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Coal Discovered in Bloss
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Elmira Telegram, 13 May 1917
Coal Discovery in Blossburg
Was Made By Emigrants Who Had Worked In the Mines of England
Built Highway From Williamsport, Pa., To Bath, NY
Where Germans and English Dwelled in Peace

John Hinman, of Brooklyn, NY, who will be remembered by the older residents of Tioga county, as a former resident of Wellsboro, Antrim and Fall Brook, writes as follows concerning the early history of the coal trade in Tioga county:

In 1792, General Williamson, under the immediate supervision of Robert and Benjamin Patterson, caused a road to be built from Williamsport via Trout Run, Block House and Blossburg, down the valley of the Tioga river to Painted Post, NY, thence up the valley of the Concoction to Bath. In the same year these Pattersons, in the employ of General Williamson, conducted a party of 500 German and English emigrants from Northumberland, Pa., to the Pulteney estate in the vicinity of Bath. Among these emigrants were some English miners. These men discovered coal in the mountain within the present limits of Blossburg. These emigrants rested several days at this place and their camp they named Peterís camp.

In 1806, Aaron Bloss removed from Covington, to Peterís camp, the camp made by the Williamson emigrants. Here Bloss built an inn, where he entertained travelers who were coming into the country over the Williamson road between Williamsport and Painted Post. Mr. Bloss opened in a rude way the vein of coal near his inn, that had been discovered by the emigrants that Robert and Benjamin Patterson had brought into the country in 1792. The Bloss inn was situated in the southern part of the present borough of Blossburg.

About this time, a man named Clemmons, who lived about two and a half miles north of the Bloss inn, opened a vein of coal situated in the northeastern part of the present borough of Blossburg. From these small and temporary openings has grown the immense coal trade of the Blossburg section of Tioga county.

The finding of coal at Blossburg, was the great reason for the building the Blossburg & Corning railroad, which was commenced in 1837, and finished in 1840. After the completion of this railroad the Arbon Coal company opened mines on the Clemmons property at Blossburg and began the shipment of coal. In 1843 the mines passed into the hands of William M. Mallory  & Co., and in 1856, Duncan S. Magee became the operator and shipper of this Blossburg coal. Up to this time there had been shipped from these mines, by all parties, 533,745 tons. In 1852, mines were opened at Morris Run. The railroad was extended to this place and coal was shipped from those mines. In 1859 mines were opened at Fall Brook. A railroad was built from Blossburg to that place and the shipping of coal commenced in that year.

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