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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Name Birth Death Comments
Babbit Ruth E. 1913 1999
Baby Boy Chris 6-Jun-55 Next to Maynard and Eloise Hawley
Bachman Clyde M. 1910 1954
Bona Lou Nov. 8, 1940 Feb. 3, 2001 " Daughter"
Backer Lyle A. 4-Jun-86 died 4 June 1986 Died Waverly, N.Y.84 yrs.
Wilma D. 14-Jun-76 Died 6/14/1976
Bacon Arhtur B. 1898 1976
Alta M. 16-Jun-03 1 Nov. 1992 Born Franklindale, Pa. Died Towana Twp., Pa.( marker says b. 1902 )Dau. Of Till and Jessie Green Young.
Bacorn Gregory J. 3 Mar. 1956 5-Jun-74 Died auto accident. Born Towanda, Pa.Son of Vernon and Marjorie Chase Bacorn.
Bacorn Marjorie C. 2-Jul-24 15 Oct. 1994
Bacorn, Merton L. 1926
Edna M. 1922 Marr. 5 Mar. 1960
Badger Edna L. 19 Apr. 1928 15-Jul-88
Badger Mildred 24 Mar. 1906 19-May-84 Born LeRaysville, Pa. Died Montour Falls, N.Y.Dau. Of Ernest and Myrtle Herman Tinklepaugh.
Badger Robert E. 11 Dec. 1891 23 Aug. 1961 Pvt. Co. F, 138th Div.W.W.-1
Baglini Berdinando " Fred" 11 Feb. 1883 2 Feb. 1979 Born ItalyDied Sayre, Pa.
Amelia 1885 1966 Amanda Marianeti
Baglini Joseph A. 21-Jul-21 26 Nov. 1974 Born Sayre, Pa. Died in train accident, Waverly, N.Y.Son of Fred and Amelia Melani Baglini.W.W.-2U.S. Army
Ermalinda "Linda" 7 Oct. 1922 18 Dec. 1999 Born Naples, ItalyDied Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Carlo and Conchetta Giardi.Immigrated 54 yrs. Ago as a bride.
Bailey Alice 1936 1990
Bailey Brenton F., Sr. 1903 1983
Marlea Pepper 1913
Bailey Charles H. 15 Jan. 1918 26 Nov. 2004 Born Harrisburg, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Hervey and Nellie Bailey.U.S.Army W.W.-2
Phyllis M. 1921 Married 57yrs.
Bailey Clarence A. 17 Sept. 1906 28 Mar. 1988 Born Austinville, Pa. Died Elmira, N>Y. Son of William and Bertha Wilson Bailey.
Sarah Mildred 15 Jan. 1909 3 Jan. 1987
Bailey David N. 1920
Nora Jane . 24-Jun-31 25 Feb. 2004 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda Twp., Pa. Dau. Of John and Nora Campbell Brannaka.Marr. 3 June 1949 Standing Stone, Pa. at home
Bailey Delphine L. 30-Jul-23
Bailey Eleanor Marian 17-Jun-27
Bailey Francis C. "Tony" 1910 1985
Vivian C 1-Jun-16 5 Mar. 1984 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau.o of Boyd and May Young Camp.
Bailey Frederick G. 11 Mar. 1933 12 Nov. 2003 Born Terry Twp., Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y.Son of George and Lillian Vanderpool Bailey.Former wife Eleanor prededed .
Bailey Galen R. 1919 2005 U.S. ArmyW.W.-2
Beulah 19 Jan. 1923 16 Nov. 1993 Born Binghamton, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Howard and Faith Horton Murphy.Marr. 4 June 1948 Elmira, N.Y.
Bailey Jacob J. 12 Nov. 1863 25 Feb. 1952
Bailey Lawrence M. 1910 1957
Henrietta M. 30 Nov. 1912 8 Nov. 2000 Born Bungy, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of Thad Roy and Lola Roby McClure. [Sullivan Township, Tioga County - Elk Run]
Bailey Lloyd W. 1932
Carrie R. 6-Jul-28 16 Nov. 1982 Born Herrick, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Roy and Nina Mabel Wells Roof.
Bailey Lincoln 1902 1975
Nellie 1908 2000
Bailty Newton W. 2 Sept. 1905 9 Oct. 1948
Bailey Nora June 24-Jun-31 25 Feb. 2004 Wife of DavidN. Bailey, Sr.b. Sayre, Pa. Died Towana Twp., Pa.Dau. Of John and Nora Campbell Baranka.Marr. 3 June 1949 Standing Stone, Pa.
Bailey Philip R. 1969 1977
Diane M. 1970 1977
Donna L. 1972 1977
Jennifer 1975 1977
Bailey Raymond Albert 18 Apr. 1926 12 Apr. 2003 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Lincoln Bailey and Nellie Finnerty Bailey Morse.W.W.-2U.S. ArmyPurple Heart, Bronze StarWife; Ellen Morse Bailey
Bailey Ronald 22 Sept. 1958 8 Sept. 1980 Born Granville Summit, Pa. Died Rome Twp., Pa. Auto accident.Son of Fred and Eliza Vanderpool Bailey.
Bailey Ronald I. 1938
Rose M. 1948 Marr. 11 June 1965
Bailey Russell B. 1 Apr. 1943
Barbara A. 24 Mar. 1942 Marr. 21 Nov. 1961
Bailey Roberta June 13-Jul-32 14 Dec. 1984 Born N. Orwell Twp., Pa. Died Plant City, Fla.Dau. Of August G. and Ethel Viola Seargent Mosier, Sr. Wife of Thomas Bailey.
Bailey Philip Robert 1 Aug. 1969 3-Jun-77
Diane Marie 13 Dec. 1970 3-Jun-77
Donna Louise 15 Feb. 1972 3-Jun-77
Jennifer Ann 15 Feb. 1975 3-Jun-77 All children of Mr.& Mrs.William Bailey. All died in house fire in Towanda, Pa.
Bailey William C., Jr. 15 Sept. 1921 21 Dec. 1993 Born Snedekerville, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Willilam C. and Bertha L.Wilson Bailey
Lola Louise Acla 1923 1952
Janice Ford Bailey May-55 wives
Bailey William N. 1869 1961
Bakely Joseph L. 2 Mar. 1919 14 Dec. 1990 Pfc. U.S. ArmyW.W.-2
Ella G. 21 Dec. 1931 2-Jul-00
Baker Arthur L. 26 Feb. 1926 4 Oct. 1996 Born, died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-2Sgt. U.S.Army
Doris Reese 22 Feb. 1923
Baker Boyd W. 1897 1975
Lena M. 1894 1967
Baker Fred A. 1904 1976
Nina G. 21 Apr. 1913 26 Nov. 2003 Born Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Raymond and ada Carrington Brennan.
Baker George Richard 5 Feb. 1930 27 Dec. 2000 Born Wysox, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Son of Orin Howard and Clara Belle May Baker
Evelyn Ann Kerrick Marr. 10 Jan. 1965
Baker Gerald E. "Jerry" 6 Mar. 1932 22-May-97 Born, died Waverly, N.Y.Son of Lyle and Wilma Springer BakerU.S. Navy veteran
Shirley Wright 1934 Marr. 29 Apr. 1955
Baker Harry Robert 5 Apr. 1908 17-May-85 " Bogie" born, died Towanda, Pa. Son of Joseph and Margaret Tate Baker.W.W.-2U.S. Army
Charlotte S. 12 Apr. 1908 7 Apr. 1996 Born Monroeton, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. of Homer and Emma Haines Smith.Marr. 18 Jan. 1947 Towana, Pa. Universalist Church, by Rev. Lyman Achinbach.
Baker Lyle A. 14 Mar. 1902 4-Jun-86 Born Lodi, N.Y. Died Waverly R.D., N.Y. Son of Sam and Celissa Porter Weeks.
Wilma B. 2-Jun-10 14-Jun-76 Born, died Waverly, N.Y.Dau. Of Emmett and Ina Belles Springer.
Baker Nina B 21 Apr. 1913 26 Nov.2003 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Raymond and Ada Carrington Brennan.Widow of Fred a. Baker d. 6 Nov. 1976
Baker Orrin Howard 9 Jan. 1896 8 Sept. 1967 Born Rummerfield, Pa. Died Towanda Twp., Pa. W.W.-1U.S. ArmySon of William and Nellie Frisbie Baker.
Clara May 1901 1979
Bakker Cornelius 1867 1962
Anna Lodder 1883 1971
Baldauf Lillian H. 5 Jan. 1895 2 Dec. 1978 Baon Canobi, New Brunswick, Canada Died Troy, Pa. Wifeof Jack d. 1962
Bakley Joseph L. 2 Mar. 1919 14 Dec. 1990 Born Lynch, Ky. Died Sayre, Pa.Pfc. U.S.ArmyW.W.-2
Ella G. 21 Dec. 1931 2-Jul-00 Born Silvara, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Vincent and Jennie Farr Owen, Jr.
Ball Frances Green 19 Feb. 1929 27-Jul-95 Born Rome, Pa. Died Wysox, Pa.Dau. Of Charles and Mary Darwina Barnes Green.
Ballard Kenneth R. 1928
Dorothy K. 1932 12 Feb. 2005 Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Leon Thomas and Gladys Dunbar Kinch.Marr. 24 June 1950
Ballard Ray M. 16 Oct. 1909 25-May-84 Born W. Burlington, Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Son of Harry and Grace Peters Ballard.
Elsie 9 Oct. 1908 11 Sept. 1990 Born W. Burlington, Pa.Dau. Of John and Nettie Whipple McKean.Marr. 27 Oct. 1927
Balmer Wallace L. " Pete"1925 29 Mar. 2003 Died Elmira, N.Y.U.S. navyw.W.-2U.S.S. LaPrde 409 Destroyer Escort.
Grace 1924 Married 60 yrs.
Gary R. 4-Jun-52 23 Mar. 1957
Barber Earl 1928 2004
Lula May 1924 1991
Barber John M. 1903 1973
Flora E. 1905 1974
Barber Lawrence M. 28 Sept. 1937 1 Sept. 1992 ATR 3U.S. Navy
Barber Paul E., Sr. 11-May-39 4-Jun-84 U.S. ArmyPvt. Korea
Barber Raymond V., Sr. 5-May-21 22 Aug. 1995 Born Lyan, Pa. Died Montoursville, Pa. W.W.-2U.S.Navy
Neva M. 1918
Barber Rex B. 12 Sept. 1891 8 Sept. 1950 Born Lovelton, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.W.W.-1Pa. Pvt. 103Eng. 28th Div. U.S. Army
Barber Robert B., Jr. 15 Mar. 1951 3 Apr. 2004 Born Montour Falls, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of John and Flora Winas Barber. " Life partner" Linda Lanney
Barber Thomas L. 17-Jul-64 21 Oct. 2003 On marker of Bessie Grace
Barber William C., . 16 Oct. 1929 14 Oct. 1982 Born Springville, Pa. Died Sayrre, Pa. Son of John and Flora Winas Barber.
Caroline " Carrie" 1934
Barbier Jane 4 Oct. 1944 8 Feb. 1999 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Harry E. and Mary Zink Walter
Barbur Bonnie Lou 1952
Barbur Donna M. 30 Mar. 1940 27-Jun-80
Barbur Harold E. 11 Mar. 1934 28 Sept. 1995
Patricia Weed 26 Oct. 1931
Barbur Lawrence Melvin 28 Sept. 1937 1 Sept. 1992 Born Birchardville, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.U.S.N. Peacetime.Son of Rexford and Mildred Tinklepaugh Barbur.
Phyllis Chamberlain Marr. 16 yrs.
Barbur Lisa M. 12 Feb. 1962 1 sept. 1963
Barker Theodore R. 1906 1962
Barlow Richard S. 19 Aug. 1939 1 Apr. 2004 Born Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Died Covington, Pa. Son of Joseph and Doris Carpenter Barlow.
Phyllis Rogers 1991
Barnes Alice J. 1917 1983
Barnes Helen M. 28-May-02 8 Nov. 1996 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor. Dau. Of James and Clara Fox Dixon.
Howard L. 1897 1953
Barnes Irma 3 Jan. 1917 25 Apr. 1986 Born Litchfield, Pa. Died Saye, Pa. Dau. Of Orlo and Lena Vosburg Johnston.
Barnes Ned S. 1891 1970
Edna K. 1896 1963
Barnes Thelma R. 12 Dec. 1927 15 Feb. 1966
Barnum Paul T. 15-Jul-41
Ada M. 17 Feb. 1934
Barnyak Stephen 12 Dec. 1906 18 Feb. 1972
Barrett Duane L. 9 Apr. 1934 24 Oct. 1996 Born Burlington Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Sonof Lloyd and Dorothy Barrett.
Mary Catherine 1920 2005
Barrett Herbert 1918 1966
Hortence R. 1903 1997
Florence 15 Dec. 1904 15 Dec. 1904 dates ?Dau. Of James and Elvira Williams Hemenway.
Barrett Robert C., Sr. 13-Jul-10 29 Nov. 1978 Born, died Troy, Pa. AreaSon of Hiram and Amanda Sherman Barrett.
Ethel F. 21-May-14 19 Jan. 1991 Born Sullivan Twp., Pa. Died Trooy Twp., Pa. Dau. Of William and May Benson Wood.Marr.18 Nov. 1930
Barrowcliff Baby Boy 1963
Vincent Edward 21 Nov. 1965
Barrowcliff George A. 1-May-06 19 Dec. 1991 Born Laceyville, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Heart attack.Son of Harvey and Alice Adams Barrowcliff.
Rose A. 30 Dec. 1911 7 Sept. 1998 Born Sciota Vale, Pa. Died Laporte, Pa. Dau. Of Burt and Pauline Baker Adams.
Harvey, son 11 Sept. 1938 29 Nov. 1958
Barry Mary C. 8-Jul-20 20 Apr. 1991 Born Ridgebury, Pa. Died Gainesville, Fla.Dau. Of John and Nora Conkley Clinton.Wife of Floyd
Barton Leslie Cecil 1910 1975
Barton Racie M. 1892 ( S.S.D.I. Says born 31 Mar. 1892 Died June 1982 from the Sayre, Pa. Area.)
Bartlow Donald Edward, Sr. 16 Jan.1933 14 Oct.1999 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Milan, Pa. Heart atack.Son of Arthur I. And Evelyn Chilson Bartlow.U.S. army KoreaPurple HeartWife; Charlotte Anne BartoMarr. 16 Jan. 1954
Barton Dennis E. 30 Nov.1957 29 Nov.1979 SP4 U.S. ArmyVietnam marker
Barton George E 1932
Dolores V. 1933
Barton Sherie Ann 24 Jan. 1972 small marker
Barton George L. " Skip" 9 Sept.1940 13 aug.1976 crushed to death under fire truck.Son of Leslie c. and Mary StropeBarton.
Barton Leslie Cecil 24 Sept.1910 1-May-75 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Leslie and Racie Scribner Barton.Wife; Dorothy
Barton Racie M. 31 May 1892 30-Jun-82 Born Jenningsville, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of George and Phoebe Myers Scribner.
Bassett Nancy May 10 Apr. 1947 11 Apr. 1997 Born Leroy, Pa. Died Hershey, Pa. Dau. Of Newton May and Audrey Dunn Swain.Marr. 32 yrs. To Larry Bassett.
Bassett Patricia A. 14 Oct. 1934 Patricia A Gustin BassettWife of Robert Louis
Bassett Robert Louis 23-May-33 2-Jun-73 Born Ralston, Pa.S/Sgt. Korea & vietnamU.S.M.C.Son of Carl Bassett.Has serenity pledge on marker.
Bata James 9 Jan. 1916 6 Jan.1990 Born Gainesville, Mo. Died N. Towanda Twp., Pa. W.W.-2 AACserial # 18186815
Margaret L. 1931
Baumunk Brian James 18 Feb.1966 19 Jan.1969
Baxter John " Jet" P. 6 Feb.1932 25-Jul-96 Born , died Sayre, Pa. Son of Peter and Dorothy Morse Baxter.U.S. NavyKorea
Wilda Rae 14 Feb. 1930 31-Jul-89 Born Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of William and Sarah Welliver Simons.
Beardslee Cynthia 4 Jan.1957
Beatty Edgar L. 30 Aug.1908 31-Jul-85 Born S. Waverly, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Jacob E. and grace Gilkey Beatty.W.W.-2T/5 U.S. ArmyWife; Nadine Thompson
Beatty Ernest E. 16 Dec.1919 26 Jan.1975 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of Jacob E. and Grace Gilkey Beatty.
Beatty Marcia E. 26 Sept.1938 31 July, 1987 Born, died Waverly, N.Y. Dau. Of Charles and Mildred Rowe Vogel.
Beatty Jacob E.. 21 Feb.1923 30 Nov.1980 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Jacot E. and Leona Gilkey Beatty.Pa. Pfc. W.W.-2
Leona June 12 Apr.1930 11-Jun-03
Beatty Jacob E.. 1886 1965
Grace 1886 25-Jul-61 Born Halsey Valley, N.Y.
Beatty Marcia Elaine 1938 1987
Beatty Robert T. 14 Apr.1925 24 Dec.2001 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Son of Jacob and Grace Gilkey Beatty.U.S. aRmyW.W.-2
Marjorie Jean 25 Aug.1922 10 Jan.1990 Born Owego, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa.Married in Owego, N.Y.
Beatty William 8 Dec.1926 T/5 U.S.Army
Alice L. 8-May-26
Beatty William H. 10 May1869 16 Feb.1961
Beauman Mary Chapman 1915 2001
Beck Laura A. 1898 1962 next to Philip H.
Beck Leon V.N. 3-Jun-12 7 Jan.2000 Born George School, Newtown, Pa. Died Englewood, Fla. Son of Henry and L. Ida Dimming Beck.W.w.-2U.S. ArmyWife; Ruth H. Brunner predeceased him.
Joyce Hewitt 29 Oct.1927 14 Mar.1982 Born Springfield, Delaware Co., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.Artist of some renown.
Beck Philip H. 1901 1975
Bedford Herbert R. 3-Jun-10 24 Dec.1983 Born Eldersville, Pa. Died Canton, Pa. Son of Oscar and Martha Sabins Bedford.Wife of 32yrs. Irene Shadduck.
Beebe Neva May 7-May-31 18 Jan.2003 Born Monroe Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Raymond and Diana Platt Martin.Husband. Of 53 yrs; Henry O.Beebe.
Beeman Dale 6-Jun-37 12 Jan.1998 Born Edinger Hill, Bradford Co., Pa. Died Uniondale, Pa. Son of Nolan and Helen Otis Beeman.
Beeman Dixie 20-Apr-05 1998
Beenam Nolan C. 18-Mar-05 1962
Helen O. 18-Mar-05 1964
Beeman Wayne H. 30-Mar-05 26 Mar.2002 Born, Athens, Pa. Son of Forest and Minnie Hrarned BeemanAAC
Gayle Cooley 4-Apr-05 1990
Beers Arthur C., Sr. 10-Jun-40 6-Jun-87 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of John and Naomi Cox Beers.
Beers Carl E. 4 Sept.1900 20/21 ? Dec.1976
Lucy 15 Nov.1898 24 Aug.1988 Born South Branch, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Dau. Of J.H. and Abi Northurp Hartford.
Beers Carl R. 13-Mar-05 21-May-05
Mary E. 16-Mar-05 10-May-05
Beers James P. 5 Mar.1928 8 Dec.1999 Born Addison, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Howard and Susie Beers.
Virginia I. 14 Aug.1923 14 Oct.1992 Born Athens, Pa. Died Athens Twp., Pa. Dau. Of Harry and Sarah Collins Kitchen.Marr. 45 yrs.
Beers John Melvin 15-Jul-15 12 Feb.1999 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Son of Emerson H. and edith Mae Eike Beers.
Naomi 20 Feb.1915 8 Jan.1995 Born Powell, Pa. Died Ulster, Pa. Dau. Of John and Grace Watkins Cox.Marr. 20 June 1935
Beers Richard D. 14-May-61 30-May-61
Beirdall Jesse E. 1-May-30
Shirley J. 20 Feb.1935
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