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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski.
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Belcher Lisa Mae 9-Jun-65 20 Sept. 1965
Belcher William W. 12-May-12 11-Jun-76 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Athens, Pa.Son of James and Emma Walter Belcher.
Mildred 9 Feb.1914 18 Dec.1987 Born Athens, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Edward and doris Kinney Smith
Belles Ernest W. 1827 1952 Cpl. 350th Inf.
Belles Lizzie Belle 7 Aug. 1885 19 Nov. 1950
Bellows Kelsey, Jr. 3 Mar.1916 15 Oct.1984 Born Wysox, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Kelsey and Margaret Chaapel Bellows.Tec 5 U.S. ArmyW.W.2
Mary 25 Jan.1922 27 Aug.1994 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Frank and Caroline Virnola Corie.Marr. 23 Feb.1946 in Towanda, Pa.
Bellows Lawrence Melvin 9 Apr. 1908 19 Apr.1987 Born Wysox, Pa. Died Laporte, Pa. Son of Kelsey and Margaret Chaapel Bellows.
Bellows Margaret D. 20-Jun-38 12-Jun-50 Born Wysox, Pa. Died Sayre,Pa. Lived with g-parents, Mr. And Mrs. William Pond.Mother Evelyn Bellows. Parent;Evelyn Bellows
Bellows Roger L., Sr. 12 Sept. 1939 4-Jul-94 Born, died Sayre, Pa.Son of Bill and Dorothy Allen Bellows.
Eunice Hamm 1937 Marr. 36 yrs.
Benedict Albert 1917 1989
Benedict Henry Earl 15 Mar. 1886 19 Jan.1981 Born Canton, Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Son of Henry J> and Jennie Shakespeare Benedict.
Beulah Washburn 1891 1963
Benedict Robert W. 26 Nov.1923 12 Nov.1985 Born Canton Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Earl and Beulah Washburn Benedict.
Benjamin Anna Ackley 1918
Benjamin C. Edward 1909 1953
Eleanor M. 1915 1955
Benjamin C. Edward 19 Nov.1995
Ernestine 19 Dec. 1911 7 Sept.2004 Born Pike Twp., Pa. Died Tunkhannock, Pa. Dau. Of Jesse and Edith Groover Edsell.Marr. 25 Nov.1957
Benjamin Boyd L. 1914 1987
Benjamin Clara 11 Nov.1912 14-Jul-87 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Troy, Pa.Dau.of Frank and Mabel Rockwell Putman.Husband, Bill d. 1974
Benjamin David LaVern 20 Mar.1937 6-Jul-86 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Boating accident." Penguin" born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Charles E. and Lora Howe Benjamin.U.S.A.F.Korea
Benjamin Deborah Ann 10 Nov.1959
Benjamin Edgar R. 5 Oct.1946 3 Apr. 1982 car - truck collision.Son of Charles E. and Laura Howe Benjamin.Marr. Winona Cook 14 Nov.1964 in Towanda, Pa.
Benjamin Elias 1907 1980 W.W.-2 marker
Norma M. 1918
Benjamin Ernestine E. 1911
Benjamin Freddie N. 25 Aug.1916 27 Dec.1980 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-2Pfc. U.S.Army
Benjamin Glen M. 3 Aug.1894 2 Apr.1989 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Son of Melvin and Katherine Johnson Benjamin.
Elma 28 Feb.1900 2 Apr. 1989 Born New Albany, Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Dau. Of Ervin and Ava Vanderpool Johnson.
Bnjamin Gordon R. 1924 1980
Donna J. 1926
Benjamin Harry C. 11 Dec.1938 29 Sept.2000 Born Liberty Corners, Pa. Died Wysox, Pa. Son of Charles E., Sr. and Lora Pearl Howe Benjamin.
Dorothy 1940 Full name; Dorothy Edsell Bomboy Benjamin.
Benjamin Ira Joseph 28 Dec.1906 21-May-69 Born Rummerfield, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. W.W.-2U.S. Army
Ethel Margaret 1911 29 Jan.1967 Died Sayre, Pa.
Benjamin Joseph 1912 1980
Louise S. 1903 1987
Benjamin Kenneth E. 4-Jun-35 14 Mar.1996 Born Albany Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Norman and Margaret Bristol Benjamin.
Mollie Vanderpool 1938
Benjamin James C. 1966 1988 ON marker with Edgar R.
Benjamin Jerome D, Jr. 21 Sept.1957 5 Sept.1981
Benjamin Joseph 1912 1980
Louise S. 1903
Benjamin LeRoy 1910 1979 W.W.-2 veteran
Benjamin LeRoy 5 Jan.1832 10 Oct.1914 Civil WarU.S. Army( VA list of veterans for Bradford Co.
Benjamin Lewis 1902 1994
Benjamin Mary C. 24 Dec.1906 2 Oct.1997 next to Pete E.
Benjamin Norman W. 1890 1952 Beside him; Margaret Bristol Shaffer
Benjamin Pete E. 26 Mar.1914 19-Jun-57
Benjamin Ralph 1891 1972
Rebecca 25-Jun-00 18 Dec.1983 Born , died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Charles and Hannah Ackley Johnson.
Benjamin Robert W., Sr. 15 Dec.1933 27 Dec.1991 Born Sayre, Pa. Died N. Towanda Twp., Pa. SP3 U.S. ArmyKorea
Gloria F. 28 Mar. 1932 28 Dec.2004 Born Wyalusing Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau.of Joseph and Ruth Stethers Russick.
Benjamin Theodore Ulysses 17 Nov.1924 5 Dec.1961 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Pfc. HDQS Co. 2nd. Batt. 169th Inf. W.W.-2U.S. Army
Benjamin Thomas Duane 10 Aug.1952 19-Jul-99 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of Charles, Sr. and Lora Pearl Howe Benjamin.SP4 U.S. ArmyVietnam
Bennett Boyd L. 2-Jun-14 26 Mar.1987 Born New Albany, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Frank and Nellie Bennett.
Bennett Charles A. 16 Apr.1918 13 Mar.1998 Born Rome, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Floyd William and Isabelle Carlin Bennett.
Mary I. 30 Mar.1926 6 Apr.1997 Born Rome Twp., Pa. Died Windham Twp., Pa. Dau. Of John Ivan and Laurena Ann Brenchley Gillette.Marr. 26 Apr. 1946 in Nichols, N.Y.
Bennett Clara M. 24 Nov.1898 27 Dec.1976
Bennett Delos C. 14-Jun-12 24 Aug.1998 Born Spring Hill, Pa. Died Litchfield Twp., Pa. Sonof Howard I. And Lena LaFrance Bennett.
Mary F. 12-May-13 29-May-00 Born Scranton, Pa. Died Litchfield, Pa. Dau. Of Micharl and Mary Daugherty Riley.Marr. 8 June 1935 in Towandaa, Pa.
Bennett Donald W. 1898 6 Apr.1958
Lola Belle 3 Mar.1903 17 Apr.1999 Born Ctlin, N.Y. Died Penn Yann, N.Y.Daau. Of fred and Lena Barrett DeMunn
Bennett Edgar 24 Ooct.1896 24 Apr.1969 Born New Albany, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.W.W.-2Medical Corps.
Margaret D. 1900 18 Feb.1967 Born Snedekerville, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
Bennett Frederick O.,Jr 12-May-52 18 Sept.1998 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Son of Frederick O. and Mamie Chilson Bbennett, Sr.Marr. Carol Johnson on 6 July 1985 Wysox, Pa. Presbyterian Church.
Bennett Frederick O., Sr. 1925 only date
Mamie D. 1930 only date
Bennett Joel S. 1-Jun-17 17-May-67 Born Terry Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of William and Bertha Barber Bennett.
Hazel Carpenter 1908 beside Bobby J. Carpenter 1940 - 1965
Bennett John Gillette 9 Apr.1947 19 Apr.1971 Born Waverly, N.Y. Died Ft. Bragg, N.C. while in service. Sgt. U.S. Army Vietnam
Bennett John T. 1926
Helen I 1928 1989
Bennett Phyllis R. 28-May-51 14-Jul-52
Bennett Robert A. 18 Nov.1922 2 Aug.1970 Born New Albany, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Frank and Nellie Gowin Bennett.W.w.-2U.S. Army 2nd. Hvy.Mac.Gunner(marker sayd d. 1989, my info from obit )
Marian 26-May-14 31 Oct.2003 Born Towanda, Pa. Twp.Dau. Of Raymond and Mazie House Wilbur.Marr. 4 Sept.1933 in Monrieton, Pa.
Bennett Robert Lincoln 19 Feb.1926 13 Dec.1998 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Jacksonville,N.C.Son of Donald and Lola Munn Bennett.U.S. Army veteran.Wives; Doris Virginia Easson, Susan Murningham, both pred.
Bennett Sterling Frederick 10 Mar. 1926 13 Dec.1951 Born Monroeton, Pa. Died Towanda Twp., Pa.W.W.-2 veteran.
Benninger Francis 1017 1989
Loretta 1915
Benton Beth Louise 7 Feb.1960 1 Oct.1973 Died Ulster Twp., Pa. Dau. of John Benton
Benton Jean Ethel 21-Jun-1921 20 Oct.1994 Born Brooklyn, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. of John C. and Jean Ayers Larson.Pvt. U.S.M.C.W.R. from 1943 - 44
Benton Wilmina B. 16 Apr.1889 22 Sept.1958 Died Athens Twp., Pa.
Berry Floyd J., Jr. 29 Oct.1946 8 Feb.1967 Pa. LCPL Co. M, 3BN 26U.S.M.C. VietnamKilled in action
Mary C. 8 July19200 20 Apr.1991 Died Citra, Fla.Dau. Of John and Nora Coakley Clinton.
Berry Howard A. 10 Feb.1961 29 Mar.1997 Born Newton, N.J. Died Reading, Pa. Auto accidentSon of Charles Wayne Berry and Jeanette Marie Chamberliin.
Besley Justyn D. 6-May-1985 7-May-1985 1 day. Old. Died Elmira, N.Y. Son of Kathleen Besley.
Betts Noble N., Jr. 13 Aug.1917 18-May-1995 Born Twoanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Noble, Sr. and Dorothy Passage Betts.Wife; Jean and baby son pred.
Winifred L. 1918
Bevacqua Frank 1917 1996
Catherine 1946 1964
Bevacqua Joseph A. " Joe" 2 Dec. 1943 24 Dec.2001 Born Passiac, N.J. Died Rome Twp., Pa. Heart attack.Son of Rose Vitale Bevecqua and late Frank Bevacqua.Chief of N.E. PoliceWife; Mary " Kathy" Reilly Bevcqua.
Bevan Paul T. 19-May-08 18 Feb.1952
Beyer Edward G. 1905 1976
Elizabeth R. 1904 1981
Bidlack Baby Boy 1954
Bidlack Floyd J. 11 Nov.1895 10 Nov.1976 Born Litchfield Twp., Pa. Died Wysox, Pa. Auto accident.Son of Daniel and Pheobe Doty Bidlack.
Pauline 26 Aug.1906 10 Nov.1976 Born Laceyville, Pa.Died in accident.Dau. Of Harvey and Alice Adams Barrowcliff.
Bidlack Guy H. 28 Jan. 1914 23 Feb.1975 Born Ghent, Pa. Died Ulster Rd, Pa. Heart attack.Son of George and Ida Baxter Bidlack.MMU.S. Navy W.W.-2
Charlotte W. 1912 1999 Marr. 12 Oct.1932
Bidlack Raymond Arthur 9 Dec.1927 26 Aug.1995 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Monroeton, Pa.Son of Clatyon and Hazel Fice Bidlack.U>S. NavyU.S.A.F.
Donna M. 1937 2005
Bidlack Robert C. 9 Dec.1937 4 Nov.2004
Mary Alice M. 1929
Bidwell M. Virginia 10 Apr. 1924 Wife of Gerald
Biegun Gladys L.R.N. 16 Dec.1921 7 Dec.1959
Billingsley Emerson T. 23 Oct.1915 24 Aug.1987 Born Gilboa, Ottowa, Ohio - Died Troy, Pa.W.w.-2AAC
Margaret D. 1919
Billingsley Nellie C. 1883 1977
Billingsley Robert W. 2 Oct.1913 1-Jul-1994 Born Leipsic, ohio Died Troy, Pa. Son of Tarley and Nellie Billingsley.
Virginia 29-Jul-1920 24-May-2004 Died Bradford County. ManorDau. Of Charles and Edna Jennings NanNoy.Marr. 5 Aug.1943
Billingsley Samuel M. 23 Nov.1907 7-May-1978 W.W.-2Pfc. U.S.Army
Billingsley Tarley E. 1881 1963
Binford Adrain M. 1914 14-Jun-97 Born Troy, Pa.
Althea S. 1915 Married 58 yrs.
Bird Arthur Judson, Dr. 11 June1871 9 Mar.1960 Born Millview, Sullivan Co., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.W.W.-1U.S. Army Capt. Medical Corps.Sonof Mr. & Mrs. John K. Bird.
Ethel M. 2 June 1893 26 Nov.1990 Born Central, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of James Merritt and Anna Klinger Comstock.( Marker says b. 1898 my info from obituary )
Bird Hoaard E. 28 Sept.1908 8-Jun-1989 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of Joseph and Rebecca Bird.
Bird Joseph H. 1873 1956
Rebecca L. 1878 1965
Birdsall Kate 9 Feb.1873 10-Jul-1955
Oscar 15 Nov.1867 18 Aug.1949
Birdsall William E. 11 Nov.1895 10 Sept.1980 Born LeRoy Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Son of Frank and Nellie Crawford BirdsallU.S. ArmyW.W.-1
Hazel A. 11 July1899 20 Aug.1981
Birdsall Willam F. 15 Nov.1925 22 Dec.1995 Born Powell, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Willie and Hazel Landmesser Birdsall.Cpl .U.S. ArmyW.w.-2Purple Heart, 4 Bronze Stars
Birney Joseph J. 6-May-1912 2 Aug.1975 Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Alexander and Lula Kenebel BirneyT / Sgt. U.S. Army1941 - 45Wife; Esther not located.
Bish John Henry 1916 16-Jun-68
Cleone " Connie" 16 Aug.1915 2 Oct.1998 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor of Cancer and Alzheimer's disease.Dau. Of John and Cora Fowler Allen.Marr. 10 Apr. 1938
Bixby John Henry 1916 16-Jun-1968
Cleone " Connie" 14 Aug.1915 2 Oct.1998 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor of Cancer and Alzheimer's disease.Dau. Of John and Cora Fowler Allen.Marr. 10 Apr. 1938
Bixby Harold Leslie 30 Mar.1910 11 Mar.2003 Born Alfred, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Elmer and Charlotte Perry Bixby.
Margaret " Peg" 27-Jun-07 6 Mar.1984 Born Wellsville, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of Lewis and Sarah Hughes Foster.Marr. 11 June1932 Belvedere, N.Y.
Bixler Clair Sprugeon 26 Dec.1913 1 Dec.1983 Rev. Bixler born Manheim Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of George and Irene Zepp Bixler.
Beatrice 1916 Beatrice Bush marr. 29 June 1943.
Blair F. Rolla 1884 1977
Laura A. 1888 1967
Blanchard Roy R. 1898 1976
Gertrude A. 1912 1988
Blaney Elouise 17 Nov.1932 14 Apr.1990 Born Canton, Pa. Died Arkansas Pass, Tx.Dau. Of Delos and amelia Denkenberger Raplee.
Blaney Floyd, Jr. 6-May-1927 31-Jul-1970 N.Y.S/1c U.S.Navy W.W.-2
Blaney Floyd J., Sr 1904 1980
Viola M. 15 Oct.1906 12-Jun-1983 Born Southern, Pa. Died Elmira, N.Y.Dau. Of Harry and Veronica Scott Tuning.
Blaney Harry Dale 15 Apr.1930 30-Jul-1985 Born Canton, Pa. Died Elmira, N.Y.Son of Floyd and Viola Tuning Blaney.
Sharon L. Hall 1945 8-May-1984
Blaney Raymond Arthur 6 Jan.1907 6 Dec.1982 Born Morgantown, W.Va. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Frank and Mollie Burler Blaney.
Evelyn I. 14 Nov.1911 17 Jan.1999 Born Canton, Pa. Died Ticonderoga, N.Y.Dau. Of Anson and Maurde Willeim Page.Marr. 54 yrs.
Blend George V. 13 Sept.1881 7 Jan.1950
Pearl 7 May1887 12-Jul-1963 Born Wyalusing, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
Blend Raymond M. 13 Oct.1903 7-May-1968 Born Bernice, Paa. Died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-1 Pvt. Trp. A, 16th Cav.U.S. Army
Blokzyl Riek 16 Jan.1923 29 Aug.2003 Born Winsum, Netherlands, Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Rolef and Terje Zerever Scholma.
Henry 7 Aug.1912 3 Aug.1979
Bloom George W. 3 Aug.1911 26 Sept.1990 Born Barre, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa. Twp.Son of George And Hannah Elizabeth cook Bloom.
Pauline Evans 1921 1978 Married 25 Feb.1942
Blow Arhur L. 1924
Eleanor M. 1925
Blow David C. 4-Jun-1933
Helen E. 16-Jun-1938
Blow Earl Lawrence, Jr. 6-Jun-49 19 Oct.1955 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y.Son of Earl Lawrence and Edna Joslyn Lawrence.( name like this in obit. )
Blow Earl L. 10 Jan.1929 28 Oct.1961
Blow Henry M. 3 Nov.1917 8-May-1984 Born Smithfield Twp., Pa. Died Ulster Twp., Pa. Son of Percy and Elizabeth Rosengrant Blow.Tec/ 4cU.S.ArmyW.W.-2
Ruth 12 Apr.1933 8-Jun-1997 Born Bronx, N.Y. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of Karl and Freda Bucholz Rockl.
Blow Mary Jane 14-Jul-45 20-Jul-1960
Blow Michael Lllewellyn 28 Feb.1947 14 Mar.1993 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Terry Twp., Pa.VietnamSP5U.S.Army
Blow Robert J. 14 Nov.1919 26 Sept.2002 Born Ulster Twp., Pa. Died Athens Twp., Pa. Son of Perry and Elizabeth Rosengrant Blow.W.W.-2U.S.Army
Helen R. 28 Feb.1922 23 Sept.1998 Born Troy, Pa. Died Athens, Pa. Dau. Of Eugene and Sophia Lamb Luckey.
Bloy Roy T. 22 Apr.1938 29 Jan.2003
Blow Roy Thomas 5-May-1960 10 Aug.1975 " Little Tom"
Blowers George S. 31 Dec.1917 4 Apr.1985 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Ralph M. and Flora Mae Benjamin BlowersW.W.-2 veteran
Wanda Helice 16-Jun-1922 30-Jul-2000 Born Deposit, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. of Earle and Mary Rhode Perry.Marr. 2 Sept.1946 Lakeside, Pa.
Blowers Ralph E. 1949 Vietnam 1969 - 1973
Linda M. 1950 Marr. 23 Aug.1969
Bluhm Henry E. 1888 1968
Charlotte H. 1896 1977
Bly Rodney W. 17 May1884 14 Mar.1952
Cora M. 30 June1890 26 Apr.1977
Boatman Brace Claudius, Sr. 27 Mar.1909 9 Dec.1993 Born Sonestown, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.Son of C. Edward and Ida Mae Rea BoatmanWife; Elise Smith 1911 - 1 Oct. 1971# 2 Barbara McCracken d. 1979
Bockas George H. 1907 1983
Bessie L. 1905 1993
Bodine Leslie Arcesi 14 Jan.1965 24 Aug.2003
Bodine Melden C. 21 Nov.1903 23 Jan.1984 Born Big Flats, N.Y. Died Troy, Pa. Son of Bert and Emma Robinson Bodine.
Lucile A. 7-May-12 18 Jan.1994 Died Troy, Pa.Dau. Of Frank and Bertha Darrow.Marr. 51 yrs.
Bogutaski Sharlene M. 5 Jan.1924
Bogataski Thomas 4 Feb.1957 16 Apr.1968
Bolster Floyd Sheldon 13 May1897 25 Feb.1969 Born Cohocton, N.Y.W.W.-1U.S. Army
Leona Mae 13 Dec.1905 14 Aug.2001 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of William and Nettie Kennedy Kimball.
Bolt Charles Thomas 22-Jul-32
Janice G. 13 Mar.1934
Bolt Christopher Arthur2 Jan.1968 19 Mar.1969
Bolt Patricia L. 6 Oct.1941 17 Sept.1976
Boltman John J. 15 Aug.1897 1 Dec.1986 Born Brooklyn, N.Y. Died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Herman and Catherine Dufficy Boltman.Death certificate info.
Bonnell Candis Cecilia 12 Dec.2000 11 Mar.2002 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Danville, Pa. Dau. Of Robert L., Jr. and Jennifer M. Kipp Bonnell, Jr.
Bonney Raymond R. 1889 1977
Bertha M. 20 Nov.1890 31 Oct.1994 Born Liberty Corners, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of William and Ella Rundell Barnes.
Borg John O. 3 Aug.1909 2-Jul-70
Nellie Mae 7 Aug.1909 7-Jul-01 Died Roseville, Pa. Dau. Of Willard and Fannie Gott Alexander.
Borg Marguerite 1917 1994 Marguerite Smith Borg
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