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Bradford County Memorial Park, Burlington, Bradford County, PA 
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Bradford County Cemetery Addresses
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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Name Birth Death Comments  
Abbey Grover C. 1886 1960  
  Ina B. 1897 1983  
Aber Allen L. 1947    
  Charlene L. 1949   Marr. Sept. 30, 1967
Aber Daphene J. 1972    
Aber Judd O. 1917    
  Marguerita Ella 8 Feb. 1921 Oct. 1994 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Troy, Pa. Dau. Of Charles and Blanche Roos Makinster.
Abrams Eleanor L. 9 Dec. 1905 O21 Jan. 1998 Born Asylum, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Leonard and Laura Mingos.
Abrams George Duane, Sr. 1943   U.S.A.F. 1961 - 65
  Rita M. 1954   Marr. 1 Sept. 1979
Abrams Leon Dwight 23 Aug. 1924 28-Jul-97 Born Wilmot Twp., Pa. Died W. Burlington, Pa. Twp. W.W.-2 Tec 5 U.S. Army
Acker Mildred G. 16 Apr. 1899 22 Oct. 1984  
Ackley Carl L.  1898 18 Mar. 1976  
Ackley Charles William, Sr. 9 Dec. 1919   5 Apr. 1991 Born Wysox, Pa. Died Towanda Twp., Pa. U.S. Army W.W.-2 Son of Elias and Mildred Scudder Ackley.
Ackley Elias  29 Nov. 1911 17 Feb. 1997 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Son of John and Annie Johnson Ackley.
  Effie M. 4 Oct. 1914 10-Jul-70  
Ackley Harry E. 1912 1955  
  Anna 1918   Name ; Anna Ackley Benjamin
Ackley Mary R. no dates    
Ackley Reed J. 4 Dec 1916` 1 Oct. 1993 Born Towanda, Pa. Died N. Towanda Twp., Pa. W.W.-2 AAC
  Charles W. 1919 1991 Both on same marker
Acla Charles Edward 13-May-16 11-Jul-84 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Son of Robert and Ina Webster Acla. U.S. Army W.W.-2
Acla Delos 1896 1986  
  Emma T.. 1898 1971  
Acla Lawrence I. 1949    
  Ann M. 1949   Married 14 June 1969
Acla  Louis James 8 Apr. 1952 13 Aug. 1976 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Athens Twp., Pa. SP U.S. Army Vietnam
Acla Ulysses J. 26-Jul-14 11 Oct. 1984 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Milan, Pa. W.W.-2 T / Sgt. U.S. Army
Acla William L. 1951    
  Alice no dates    
  Raymond H.  no dates    
Adams Carlos Geo. 1923    
  Margaret E. 1918 1966  
Adams James W. 1888 1975  
  Gertrude S. 1881 1964  
Adams Jay H. 1892 1961  
  Cecile M. 1896 1965  
Adams Kathryn M. 28 June 1895 29 Dec. 1944 Born Pine Grove, Pa. Died Williamsport, Pa.
Adams Ralph W. 7 Sept. 1916 26-May-87 Born died Sayre, Pa. Son of Jay and Cecile Wilcox Adams. W.W.-2 U.S. Army Wife; Nathalie Mitchell Marr. 9 Mar. 1940
Adams Raymond Alva 23 Feb. 1926 20 Dec. 1997 Born Sugar Run, Pa. Died Tunkhannock, Pa. W.W.-2 U.S.N.
Adams Robert C. 23 Mar. 1920 14 Sept. 1991 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Jay and Cecile Wilson Adams. S/Sgt. U.S.Army W.W.-2
  Barbara K. 6 Dec. 1917 7 Oct. 2003 Born Astoria, R.I., N.Y. - Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Joseph S. and Anna Maria Nowotarski Kaczmarshki. Marr. 20 May 1943 at Lottle Church Around The Corner, N.Y.C.
Adams Rughaven 20 Aug. 1897 3 Feb. 1951  
Aderhold John P. 20 Aug. 1897 3 Feb. 1951  
Alber Pauline 24 Aug. 1883 10 Apr. 1961  
Alderson Merle Marie 1923 1959  
  Lewis D. 1923 1993  
Alexander Amos William 9 Apr. 1869 11 Jan. 1951  
Alexander Arthur L. 1881 1968  
  Nettie M. 1887 19 Aug.1958 Died Canton Twp., Pa.
Alexander Clarence C. 1887 1960  
  Ella M. 1887 1967  
Alexander Clifford P. 9 Dec. 1919 16 Jan. 1978 Born Laquin, Pa. Son of Clair and Ella Mae Dibble Alexander. W.W.-2 & Korea T/Sgt. U.S.M.C.
  Ellen M. 1 Sept. 1925 24 Sept. 1999 Born Athens, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Dau. Of John and Susie Harding Nichols.
Alexander Ella May 23-May-05 9 Feb. 1967 Widow of Clair d. 1960
Alexander Erma Aileen 23 Feb. 1905 9 Sept. 1995 Born Carbon Run, Laquin, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Arthur and Nettie West Alexander.
Alexander Fred W. no dates    
  Hannah H. 1899 1963  
Alexander H. VanNess 15 Mar. 1875 11-Jun-62  
  Marion Foster 19 Dec. 1877 13 Dec. 1952  
Alexander Lowell William 12-Jun-17 7 Dec. 1972 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Canton, Pa. W.W.-2 Pa. S 2/c U.S. Navy W.W.-2
  Catherine B. 29-Jul-21 23 Feb. 2001 Born Canton, Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Dau. Of Almon and Anna Campbell Burrl
Alexander Margaret Rice 6 May 1877 5 Oct. 1966  
Alexander Mary L. 1926    
Alexander Ralph R. no dates    
  Elizabeth T. 1904 1991  
Alexander Thomas C. 1884 1958  
  Ora M. 1889 1953  
Alexander Wayland P. 8 Apr. 1910 10-Jun-51 Died Sayre, Pa. Wife; Louise Campbell Parents of 8 children.
Alexander William 9 Apr. 1869 11 Jan. 1951  
Allen Carl Norman 20 Jan. 1935 9 Jan. 1977 Died Miami. Fla. VAMC S/Sgt. U.S. Army Vietnam
Allen Cecil E. 26 July 1892 1-May-73 Born Rome, Pa. Died N. Towanda Twp., Pa. W.W.-1 Purple Heart Son of J. Dorrance and Cora Foeler ? 
  Pheobe Vosburg 1900 1984  
Allen Clyde C. 15-Jul-15 21-Jun-53  
  Mary P.  10 Oct. 1919 30 Oct. 1993 Mary P. Allen Chaapel
Allen Clyde D. 20 Apr. 1934 16-Jun-77 Born Powell, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Rex and Elsie Camp Allen. Corporal U.S. Army 1954 -56 Wife; Dorothy
Allen Cory 1872 1961  
Allen Dale L.  1949 1950 Son of Richard W. and Dorothy Lee Allen.
Allen David Eugene,Sr. 16 Sept. 1946 26 Aug. 1997 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Vietnam Son of Rivhard W. and dorothy Lee Allen.
  Bonnie Douglas 1948   Marr. 20 July 1958 in Towanda, Pa.
Allen Donald Dean 1938    
Allen Donald T. 1918 1980  
  Susie L. 21 Nov. 1917 11 Nov. 1979 Born Terry Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Cameron and Carrie Johnson Gowin.
Allen Emory M. " Red" 15 Feb. 1921 13 Dec. 1999 Born Terry Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Alford and Gertrude Bates Allen W.W.-2 U.S. Army
  Doris 25 Feb. 1918 25 Sept. 1988 Born Athens, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Chester Arthur and Nellie Wheaton Davidson. Marr. 16 Mar. 1943 in Athens, Pa.
Allen George E. 12-May-16 5 Feb. 1960 W.W.-2 
Allen Glen H. 7 May 1894 15 Jan. 1976 Born Evergreen, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Melvin and Jessie Jones Allen. W.W.-1 Purple Heart P.O.W.
  Edna M. 1895 8 Aug. 1962  
Allen Howard Henry 24 Dec. 1924 24 Aug. 2003 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Canada while on vacation. Son of Rex and Elsie Camp Allen U.S. Army 143rd Port Co. W.W.-2
Allen Jean Marie   18 Feb. 1958 Amall marker
Allen Kristina May 1 Jan. 1979 24 Dec. 1986  
Allen Martin James, Jr. 3-Jul-15 13-May-51 Born Burlington, Pa. Died Auburn, N.Y. W.W.-2 U.S. Navy
Allen Nina Epler 22-May-45 13 Sept. 1970  
Allen Paula Nina Howard  18 Sept. 1998   39 yrs. Died Sayre, Pa.
Allen Rex J. 22 Nov. 1891 2 Oct. 1973 Born Jenningsville, Pa. Died Powell, Pa. Son of Corey and Ida Cooper Allen.
  Elsie I. 1 Dec. 1906 13 Dec. 1972 Born Masten, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of William and Mae Clark Camp.
Allen Richard Walter 4 Jan. 1923 13 Sept. 1993 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. W.W.-2 U.S.Navy
  Dorothy J. 1923 1971  
Allen Robert  19 Jan. 1945 5-Jul-93  
Allen Ronald L. " Ron"  12 Oct. 1955 7 Nov. 2001 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Son of Emory M. and Doris f. Davidson Allen. Sgt. Army National Gruad Pa. 1978 - 1995 Persian Gulf.
  Eileen M.     Marr. 30 Dec. 1989 at Saco Road Baptist Church.
Allen Tracy M. 5 Aug. 1878 11 Aug. 1953  
Allen Virginia Edna  17 Jan. 1924 21 Aug. 1995 Born Monroe Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Walter and Clara Benjamin Bennett.
Allen Walker B. 28 June 1877 2 Oct. 1965 Born Wyalusing., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Spanish - American War U.S. Army
  Genevieve W. 1882 1958  
Allis Arthur Elwin 5-Jun-22 31-Jul-92 Born Orwell Twp., Pa. Son of Loren and Ethel Rowe Allis. U.S. Navy W.W.-2
  Gladys M. 24 Apr. 1925 12 Nov. 2004 Born Herrick Twp., Pa. Died Lockwood, N.Y. Dau. Of James and Millie Roof Welliver, Sr.
Allis Carlton Eugene 17 Mar. 1912 30 Jan. 1988 Born Orwell Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Loren and Ethel Rowe Allis.
  Mavis Irene 23 Aug. 1926 10 Feb. 2004 Born Orwell Two., Pa. Died Peachtree, Ga. Dau. Of Manville Paul and Clara Almyra Drake Wilbur. Marr. 29 May 1935.
Allis Janck R. 1938   U.S.Army 82nd. Div.
  Mary Lou 1938    
Allis Kenneth Sidney 5 Aug. 1909 13 Dec. 1974 Born Rome, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. W.W.-2 U.S. Army
  Eleanor H. 19 Aug. 1919 20-Jun-89 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Martin and Elva Tanner McCabe.
Allis Leslie W. 1909 30 Oct. 2004 Died Vestal, N.Y.
  Janeet M. 4-Jun-13 Sept. 1981  
Allis Loren E. 1886 1961  
  Ethel R. 1899 26 Oct. 1971 Died Sayre, Pa. 
Allis Lyndon 18-Jul-11 19 Dec. 1988 Born E. Towanda, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Robert and Maude Smith Allis.
  Martha H 1912   Marr. Martha Hunsinger in Waverly, N.Y. on 29 July 1930.
Allis Robert A. 28 May 1878 31-Jul-63  
  Maude M. 4 Sept. 1879 27 Jan. 1949  
Allis Scott Benton 26-Jul-27 5 Apr. 1978 W.W.- 2 Sgt. U.S. Army
Allis Sharon Lee 26 Oct. 1948 27 Aug. 1954  
Ammerman Leonard C. 9-Jul-00 Aug. 1962 W.W.-2 U.jS. Army 
  Eleanor H. 19 Aug. 1919   20-Jun-89
Ammerman Raymond A. 1903 1977  
Ammerman Vivian A. 21-Jun-33 29 Jan. 1961 Born Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Stewart Rae, Sr .and Emily Rae.
Anderson Charles D. 24 Apr. 1897 12-Jun-65 Born Franklindale, Pa. Died Monroeton, Pa. W.W.-1 U.S. Army
  Edna E. 1892 1964  
Anderson George E. 26 Feb. 1908 13 Mar. 1994  
Anderson George F. 26 Feb. 1908 13 Mar. 1994 Born Fallbrook, Pa. - died Bradford County Manor. Son of Oxel and Jennie Perry Anderson.
  Frances Wright 16 Oct. 1918 26 Dec. 1950  
Anderson Kenneth A. 22 Aug. 1912 12-May-87 Born Laquin, Pa .Died Sayre, Pa. Son of William H. and Llna Johnson Anderson. U.S.A.F. 410 Div. 
  Maria E. 23 Feb. 1912 10-Jul-92 Born Athens, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Peter and Dora Kimble Raupers. Husband # 1 Paul Brinkley d. 1938
Anderson LaVern A. 4 Oct. 1917 18 Nov. 1986 Born Bradford Co., Pa. Died Williamsport, Pa. W.W.-2 U.S. Army
  Blanche H.  1918    
Anderson Oxel G. 1880 1968  
  Jennie P. 1878 1956  
Anderson Perry R. 10 Jan. 1914 29 Nov. 2002 Born Fallbrook, Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Sonof Oxel and Jenny Larson Anderson.
  Frances Chamberlain 1923 2009  Last name Chamberlain Marr. 13 May 1950
Anderson Russell 7 Oct. 1910 1 Oct. 2003 Born Morris Run, Pa. Died Granville Summit, Pa. Son of Oxel and Jennie Barrett Anderson. 
  Margery W. 22 Jan. 1919 Jun-82 Died Granville Summit, Pa.
Anderson Vivian T. 25 Sept. 1921 29 Sept. 1995  
Andrus Abel Mark 29 Jan. 1898 30 Apr. 1968 Born, died Canton, Pa. Twp. W.W.-1
  Amelia D. 1905 1988  
Andrus James L., Jr. 4-Jun-67 5-Jun-67  
  Anita S. 1922    
Apgar Orren E. 12-May-14 7 Apr. 1995 Pvt. U.S.Army W.W.-2
App John Hans 1935 1997  
Aquillo Daniel J., 111 4-Jun-47 14-Jun-05 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Asylum Twp., Pa. Son of Anna Simons Aquillo and late Daniel Aquillo, Jr. U.S. Army enlisted 26 Jan. 1967 Disch. 1 Sept. 1969 Vietnam 
  Mary Apollinio     Marr. 8 Apr. 1972 at St. John's Catholic Church, S. Waverly, Pa.
Arcesi Cathy Lee 31 Dec. 1959 5 Sept. 1977 Dau. Of Robert E. and Lottie Arcesi.
Arcesi Robert Edward 27 Nov. 1936 26 Feb. 1998 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Louis Michael and Virginia Marin Arcesi. Wife; Lottie Vincent Arcesi.
Armitage Margaret  19-Jul-53 14 Feb. 1980  
Arnold Albert B. 20 Mar. 1920 7 Apr. 1984 Born Forkston, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Dewey and Marnie Canfield Arnold W.W.-2 U>S. Army
  Madeline M. 21 Nov. 1926 20 Feb. 1996 Born Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Leon and Claribel Porter Hawthorne.
Arnold Claude Bernard 25 Aug. 1920 24 Feb. 2003 Born S. Litchfield, Pa. - Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Lee Elmer and Edith Blanche Watkins Arnold. U.S. Army W.W.-2 Lt.Signal Corp. Pearl Harbor Survivor. Army Corp of Engineers.
  Jean Dimon 1923   Marr. 10 Dec. 1943 Rome, Pa. Methodist Church.
Arnold Dean F. 1933    
  Lulu B. 6 Aug. 1925 9-Jul-80 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Wallace Daniels. Marr. 11 Oct. 1969
Arnold Dewey H. 1896 Aug. 1959  
  Mamie I. 23 Sept. 1900 10-Jul-77 Born Forkston, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Dau. Of Bert and Frances Hunsinger Canfield.
Arnold Eugene C. 14 Dec. 1925 29 Dec. 1995 Born S.Waverly,Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Dewey and Marnie Canfield arnold
  Julia M. 1914 26 Sept. 1992 Born Big Flats, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau.of Charles and Emma Jean Lund Myers.
Arnold Fay L. 1910 Jun-64  
  Ruth 19-Jul-10 12 Oct. 1997 Born Rienzi, TerryTwp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Elwood and Myrtie Huffman Wells. Marr. 10 Dec. 1930 in Homer, N.Y.
Arnold Harold C 1919 1962  
  Marion P.  1919    
Arnold L. Harvey 24 Apr. 1901 25 Aug. 1983 Born Warren Center,Pa. Died S. Waverly,Pa. Son of Charles and Eunice Adams arnold.
  Helen Louise 13-May-04 8 Feb.1981 Born Almuchy, N.J. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Jacob and Nellie Howe Crone. 
Arnold Zella E. 12 June 1889 30 Dec. 1963 Born Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Sherman and Marie Bennett Isbell.
Atkinson Annie F. 16 May 1879 12 Aug. 1963  
Auge Edgar Eugene 24 Oct. 1874 11 Sept. 1972 Born Penna. Died Waverly,N.Y. Son of David and Sarah Auge.
  Stella E. 1901 1970  
Aumock Charles L. 29 Jan. 1905 9 Jan.1975 Born Ulster, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Wayland and Mary A. Aumick
  Bessie S., wife      
Austin Nathan H. 7 Nov.1904 1Apr. 1989 Born Union Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Heart attack. Son of Steven and Lophella Zittle Austin.
  Dorothy R. 14 Aug.1904 Mar. 1994  
Ayers Bessie S., wife 1900 1960  
Ayers Douglas J. 15 Jan.1920 20 Feb.2004 Born Monroeton, Pa. Died Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Sonof Rudolph and Nina Kennedy Johnson. W.W.-2 U.S. army
Ayers Edith K. 26 Mar. 1914 4-Jun-01  
Ayers Edsell L. 6 Aug. 1924    
  Catherine Marie 16-Jun-27    
Ayers Gerald Wilson 24 Jan. 1918 3 Feb. 1991 Born W.Franklin, Pa. Died Owego, N.Y. W.W.-2 veteran.
  Jeanette L. 19 Apr. 1915 10-May-99 Died Myrtle Beach, Fla. Marker reads 1915 - 1999 dates are from SSDI
Ayers George W. 1895 1957  
  Ella E. 1899 1982  
Ayers Kenneth L. 1920   Brother
  Irene F. 9 Jan. 1925 15-May-88 Sister Born Orwell Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of George W. and Ella Powers Ayers.
Ayers Leleand E. 1924    
  Ramona M.  1929 1985 Marr. 24 Jan. 1948
Ayers Leonard E .21 Apr. 1889 7 Aug.1962  
  Lula E. 8 June 1889 16 Sept.1948  
Ayers Lisa Marie 30 Dec. 1966 18 Mar.1969  
Ayers Lora Kay 8 Jan.1960 29 Dec.1965  
Ayers Mark L.   14 Nov.1973 80 yrs. Died Troy, Pa. 
Ayers Merrill M. 6 Feb.1912 14 Mar.1997 Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Leonrad and Lula Selleck Ayers.
  Florence P. 3 Oct.1912 3 Oct.2004 Born Gillett, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Dau. Of David and Frances Havens Watson.
Ayers Robert M. 14 Dec.1932 28 Oct.1948 Son of Merrill M. and Florence P. Ayers.
Ayers Sheryl Marie 1 Nov.1946 20-Jul-53  
Ayers Vincent E. 16 Oct.1918 20 Mar.2003 Born Fairview, W. Burlington Twp, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Son of Leonard Eugene and Lula Selleck Ayers. Wives; Ethel Mullen d. 9 Ja.1977 # 2 Sarah J. Losey 73 yrs. D. 16 Mar.2000 Towanda, Pa. Husband # 1 Charles Losey.
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