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4 – Troy Gazette-Register, Troy, PA      Thursday, Aug. 4, 1983

A group photo of the Troy Engine & Machine Company employees taken in 1914, loaned to the Troy Gazette through the courtesy of Jack Parsons, formerly of Troy and now of Indian Lake Estates, Fl.

Each person is numbered for identification: 1. David Watkins, 2. Fred Hungerford, 3. Fred Orcutt, 4. Merritt Smith, 5. Lester Kelly, 6. Hubert Rolison, 7. Joe Armstrong, 8. Dan Culp, 9. Emery Goddard, 10. Elisha Guild, 11. Wm. Long, 12. Wilson Weigester, 13. Charles DeVoe, 14. Ray Dunbar, 15. Charles Barrett, 16. Warren Lammy, 17. Joe Neuman, 18. Charles Armstrong, 19. Charles Gilroy, 20. Rant Joralemon, 21. W.S. Miller Sr., 22. Arthur Barrett, 23. Ray Gilroy, 24. Guy Brown, 25. Harry King, 26. Howard Darrow, 27. Dean Ross, 28. Oscar McIllwain, 29. Harvey McKeel, 30. Pat Hooley, 31. Lou Wagner, 32. Dan Truesdale, 33. Tony Orbank, 34. Robert Summers, 35. Robert Weigand, 36. Don Woodworth, 37. Louis Wood, 38. Jay Rumsey, 39. John Woodworth, 40. August Woodworth, 41. Sam Bardwell, 42. Earl Stanton, 43. Willie McGee, 44. Dick Ballard.

Hi Joyce,

My granduncle, Judson C. Elliott (1900-1992), worked at the Troy Engine & Machine Company in the late 1930's to early 1940's. Reportedly, he quit the company because they wanted to turn out large quantities of low quality parts to supply the US government needs for WWII.

Attached to this message is a photo image from the 4 August 1983 publication of the Troy Gazette-Register. The photo image shows the 1914 employees of the Troy Engine & Machine Company and includes a listing of their names.

Paul E. Newell
Ellicott City, MD

May 2009

My cousin Janet Tillotson sent me the following information.  She found it in the Bradford Co. Library

The Troy Glassworks was at the corner of Canton St. and Railroad Ave.  It was a two story wooden building owned by the Case Lumber Co.  It was in business from 1870 to 1890, when it was torn down

The company never made glass, but did etching for other companies.

The building had many overhead belts etc. that must have run machines.  A fairly large area and looked like quite a few workers. (Taken from the post card).

Don't know if you had any or all of this information, but thought you would like to know where it came from.

How is the work at the museum going?

Mack Pierce

Phot submitted June 2009 by Dave Lenington
Postmarked 1908
Interior of  Troy Glass Works
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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