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In the early 1960s, Troy Gazette-Register ran a series of articles called Mystery Farms. Each week they presented a photo and asked readers to identify the farm. In the following week's issue, they identified the farm and wrote a brief article about it.  Marjorie JORALEMON Oldroyd, now of Austinville, saved them all in a scrapbook which we scanned recently. I will present them here, sorted by township where possible. In some cases the Post Office is the only identifier and it may or may not be accurate as to physical location.
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File:  tgrfarm0005 – Ralph Packard

Well, it is the Ralph Packard farm at Windfall, southeast of Cowley Station.

That farm has been in the Packard family for four generations.  Three Packard brothers, Joel, William and Silas traveled from Connecticut many years ago and settled in Bradford County.  Joel located on the site that is now occupied by Ralph and his son, Robert.  It is an interesting note that Silas Packard settled on the land that is now owned by Earl Seeley on Route 14, between Troy and Alba.

Ralph Packard, who has his post office address at Granville Summit, has had the farm for the past 42 years.  Today, he does not farm the property, his son, Robert, taking the active part in tending a Holstein dairy and cultivating with corn, oats and hay 50 of the 137 acres of land.  

Robert has always worked on the farm, helping his father, but in 1953 he became part owner of the farm as his father could no longer take an active part in farming chores. About five years ago an addition to the farm two-story home was made when an apartment was built for Robert, his wife, Mary Lou, and their five-year old daughter, Donna.

Ralph Packard married Irene Packard, daughter of Lewis Packard who lived on the farm site now occupied by Mr. Seeley on Oct. 22, 1913.  There were seven children, Grace Fulmer of Dushore, Donald of Granville Summit, Helen Fleming of Granville Summit, Anna Hafflett of Granville Summit, Rhea Lutomski of Elmira, Lewis of Granville Summit and Robert of Windfall.

Mr. Packard belongs to the Holstein-Friesian Association of Harrisburg and to the Bradford County Farmers’ Association.  Both he and his wife are members of the Windfall Methodist Church.

The Packard farmsite, according to Ralph Packard, was first owned by Joel, then by Jerome, next by William B. and lastly by Ralph, himself.

Those identifying the farm are Don Bruce, Russell Scott, Ray Lyons, Earl Rolison, Besse Secules, Richard Lyons and Gerald Warner of Troy; Arthur Shoemaker and Eugene Rockwell of Granville Summitt; John Weatherbee and Wilbur Morris of Canton; Harold Warner, Harry Packard and Robert Whitlock of Sylvania.

Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 18 AUG  2008
By Joyce M. Tice 
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