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Granville Summit Creamery Company

Over the Hill from Pumpkin Center

By Ruth Kinney 1999 (1919 + 80)

This article has nothing to do with Pumpkin Center but thought you would enjoy it anyway

I read an item of interest in the Canton Sentinel’s 80 years ago column 1919 last week as follows: "The Granville Summit Creamery Company has filed a petition for dissolution". This item brought back memories of this little creamery on the corner of the Buckwheat Road and High Bridge Road in Cowley.

According to a note in the book Bits ‘n Pieces by Jean Kittle Kennedy it states that before the Sheffield Milk Station came into being, this little creamery was operating to serve the needs of the farmers in the area. The book states that there was an ice house attached to it. Also that Henry Saxton and Allison Spencer were the butter makers there at one time.

When the creamery was torn down it became an addition on a building on a farm near the high bridge.

I have been reading one of my old scrapbooks 1938-1940. I found an interesting article therein. This clipping was entitled Next Time He’ll Use a Spoon dated March 29, 1940. "Robert Selleck, son of Mr. And Mrs. Martin Selleck, will think twice before he licks off the top of another ice cream freezer."

"A few days ago, Bob was freezing some ice cream out of doors. After the job was finished he started to wash out the top of the freezer. A dab of ice cream clung to the inside and he started to lick it with his tongue. Unfortunately the metal top was so cold that his tongue froze to it. He pulled so hard to get his tongue loose, that some of the flesh tore off leaving Bob with a very sore tongue." Remember, Bob?

In the same scrapbook was an article an old picture of the late Cora Riggs Shoemaker of Cowley who had faithfully written daily entries in her diaries for 61 years. Many will remember hearing of her and have her books.

Another item – dated April 16, 1940: The Hoosier Cornhuskers of WRAK presented a clean, enjoyable entertainment to a large audience at the Church of Christ here last Monday evening sponsored by Class Number Four with the sum of $46.00 realized.

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