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1885 Seven Counties History - Bradford County PA
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HISTORY OF SEVEN COUNTIES presented by the Elmira Weekly Gazette". It is an “Outline History of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO’S AND CITIES.” Written expressly for the Gazette Company, Elmira, N. Y. Copyright 1885.From AN OUTLINE HISTORY of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO'S AND CITIES"


 Leroy township was formed in 1835, taken from Canton.  It is situated in the south-western portion of the county, near the coal mining region of Barclay.  It is bounded on the north by Granville; on the east by Franklin, Barclay and Overton; on the south by Sullivan county; on the west by Canton.  The streams of the township are Towanda creek, and the head waters of the Schrader.  Leroy is quite a thriving village, situated on Towanda Creek.  The northern portion of the township is quite productive, while the southern is hilly and mountainous, reaching into the coal measures.

 The early settlers were Hugh Holcomb, Sterling Holcomb, Eli Holcomb, Seeley Crofut, Dennison Kingsbury, Elihu Knight, George Brown, Joel Bodwell, Capt. Elijah Rice, Joseph Wallace, Welcome Rice, Peter Gordon, Isaac Chaapel, David Andrews, Truman Holcomb, Isaac Wooster, Luther Hinman, Miles Oakley, George Head, Aaron Cook, Timothy Culver, Alpheus Holcomb, David Wooster, Nicholas Gordon, Henry Segar, David Jayne, Loren Kingsbury, Jesse Morse, Orison Royce, Henry Mercur, John Knapp, Jesse Robart, Henry Knowles, Jeremy Bailey, Samuel McCrancy, Ira Crofut.

 --Orison Royce built a distillery in 1802.
 --A hurricane occurred in Leroy, in 1794.
 --Leroy was christened by Ira Crofut, in 1835.
 --The Baptists erected a church in Leroy, in 1855.
 --The Disciples erected a church in Leroy, in 1850.
 --Hugh Holcomb erected the first grist mill, in 1820.
 --The Methodists erected a church in Leroy, in 1857.
 --Deacon Seeley Crofut opened the first store in Leroy.
 --Martin Holcomb was the first white child born in Leroy.
 --Rev. David Jayne taught the first school in the township.
 --The first saw mill was erected by Hugh Halcomb, in 1808.
 --Aaron Knapp was the first Justice of the Peace in the township.
 --Deacon Seeley Crofut organized the first Sunday School in the towns, in 1799.
 --The McCraney settlement was made by Samuel McCrancy and Jeremy Bailey, in 1846.
 --Hugh Holcomb and Elizabeth Oakley were the first couple married in the township, and     Mrs. Holcomb was the first person who died in the township.

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