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Tioga County PA Birth Records 1893-1901

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Tioga County PA Birth Records
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Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation Date of Record Page
Thompkins, Ralph 5/8/1900 Austinburg M W George Thompkins Ella Thompkins Austinburg Stone mason 6/9/1900 141
Thompson, ? 6/17/1896 Lawrenceville M W Wm. Thompson Mrs. Stella Thompson Lawrenceville Brakeman 12/24/1896 65
Thompson, ? 9/2/1893 Union twp. bl bl Beni Thompson Angeline Thompson W. Union Farmer 12/27/1893 3
Thompson, Alva E. 3/16/1902 Azelta M W Edward A. Thompson Emeline Thompson Azelta Postmaster 6/16/1902 181
Thompson, Amy T. 12/9/1893 Aseph F W Alonzo B. Thompson Lena Thompson Shippen Farmer 12/21/1893 1
Thompson, Charles L. 3/23/1898 Morris M W Robert Thompson Addie H. Thompson Morris Farmer 6/18/1898 101
Thompson, Clifford 1/9/1901 Lawrenceville M W William Thompson Stella Thompson Cherry St. Brakeman 6/3/1901 159
Thompson, Emaline M. 2/4/1903 Blossburg F W Frank Thompson Elsie M. Thompson Blossburg Fireman 12/11/1903 209
Thompson, Esther V. 2/8/1899 Bradford Co. F W F. H. Thompson Elsie Thompson Sullivan Farmer 6/6/1899 119
Thompson, George 10/28/1897 Lawrenceville M W Wm. Thompson Stella Thompson Lawrenceville Blacksmith 12/22/1898 109
Thompson, Helen 8/25/1894 Deerfield twp. F W Leonard Thompson Jane S. Thompson Deerfield Farmer 1/2/1895 26
Thompson, Helen May 1/24/1905 Clymer F W Bert Thompson Floura Thompson Potterbrook Farmer 9/7/1905 238
Thompson, Herbert 3/27/1894 Antrim M W Alvah Thompson Minnie Thompson Antrim Physician 7/5/1894 16
Thompson, Ila 8/16/1894 Mill St. 3 F W Charles Thompson Rose Thompson Morris Run Log Row 3 Laborer 1/14/1895 31
Thompson, Leah 10/31/1897 blank F W Herman Thompson Elva Thompson blank Laborer 12/13/1897 93
Thompson, Lula 9/20/1900 Deerfield F -- Herman Thompson Elna Thompson Deerfield Laborer 9/4/1901 164
Thompson, Maggie 6/23/1893 Clymer F W E. or C. A. Thompson Emily Thompson Clymer Mechanic 1/26/1894 12
Thompson, Matthew 8/26/1895 Union twp. M W Benj. Thompson Angeline Thompson Union Farmer 1/9/1896 49
Thompson, Olive 1/3/1896 Leetonia So. Elk F W Robert Thompson Anna A. Thompson Leetonia Tanner 9/4/1896 62
Thompson, Viola M. 8/15/1904 Chatham F W Marion Thompson Lena Thompson Chatham Farmer 5/24/1905 232
Thompson, Virgil H. 12/17/1894 Brookfield M W W. H. Thompson Abbie Thompson Brookfield Farmer 1//1895 28
Thornton, ? 4/22/1900 Stevenson St. M W Wm. T. Thornton Ida B. Thornton Stevenson St. Harness maker 5/31/1900 138
Thornton, Velma Gerusha 5/1/1902 Marsh Creek Rd. F W John J. Thornton Mildred D. Thornton Marsh Creek Rd. Farmer 6/2/1902 178
Thorp, Elsie A. 5/7/1903 Rutland F W Lawrence Thorp Lavina Thorp Rutland Laborer 12/8/1903 208
Thorp, Colie 8/15/1898 Rutland M W Wm. Thorpe Jennie Thorpe Roseville Laborer 9/12/1898 106
Thorp, Lettie 2/8/1896 Roseville F W Wm. Thorp Jennie Thorp Roseville Laborer 7/27/1896 60
Thorp, Ross Delos 1/2/1905 Jackson M W Horace Thorp Ada Thorp Jackson Farmer 5/25/1905 232
Thorpe, Ernest H. 11/29/1896 Jobs Corners M W Horace Thorpe Ada Thorpe Jobs Corners Farmer 9/2/1897 82
Tice, Abby 12/21/1904 Sullivan F W H. L. Tice Cora Tice Sullivan Farmer 6/15/1905 237
Tice, Earl 2/14/1900 Sullivan M W H. L. Tice Cora Tice Sullivan Farmer 6/8/1900 140
Tiers, Olive 8/1/1901 Sullivan F W Herman Tiers Satie Tiers Sullivan Farmer 12/27/1901 173
Tiffany, Martha Mariah 1/30/1894 Farmington F W Edson B. Tiffany Frances Tiffany Farmington Laborer 5/29/1894 12
Tillinghast, Clifton A. 4/16/1900 West Jackson M W Chas. Tillinghast Estella Tillinghast Jackson Farmer 6/7/1900 140
Tillinghast, Elmer 12/22/1897 Jackson F W C. L. Tillinghast Estella Tillinghast Jackson Minister 6/9/1898 100
Tillinghast, Herman C. 4/10/1896 Millerton M W Burren Tillinghast Hattie Tillinghast Millerton Laborer 9/7/1896 63
Tillinghast, Howard F. 3/2/1899 Liberty twp. M W M. L. Tillinghast Lizzie Tillinghast Liberty twp. Farmer 6/13/1899 121
Tillinghast, Jesse L. 3/8/1896 Millerton M W Chas. Tillinghast Estella Tillinghast Millerton Farmer 9/7/1896 63
Tillinghast, Jessie 3/3/1894 Jackson F W Buran Tillinghast Hattie Tillinghast Charleston Farmer 1/11/1895 29
Tillinghast, Thomas 6/30/1895 Wm Howe's farm Tioga twp. M W Melvin L. Tillinghast Melissa Tillinghast Wm Howe's farm Tioga twp Farmer 1/13/1896 52
Tillinghast, Wesley Randolph 3/20/1903 Millerton M W C. L. Tillinghast Stella Tillinghast Millerton Farmer 5/29/1903 197
Timburg, Edna ?/11/1901 Arnot F W Gust Timburg Johannah Timburg Arnot Miner 6/6/1901 161
Tinder, Annie 4/21/1897 Cowanesque St. Tioga boro F W Andrew Tinder Barbara Tinder Cowanesque St. Laborer 7/20/1897 81
Tinker, Ethel 11/25/1893 Gaines F W Henry Tinker Jane Tinker Gaines Laborer 12/23/1893 2
Tipple, Raymond P. 11/23/1894 East Charleston M W A. L. Tipple Elida Tipple Charleston Farmer 1/9/1895 29
Todd, Pimly/Pemlia 2/13/1900 Arnot F W Thos. Todd Lizzie Todd Arnot Miner 6/11/1900 142
Tomady, Louise 3/24/1900 Landrus F W Robert Tomady Mary Tomady Landrus Miner 6/9/1900 142
Tomb, ? 10/16/1896 Delmar M W A. P. Tomb Alma Reppard Delmar Laborer 1/20/1897 74
Tomb, Emma J. 3/30/1903 Deerfield twp. F -- J. M. Tomb Alice M. Tomb Deerfield twp. F 9/2/1903 202
Tombs, Hannah 2/16/1905 Deerfield F W J. M. Tombs Alice Tombs Knoxville F 5/22/1905 231
Tome, Marguerite 6/2/1900 Deerfield F W John Tome Alice Tome Deerfield Laborer 9/15/1900 145
Tomlinson, Clifford 10/2/1901 E. Main St. Mansfield M W Fred Tomlinson Bertha Tomlinson East Main Laborer 12/19/1901 168
Tomlinson, Emry Irwin 10/11/1900 Oak St. M W Edward Tomlinson Inez E. Tomlinson Oak St. Laborer 11/16/1900 149
Tomlinson, James Edward 10/17/1896 Summit St. Tioga boro M W Edward Tomlinson Inez E. Tomlinson Summit St. Laborer 7/20/1897 80
Tomlinson, Milford Austin 3/2/1902 Wellsboro St. M W Edward Tomlinson Inez Tomlinson Wellsboro St. Laborer 6/16/1902 181
Tongue, Theodore Roosevelt 2/2/1901 Farmington M W Ray Tongue Lydia Tongue Farmington L 12/18/1901 167
Toplinski, Cecelia 9/27/1896 Leetonia F W John Toplinski Mary Toplinski Leetonia Laborer 12/29/1896 67
Topolski, Sophia 5/6/1899 Arnot F W Chas. Topolski Frances Topolski Arnot Laborer 9/7/1899 123
Tormey, Horton 6/28/1895 Clymer M W Dennis Tormey Louise Tormey Clymer Farmer 8/13/1895 42
Tormey, Irene 11/3/1895 Arnot F W James Tormey Anna Tormey Arnot M 12/31/1895 46
Tormey, Raymond 12/9/1893 Blossburg Main St. M W Benjamin Tormey Mary Tormey Main St. Laborer 7/17/1894 19
Tormey, Winefird 8/7/1893 Arnot F W James Tormey Ann Tormey Arnot Miner 1/12/1894 9
Torpy, ? 2/19 Delmar twp. F W Ralph A. Torpy Katie Torpy Delmar twp. Farmer 2/26/1904 211
Torrence, ? 11/21/1894 Clymer twp. M W Solomon Torrence Lura Torrence Clymer twp. Laborer 1/31/1895 35
Tovey, Samuel 2/11/1899 Arnot M W Geo. Tovey Agnes Tovey Arnot Miner 12/21/1899 129
Tovey, Susan Jenkin 1/10/1894 Arnot F W Geo Tovey Agnes Tovey Arnot Miner 6/26/1894 14
Towendson, Vyra 3/10/1905 South Delmar M W Orra Towendson Mable Towendson South Delmar Laborer 6/2/1905 234
Townsend, ? 12/16/1894 High St. Elkland M W W. T. Townsend Emma Townsend High St. Laborer 2/7/1895 35
Townsend, Almer 5/15/1901 South Delmar M W C. N. Townsend Ruth Townsend South Delmar Laborer 6/3/1901 160
Townsend, Erford L. 9/21/1899 Delmar M W Orra Townsend Mable Lyon Townsend Delmar Laborer 1/10/1900 135
Townsend, Helen W. 8/25/1894 Chatham F W Geo. Townsend Ada A. Townsend Chatham L 1/8/1895 27
Townsend, Nonni or Nouni 9/22/1899 Delmar F W Burt Warriner Alice Townsend Delmar Farmer 1/10/1900 135
Townsend, Ora Grace 9/22/1902 Delmar M W Ora Townsend Mable Lyon Townsend Delmar Laborer 2/7/1903 194
Townsend, Velma 3/10/1905 South Delmar F W Charles Townsend Velma Townsend Delmar Laborer 6/2/1905 234

Townsend, Vyra 3/10/1905 South Delmar M W Orra Townsend Mable Townsend South Delmar Laborer 6/2/1905 [Mother's own name is Lyon]
We can not "correct" errors in the original records.We can only add annotations as footnotes.  If we start changing them, we no longer have a transcription of the original records.

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