensburg Laborer 12/27/1893 3
Tabor, Mary Elizabeth 3/16/1898 Liberty twp. F W Orrin Tabor Emma Tabor Liberty twp. Farmer 6/5/1905 235
Tacka, Leona 6/29/1898 Blossburg F W William Tacka Frances Tacka Blossburg Laborer 12/27/1898 110
Taft, Alma 10/11/1898 Westfield twp. F W C. E. Taft Mary Taft Westfield twp. Farmer 1/24/1899 116
Taft, Frank 5/19/1895 Osceola M W Benedict Taft Anna Taft Osceola Laborer 8/2/1895 42
Taft, Gaylord L. 5/1/1898 Westfield twp. M W Archie Taft Sarah Taft Westfield twp. Farmer 6/9/1898 101
Taft, Gilbert A. 12/19/1900 Westfield M W Arch Taft Sarah Taft Westfield Farmer 6/3/1901 160
Taft, Howard A. 9/18/1899 Westfield twp. M W Charles E. Taft Mary Taft Westfield twp. Farmer 1/13/136  
Taft, James 12/17/1904 Church St. Osceola M W Wm. H. Taft Minnie Taft Church St. Osceola Laborer 12/21/1905 246
Taft, Mable Eloise 12/10/1905 Cowanesque St. Osceola F W Wm. Henry Taft Minnie Taft Cowanesque St. Osceola Laborer 12/21/1905 246
Taft, Noland A. 3/1/1905 Westfield M W C. E. Taft Mary Taft R2 Westfield Farmer 7/18/1905 237
Taft, Roby 7/2/1895 Deerfield F W E. D. Taft Cordelia Taft Deerfield F 12/23/1895 45
Taft, Sarah 1/1/1901 Brookfield F W E. E. Taft Martha Taft Brookfield Farmer 5/28/1901 157
Taft, Walton 8/16/1901 Phillips M W Chas. E. Taft Mame Taft Phillips Farmer 6/12/1902 180
Tailor, Clea M. 7/17/1904 Westfield F W Geo. Tailor Malissia Tailor RD3 Westfield Farmer 7/18/1905 237
Tanner, Iva 7/30/1899 Clymer F W H. C. Tanner Susan Tanner Clymer Farmer 1/5/1900 134
Tarchies, Israel 3/27/1901 Blossburg M W David Tarchies Rosie Tarchies Blossburg Peddlar 6/17/1901 163
Tate, Ethel M. 8/9/1895 Shippen F W G. E. Tate Emma Tate Shippen Merchant 12/28/1895 45
Tate, George E. 11/21/1902 Gaines M W Gilbert Tate Emma Tate Gaines Farmer 6/1/1903 197
Taylor, ? 3/19/1899 Wesrfield twp. M W Chas. Taylor Ida Talor blank Com. Lab. 5/26/1900 137
Taylor, Clare A. 3/30/1902 Phillips M W Geo. Taylor Melissa Taylor Phillips Farmer 6/12/1902 180
Taylor, Clayton A. 10/11/1897 Westfield twp. M W John Taylor Adaline Taylor Westfield twp. Farmer 11/24/1897 92
Taylor, Edgar Chancy 5/18/1901 Main St. M W William H. Taylor Catharine E. Taylor Main St. Salesman 6/5/1901 161
Taylor, Ethel M. 12/8/1901 Wellsboro F W Charles Taylor Lena Taylor Wellsboro Laborer 12/16/1901 167
Taylor, Florence M. 7/10/1896 Delmar F W Arch H. Taylor Estella Wilcox Delmar Farmer 1/20/1897 74
Taylor, Frank 9/12/1902 Antrim M W Harry Taylor Nellie Thomas Antrim L 12/13/1902 186
Taylor, Gladys Dolores 3/20/1901 9 Race St. F W Frank P. Taylor Minnie E. Taylor 9 Race St. Cashier 5/27/1901 156
Taylor, Gurnie R. 1/14/1901 Chatham M W William Taylor Lena Taylor Chatham Valley Farmer 5/27/1901 157
Taylor, Harriett 1/23/1900 Wellsboro F W Geo. Taylor Cora Taylor blank L 6/20/1900 143
Taylor, Harry A. 8/8/1896 Mansfield M W H. B. Taylor Fredrica Taylor blank Mechanic 12/30/1896 67
Taylor, Ivan H. 10/16/1903 Chatham M W Wm. Taylor Lena Taylor Chatham Farmer 5/27/1904 213
Taylor, Linn Ryn 11/29/1899 blank M W G. W. Taylor Melissa Taylor blank Farmer 5/26/1900 137
Taylor, Lloyd E. 11/10/1901 Chatham M W Harry Taylor Luva Taylor Chatham Laborer 12/9/1901 166
Taylor, Mable 7/15/1900 Chatham F W Harry Taylor Lura Taylor Chatham Laborer 11/17/1900 149
Taylor, Merrett F. 1/14/1894 Mansfield M W T. H. Taylor Bertha M. Taylor Mansfield Merchant 1/23/1894 12
Taylor, Wallace E. 2/18/1903 Shippen M W L. B. Taylor Mary Taylor Shippen Farmer 6/10/1903 200
Taylor, Welmyn 10/17/1896 Chatham M W Harry Taylor Rosa Taylor Chatham Laborer 1/5/1897 70
Taylor, Wylen H. 4/24/1896 Chatham M W Charles H. Taylor Ida Taylot Chatham Farmer 9/3/1896 61
Teaschutz, Stanley 4/27/1905 Antrim M W Lawrence Teaschutz Mary Teaschutz Antrim Miner 5/29/1905 233
Tebo, ? 1/6/1894 Union twp. F W Baker Tebo ? Hagar Tebo Union twp. Farmer 8/7/1894 20
Tebo, Leroy A. 12/10/1904 North Union M W Louis W. Tebo Clara Tebo Roaring Branch Farmer 5/22/1905 231
Tebo, Thomas 9/19/1901 Union M W Lewis Tebo Clara Tebo blank blank 12/19/1901 167
Tebo, Thomas M. 8/21/1905 English Hill M W Baker Tebo Gertrude Tebo blank blank 11/27/1905 240
Temple, Alice 5/18/1897 blank F W Russel Temple Alice Temple blank Laborer 12/13/1897 93
Tenbroeck, Leon 9/28/1894 Lawrence M W E. C. Tenbroeck Maud Tenbroeck Lawrence Laborer 1/2/1895 25
Terewileger, Scelia 2/1/1902 Leetonia F W George Terewileger Mary Terewileger Leetonia Laborer 12/18/1902 187
Terrey, Arthur 4/12/1896 13 Water St. Morris Run M W Thomas Terrey Fannie Terrey 13 Water St. Morris Run Laborer 6/19/1896 59
Terry, Cora J. 3/19/1902 Union F W Ferdinand Terry Janett Terry Union Farmer 6/5/1902 179
Terry, Daisey B. 10/6/1899 Ogdensburg F W Ferdinand Terry Cora J. Terry Ogdensburg Farmer 12/13/1899 126
Terry, Ellen 1/15/1898 Potterbrook M W A. J. Terry Ellen J. Terry Potterbrook Farmer 9/8/1900 145
Terry, Frank C. Jr. 11/16/1894 Osceola boro Cowanesque St. M W Frank C. Terry Eva J. Terry Osceola boro Cowanesque St. Merchant 1/31/1894 24
Terry, Russell 2/11/1905 Blossburg M W Timothy Terry Jessie Terry Blossburg Miner 12/11/1905 243
Terwilliger, Max 1/12/1904 RFD 1 Lansing M W E. E. Terwilliger Gordie Terwilliger RFD 1 Lansing RFD carrier 6/3/1904 218
Terwilliger, Otis Leroy 8/28/1897 Clymer M W Elmer Terwilliger Gordua Terwilliger Clymer Farmer 11/19/1897 89
Terwilliger, Scelia 2/1/1902 Leetonia F W George Terwilliger Mary Terwilliger Leetonia Laborer 12/10/1902 185
Thiele, E. D. 8/27/1893 Clymer M W Hugo Thiele Laura Thiele blank Laborer 1/26/1894 12
Thomas, Brutey 10/30/1896 Morris -- W Walter Thomas Burgie Thomas Morris Farmer 1/5/1897 70
Thomas, Charlet 5/4/1902 Nauvoo F W Loran Thomas Jennie Thomas Nauvoo Laborer 6/17/1902 182
Thomas, Charlott 5/4/1902 Lorenton F W Loren Thomas Jane Thomas Lorenton Farmer 1/8/1903 194
Thomas, Dolly 6/27/1904 Nelson F -- Edward Thomas Emma Thomas Nelson Laborer 12/14/1905 244
Thomas, Ethel 12/14/1898 Morris F W Purley Thomas Nellie Thomas Morris Laborer 6/6/1899 118
Thomas, Ettie Dell 12/21/1904 Morris Run F W Fred Thomas Zelma M. Thomas Ogdensburg Laborer 5/22/1905 231
Thomas, Eva 10/12/1899 Arnot F W W. J. Thomas Lizzie Thomas blank Miner 12/21/1899 130
Thomas, Evan 10/12/1899 Arnot M W W. J. Thomas Lizzie Thomas blank Miner 12/21/1899 129
Thomas, Floid/Floyd 5/8/1901 West Union M W Frank Thomas Nina Thomas West Union Farmer 9/4/1901 164
Thomas, Florence A. 12/23/1893 Morris twp. F W Walter Thomas Vergie Thomas Morris twp. Farmer 8/7/1894 20
Thomas, Florence Etta 9/6/1901 Liberty twp. F W Elmer Thomas Rosa Thomas Liberty twp. Farmer 12/10/1901 166
Thomas, Floyd 6/18/1895 Morris M W Fred Thomas Cora Thomas Morris Farmer 1/10/1896 50
Thomas, George 10/9/1904 Charleston M W Joseph Thomas Millie Thomas Charleston Farmer 3/9/1905 230
Thomas, George Earl 9/25/1893 Osceola Cowanesque St. M W Frederick Thomas Carrie B. Thomas Osceola Cowanesque St. Laborer 1/4/1893 6
Thomas, Gertrude 3/16/1903 Blossburg F W Thomas Thomas Selina Thomas Blossburg Fireman 6/26/1903 201
Thomas, Grace 5/7/1895 49 Back St. Hoytville F W Chester H. Thomas Della Thomas 49 Back St. Hoytville Laborer 6/24/1895 38
Thomas, Grace Vera 7/15/1899 Morris F W Daniel Thomas Anna Thomas Morris Laborer 12/22/1899 130
Thomas, Hazel 11/12/1901 Arnot F W William J. Thomas Thomas Elizabeth Arnot Miner 6/16/1902 181
Thomas, Hollis D. 6/24/1902 5 First St. Westfield M W Wilmot W. Thomas Alice Thomas 5 First St. Westfield Butcher 12/29/1902 192
Thomas, Howard 2/3/1899 Lawrence M W Lafayette Thomas Minnie Thomas Lawrence Farmer 12/16/1899 127
Thomas, Irean 10/27/1901 1 Office Row Morris Run F W Fred Thomas Zelma Thomas 1 Office Row Morris Row Miner 12/24/1901 172
Thomas, James 7/1/1896 Arnot M W James A. Thomas Mary Thomas Arnot M 11/20/1897 90
Thomas, Jennette 3/10/1898 Arnot F W Jas. Thomas Mary Thomas Arnot Miner 9/8/1898 104
Thomas, Jennie 9/19/1896 Arnot F W W. J. Thomas Lizzie Thomas Arnot M 12/31/1896 68
Thomas, John 1/23/1895 Arnot M W William Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Arnot Miner 6/21/1895 37
Thomas, Laura 7/26/1904 Arnot F W Arthur Thomas Lulian Thomas Arnot Miner 12/1/1904 223
Thomas, Lena 11/14/1904 Nelson F W Lafe Thomas Alice Thomas Nelson Laborer 12/23/1904 229
Thomas, Louisa E. 1/25/1901 Morris F W Homer E. Thomas Nellie Thomas Morris Livery keeper 6/15/1901 162
Thomas, Margett 2/22/1905 Arnot M W Earl Thomas Susan Thomas Arnot Miner 9/7/1905 238
Thomas, Merle 7/27/1901 Ogdensburg F W Stephen Thomas Effie Thomas Ogdensburg Farmer 9/20/1901 165
Thomas, Merle 7/27/1900 Union twp. F W Stephen Thomas Effie Thomas Union Farmer 11/13/1900 148
Thomas, Mildred 12/17/1897 Morris F W Fred Thomas Cora Thomas Morris Farmer 5/24/1897 77
Thomas, Millard L. 10/9/1900 Blossburg M W Thos. L. Thomas Sylva Thomas Blossburg Fireman 11/21/1900 150
Thomas, Nellie E. 7/27/1900 Austinburg F -- Fred Thomas Amy Thomas Austinburg Farmer 5/28/1901 157
Thomas, Pedro 10/21/1894 Lawrence M W W. H. Thomas Flora Thomas Lawrence Farmer 1/2/1895 25
Thomas, Roa E. 9/6/1904 Nelson F W Elmer Thomas Roa Thomas Nelson Farmer 12/23/1904 229
Thomas, Ruth Elizabeth 9/19/1895 Liberty twp. F W Clarence Thomas Laura Thomas Liberty twp. Farmer 1/9/1896 50
Thomas, Sadie 12/15/1896 Arnot F W Arthur Thomas Della Thomas Arnot Miner 9/4/1897 83
Thomas, Sela H. 6/26/1897 2 Pleasant Hill Morris Run F W Thomas Thomas Selina Treat 2 Pleasant Hill Morris Run Laborer 9/2/1897 82
Thomas, Thomas Merton 1/8/1894 Ward M W T. C. Thomas Alice Thomas Ward Farmer 12/28/1894 23
Thomas, William Z. 11/9/1900 25 Mill St. Morris Run M W Fred Thomas Zelma Thomas 25 Mill St. Morris Run Miner 9/5/1901 164
Thomas, Zelma 12/21/1904 Morris Run F W Fred Thomas Zelma Thomas Morris Run Miner 2/27/1905 230
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