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1885 Seven Counties History - Bradford County PA
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HISTORY OF SEVEN COUNTIES presented by the Elmira Weekly Gazette". It is an “Outline History of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO’S AND CITIES.” Written expressly for the Gazette Company, Elmira, N. Y. Copyright 1885.From AN OUTLINE HISTORY of Tioga and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins and Schuyler in New York by TOWNSHIPS, VILLAGES, BORO'S AND CITIES"


Tuscarora township was formed in 1830, taken from Wyalusing.  It is situated in the south eastern portion of Bradford county.  Its surface is hilly and uneven, but well adapted to grazing and the dairy.  It is bounded on the north by Pike, on the east by Susquehanna county, on the south by Wyoming county, on the west by the Susquehanna river and the township of Wyalusing.  There are several small lakes in the township, in the highlands, and the streams are Tuscarora, Little Tuscarora and Stephens’ creeks.  The Susquehanna river touches its western border.

The early settlers were Joseph Wharton, Elihue Hall, Elihue Hall Jr., Jacob Gray, D. D. Gray, Thomas Morley, Stephen Beeman, Edward Coggswell, Elisha Coggswell, James Black, Harry Ackley, Jacob Huff, Reuben Shumway, Stephen Bowen, Williank Cling, Daniel Johnson, Jeremiah Lewis, Chester Wells, Oliver Sisson, Julius Coggswell, Joseph C. Town, John Clink, Benjamin Hurlburt, Amos Hurlburt, John Maxfield, Dr. Ebenezer Beeman, Alpheus Crawford, Daniel L. Crawford, David Lacey, Emanuel Silvara, Burrows Dowdney, Abiel Keeney, David Dare, Jacob Huff, Daniel Merritt, Martin Lyon, Moses Rowley, Stephen Richards, Israel Stark.

--The first white child born in the township was Marinda Coggswell, in 1811.
--The First death was Oliver Sission, in 1809.
--Rev. D. D. Gray settled in Tuscarora, in 1815.
--Tuscarora was originally known as “Spring Hill.”
--Ludd Gaylord built the first saw mill in the township, in 1818.
--The first settler of Tuscarora was Joseph Wharton, in 1775.
--Jacob Huff, an early settler, was a soldier in the revolutionary war.
--Elisha Coggswell, an early settler, was a soldier of the war of 1812.
--Rev. John Hazzard was the first resident minister in Tuscarora, in 1818.
--The Lehigh Valley railroad touches the southwest corner of Tuscarora township.
--John Morely and Orilla Coggswell were married in 1816, the first marriage in the township.
--Rev. Bela Coggswell was about fifty successive years pastor of the Free Will Baptist church  at Tuscarora.
--Bela Coggswell an old settler of Tuscarora township, commenced preaching when he was only  sixteen years of age.
--Silvaraville Lodge No. 887, I. O. O. F., was instituted Nov. 11, 1874.  First officer, J. J. Culver,  N. G.; William Christain, V. G.; E. L. Taylor, Sec.
--The township derives its name from the fact that at the mouth of Tuscarora creek, an ancient village of the Tuscarora tribe of Indians existed.
--Silvaraville in Tuscarora township is named in honor of Emanuel Silvara, a native of Portugal. When Silvara was a lad he attempted to smuggle his passage from Portugal to America, was Discovered and sold into service by the captain of the vessel.  After serving three years he came To Tuscarora and commenced life, being scarcely able to speak a word of English.  He Prospered and became one of the prominent citizens of the town.

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