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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Borgeson Betty D. 1 Apr.1929 9 Nov.1984 Born, died Troy, Pa. Dau. Of Edward and Lettie Luckey Borgeson.
Borgeson Julie Ann 1968 1977
Borgeson Thomas N. 1935
Agnes W. 1939 only date on marker
Bornyak Stephen 12 Dec.1906 18 Feb.1972
Bortle Gordon T. 20 Dec.1919
Alice C. 5 Apr.1921 30 Nov.2003 Born Evergreen, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Mason and Gladys Rogers Hibbard.Marr. 60 yrs.
Bortle Pauline E. 18 Apr.1908 22 Jan.1968
Vernon P. 23-Jun-1904 20 Sept.1991 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Valencia, Ca.Son of Albert and Pearl Vorhis Bortle.Norfolk Navy Yards during W.W.-2
Bostwick George H. 1882 27 Dec.1951 Died Luther Mills, Pa. Wife; Elizabeth M.
Boughton Charles I. 1924 W.W.-2Pfc. U.S.Army
Esther C. 1923 Married 24 Sept.1966
Bourne Winfield S. 1903 1980
Elizabeth G. 16 Nov.1910 15-Jul-2003 Born Bradford Co., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.Jess and Leda Ward.
Bouse Frederick C. 24 Sept.1896 7 Sept.1970
Bouse George Fuller 25 Sept.1918 25-May-1997 Born Spring Laake, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Lee and Ellen Fuller Bouse.U.S. NavyW.W.-2Wife; Lola Jean Chapman Bouse
Bouse Kenneth, Jr. 5-Jun-51 31 Jan.1999 SP 4U.S. ArmyVietnam
Bouse Kenneth, Sr. 2 Nov.1920 24 Feb.1997 CM 3 U.S. NavyW.W.-2
Bouse Leo E. 30 Apr.1893 9 Oct.1952
Ellen F. 31 May1891 9 Nov.1971
Bouse Marian L. 17 Nov.1930 29 Sept.2000 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Smyrna Beach, Fla.Dau. Of John Vosburg and Anna Sill.
Bouse Kenneth Warren, Sr. 2 Nov.1920 24 Feb.1997 Born Liberty Corners, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Leo and Ellen Fuller Bouse.W.W.-2U.S. Navy Seabees
Bouse Ralph E. 1927
Helen M. 1928
Bovier Donald " Dutch" 10 Aug.1911 1 Dec.1992 Born Burnside, Pa. Died Towanda Twp., Pa. Heart attack after hunting.Son of Bernard and Anna BouchVovier
Norma J. Ellis 1929 Married 39 yrs.
Bovier Paul E. no dates
Bower Charles Summer 19 Dec.1905 25 Jan.1970 Born Penna. Died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Arthur Bower and Elaine Rifenburg.W.W.-2N.Y. Pfc. SVC Comd. UnitU.S. Army
Bower Donald " Dutch" 1911 1992
Norma J. Ellis 1929
Bower Lovina Mae 7-May-01 3-May-1965
Bowman Arhur L. 1913 1968
Bonnie J. Quinn 1923
Boyce Raymond D. 16 Sept.1935 15-May-1993 Born Dannemora, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Sonof Clayton and Hazel Dunn Boyce.A 2/c U.S.A.F. PeacetimeWife; Ruby
Brace Frank S. 18 Oct.1867 15-May-1953
Hattie M. 23 Mar.1872 22 Jan.1951
Brace Laura E.Discenza 1923 5 Feb.1977 Died Elmira, N.Y.
Brace Lou A. 1901 1972
Gertrude J. 27 Mar.1903 2-Jul-92 Born Berrytown, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Sidney and Delphine Elliott.
Brace Laurin L. 1923 2000
Infant dau. 25-Jun-1972
Brace Reid L. 1898 27 Feb.1966 Born Springfield, Pa. Died Mosherville, Pa.
Pauline C. 1900 1993
Bradley Carol J. 1 Jan.1934 13 Nov.1962
Brainard Lunen F. 5-Jul-1922 2 Aug.2003 Tec 4, U.S ArmyW.W.-2
Brainard Truman F. 5-Jul-1922 3 Oct.2003 Born Halsey Valley, N.Y. Died N. Towanda, Pa.U.S. Armyw.W.-2Tec. Sgt.
Barbara Wolff Marr. 52 yrs.
Brannaka John H. 1892 1960
Nora C. 1899 1979
Brecher Alois J., Jr. 15 Mar.1910 18-Jul-81 Born St. Mary's , Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-2U.S. Navy
Doris L. 1923 1986
Brecher Alois J., Sr. 1883 1965
Frances J. 1887 1972
Brecher Larry Joseph 28-Jun-1949 5-Jun-1962
Brehmer Robert Henry 3 Apr.1927 4-Jun-1981 Born Wisner, Neb. Died Wildwood, N.J. heart attack.CM3 U.S. NavyW.W.-2Wife; Marie Cook
Brenchley J. Edward 1910 1999
Elizabeth J. 29-May-13 28 Jan.2002 Born Williamsport, Pa. Died Laporte, Pa. Dau. Of Earl and Margaret Reiter Jefferson.Marr. 22 Feb.1936
Brenchley Wallace B. 1878 1956
Nora C. 1888 1971
Brennan Elizabeth H. 1-Jun-1911 24 Jan.1971 next to Robert E." In loving memory "
Brennan Raymond 28-May-1915 27-Jul-1976 Born Towanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of C. Raymond and Ada Carrington Brennan.U.S. Army 21yrs.Disch. 11 June 1946U.S.A.F.July 3, 1949 retired as Capt. 29 Aug.1960Smithsonian named a rare shell in his honor, after he found it.
Brennan Robert E. 14 Nov.1909 11-Jun-80 GM 2 U.S. Navyw.W.-2
Brennan Robert W. 18 Apr.1954 16 Apr.1959 Son of Robert and Elizabeth Brennan.
Brethern John F. 16 Sept.1876 2 Nov.1952 Born CanadaDied Sayre, Pa. Son of Thomas and ann Hopkins Brethern.
Ida B. 6 Mar.1884 29 Sept.1958 Died Ulster Twp., Pa.
Brewer Fred H. 1892 1964
Blanche D. 1893 1962
Brewer Blanche L. 9 Dec. 1912 12-Jun-84 Born Lopez, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.Marr. # 1 Marvin Wentz who d. Mar. 1973Blanche marr. John H. 19 Oct.1973
Brian John Robert 10 Apr.1919 7-Jul-56 Born Brockwar, Pa. Died Armenia Twp., Pa.W.W.-2Pvt. 704th TNG Co.AAC
Briggs Ray M. 31-May-1928 12 Apr.1999 Born Waverly, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. U.S. NavyW.W.-2 & KoreaSon of Ray and Margaret Middaugh Briggs.
Nellie Price 24 Mar.1928 23 Aug.2000 Born Wilmot Twp., Pa. Died Laporte, Pa. Dau. Of Benny and anna Washburn Watkins. Married 50 yrs.
Infant son Ray, Jr. 10 Mar.1950 2 Aug.1950
Brink Robert J. " Hank" 10 Oct.1917 9-May-03 Born Potterville, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Sonof Robert L., Sr and Cloie Cole Brink.
Geraldine J. 1917 1993
Brink Joyce 20 Sept.1945 2 Dec.1983 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Athens Twp., Pa. Auto accident.Dau. Of Edward and LaVerna Pierce Mahoney.
Bristol Benjamin B. 1 Apr.1887 10-Jun-59 W.W.-1Pa. Pvt. 13 Reg. FA Repl. DraftU.S. Army
Bristol Richard G. 26 Mar.1922 4-Jul-98 Born W. Burlington, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Sonof Leon and Rossa Vannoy Bristol.W.W.-2U.S. Army
Gladys Wagner 1922 Married 14 Oct.1942
Stewart F. 12-Jul-1924
Mildred M. 16 Aug.1935
Broschart Bernard J. 1895 1973
Nellie M. 1894 1984
Broschart Carl J. 1929
Marie J. 1932 1973
Broschart Helen M. 1915 second name plate on marker has been removed.
Brookens Shirley J. 29-May-46 21 Aug.1997 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Ithaca, N.Y. Dau. Of Edward and Johnson and late Helen Isabell Rose Kirkendall Johnson.
Brown Alfred Eugene 11 Mar.1924 25 Sept.1987 W.W.-2Cpl. U.S. Army
Hilda D, R.N. 2 Apr.1928 marker reads; Decker Twin B to Anna D. Reeve Decker, Twin A.
Brown Baby Girl 30-May-67 3 das.Dau. Of Carlton Brown, Jr.
Brown Barbara G. 7 Mar.1961 28-Jun-83 Born Towanda, Died Georgia.SP4 U.S. Army Peacetime.Dau. of Morris E. and Erdean Bedford Brown.
Brown Bertha M. 23 Sept.1915
Brown Berton O. 1924
Betty A. 1920 1994
Brown Carl Edward 12 Feb.1927 25 Sept.1984 Born Johnson City, N.Y. Son of Clarence and Alice Sibley Brown.SC3 U.S. Navy W.W.-2Wife; Vione " Bonnie" HibbardMarr. In Athens, Pa.
Brown Dayton A. 1918
Marcia E. 1920 1995
Brown Donald F. 15 Oct.1949 6-Jul-66 Died Troy, Pa. Son of Warren Brown.
Brown Dorothy M. 22-Jun-11 13-Jul-05 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Towanda area.
Genevieve M. 6 Nov.1907 19 Nov.1996 Daughters of Fred L. and Mary Warriner Brown.
Brown Edwin Keller 1918 31 Oct.1989
Kathaleen Estella 22 Mar.1920 29-Jul-01 Born Kinkle, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Charles and Florence Hoover Kraus.
Brown Francis Gardner 13 Apr.1894 11-Jun-76 Born E. Smithfield, Pa. Died Milan Twp., Pa. Son of Welles and ella Bennett Brown.
Theresa Bailey 1898 28 Feb.1968
Brown Hazwl Smith 28-Jun-1908 12 Nov.1973
Brown Helen E. 7 Apr.1922
Brown Harold L. 1918 1971
Betty M. 1928 2000
Brown Henry N. 29 Oct.1909 24-Jun-82 Born Laceyville, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Oliver and Eva Newman Brown.W.W>-2U.S. Navy Seabees.
Bernice 2 Oct.1921 21 Feb.2000 Born Windham Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Miles and Mildred Merrill French.
Brown Howard Ray 24 Oct.1919 29 Oct.1990 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Son of Francis and Abbie Kent Brown.W.W.-2U.S. Army 16th Div.
Brown Howard Ray, Jr. 1944
Joyce L. Newton 1938
Brown Irvin O. 1895 1964
Margery H. 1897 1983
Brown John Ray 2 Dec.1961 27 Mar.1992 Born Troy, Pa. Died Selinsgrove, Pa.Son of Ray and Alice Mingos Brown.SP 4U.S. Army 1984 - 87
Brown Karen Melissa 26-May-1967 30-May-1967
Brown Kenneth E. 20-Jun-49 2 Aug.2004 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Homet;s Ferry, Pa. Wyalusing Twp.Son of Vionne " Bonnie" Hibbard Brown and late Carl Edward Brown.
Margery H. 31 Jan.1941
Brown Lawrence Francis, Jr. 20 Oct.1911 22-Jun-76 Born Meryall, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Of cancer.Son of Frank S. and Angie Kent Brown.SN U.S. NavyW.W.-2
Jennie Viola 14 Apr.1916 Jennie Viola Heath Brown, Born Tiptop, Pa. Dau. Of Charles Adam and Lilian Dell Benjamin.Marr. 16 Aug.1937 Waverly, N.Y.
Brown Margery H. 29 Apr.1897 14 Oct.1983 Born Springfield, Twp., Pa.Died Troy, Pa. Dau. Of Levi and Sophronia Dubert Williams.
Brown Morris E. 1929
Erdean M. 16 Mar.1931 10 Aug.2005 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Liberty Corners, Pa. Dau. Of Charles H. and Hazel Rogers Bedford.Marr. 14 Apr.1956 in Canton, Pa.
Brown Thomas E. 1955 1998
Brown Warren J. 1923
Mildred M. 1926 1972
Brown Walter D. 1927
Mildred R. 1926 1927
Brown Willard Bennett 14 Aug.1921 11-May-96 U.S. NavyAPM 3
Brown Wilma Jean 11 Sept.1923 1-Jun-97
Browning Douglas Mason 19 Nov.1945 22 Apr.1971 Born ,died Sayre, Pa.VietnamU.S. Army
Bruce Harold M. 1931
Alice M. 1934 30-May-03 Died Lewes, Del.
Bruce Robert R. 1922
Mary E. 1923
Bruce Roy L. 1891 1965
Nina B. 1900 1964
Bruer Alois H. 1911 1981
Elizabeth 1916
Brungess Joyce S. 3 Nov.1991 67 yrs.Husband of 32 yrs. Richard a. brungess, Sr.
Bryan George F. 1910 1972
Sara E. 1908 2000
Buchanan Clyce M. 1910 1954
Buck Elson H. 25 Nov.1919 24 Feb.1996 Born LeCounty Mills, Pa. Died Canton Twp., Pa. Son of Fred C. andJeanetta I. Kyler Buck.
Ella Mae Green Mar. 1921
Buck Fred C. 1894 1964
Jeanetta L. 1898 1969
Bick Kenneth E. 8 Mar.1946 4 Feb.1993
Mark D., Jr. 16-May-49 22 Apr.1950
Buckley George R. 1912
Helen L. 1914 1997 Marr. 9 Nov.1935
Budman R. Paul 30 Oct.1981 Born Unityville, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Sonof William D. and Estella Brown Budman.
Virginia M. Rice 1917 Marr. Granville Summit, Pa. On 1 Jan.1938
Budrow Charles R. 24 Oct.1918 4-May-91 Born Killean, CanadaDied N. Towanda, Pa. W.W.-2U.S. Army
Frances M. 1919
Buffington Eugene J. 26 Jan.1924 8 Oct.1996 S 1/c U.S. NavyW.W.-2
Bukas M. Patricia 22 Aug.1935 24 Aug.2000 Born Aarville, N.Y. Died Wysox Twp., Pa. Dau. Of Joseph and Isabel Wierzbewski Bukas.
Bulkley George R. 1912
Helen L. 13 Feb.1914 9 Apr.1997 Born Endicott, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Ben and Edna Brenchley Crain.Marr. 9 Nov.1935 at Presbyterian church, Elmira, N.Y.
Bull Donald Malcolm, Jr. 19-Jul-73 child marker
Bull Malcolm R. 1926 1994
Dorothy M. 1927
Bump Clatyon Eugene, Sr. 7 Sept.1924 9-Jul-94 Clayton, Sr.Born, died Towanda, Pa. Son of Paul and Blanch Capwell Bump.Pfc. U.S. ArmyW.w.-2Former wife; Gladys Mansfield Bump.
Bump Floyd L. 15 Oct.1925 8 Aug.2004 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Sonof Paul O. and Blanche Capwell Bump.W.W.-2Pfc. U.s. Army Inf.
Anna A. Vanderpool 1928
Bump Richard Henry 8 Nov.1986 19 Jan.1987
Burgess Gary Keith 20 Feb.1950 3-Jul-79 A 1/c U.S.A.F.Vietnam
Burgess John C. 1909 1985
Stella R. 1903 1976
Burgess Richard A., Sr. 14 Aug.1928 Son of Ira and Mary Barrett Burguess
Joyce Stevens 1924 3 Nov.1991 Marr. 32 yrs.
Burgess Ruby Edith 31-Jul-1907 1 Mar.1996
Burgess Tammy Sue 20 Aug.1980 25 Aug.1980
Burleigh David William 29 Nov.1924 3 Jan.1956 W.W.-2 veteran
Burleigh George L. 3 Mar.1898 26 Sept.1979 Born Powell, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of George B. and Sara Jennings Burleigh
Ethel R. 1897 6 Feb.1979 Ethel Hunsinger
Burleigh Glenn H. 25 Nov.1918 22 Dec.2003 Born Burlington, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Sonof George and Ethel Hunsinger Burleigh.( Marker says 1918 - 2005 , my info from obit.
Marjorie H. 1917 Marjorie Brethern Burleigh marrked 16 Jan.1943 in Ulster, Pa.
Burleigh Lee D. 9 Aug.1921 3 Sept.2002 Born W. Burlington, Pa. Son of George L. and Ethel Hunsinger Burleigh.
Ella Mae Campbells1923 Married 60 yrs.
Burleigh Mildred W. 27 Mar.1917 16 Oct.1974
Burlingame Deverne L. 9 Oct.1910 24 Mar.1990 Born E. Smithfield, Pa. Died Athens, Pa.Son of Allie and Cora Broen Burlingame.
Florence 17 Mar.1910 4 Apr.2003 Born Jennington, W.Va.- Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of Charles and Beulah Knecht Simpson.Married 60 yrs.
Burlingame Harold E. " Jake" 14 Aug.1932 18 Jan.1985 Born E. Smithfield, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Delos and Marian Depew Burlingame.Pvt. U.S. ArmyKorea." Mother of children< Jean Burlingame "
Burlingame Joseph W. 24-May-1956 14 Feb.1971 Next to Willard L.
Burlingame Kenneth W. 14 Jan.1917 27 Nov.1981 Born LeRaysville, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. W.W.-2Pfc. U.S. Army
Patricia Jones 1923 U.S. Cadet Nurse1943 - 45
Burlingame Marion F. 15 Nov. 1920 5 Dec.1998 Marion F. Angle PotterBorn Wyalusing, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Frank and Edna Armstrong Angle.Husband # 1 Joseph Potter d. 7 Sept.1944, # 2 Willard Burlingame d. 29 Mar.1980
Willard L. 13-May-12 29 Mar.1980 next to Joseph W.
Burns Edward Vincent 1-May-23 1 Feb.1995 Born Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Harry and Irene Carson Burns.U.S. ArmyW.W.-2772 Bomb. Sq. and 463 Bomb Sq.U.S.A.F. - Korea
Beulah Wheeler 1928 Married Andrews Air Force Base, Md. On 10 Nov.1950
Burnside Edward L. 1931
Phyllis M. 1939
Burnside James J. 1933 1954 Killed in action in Korea
Burnside John H. 1904 1965
Anna O. 1908
Burnside Oliver T. 20 Apr.1947 13 Mar.2003 Born Chester, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Anna Radle Burnside and late John Burnside.
Burr Almon P. 1880 1963
Anna M. 1886 1961
Burr Francis Lorimer. 21-Jul-1924 14-Jun-1973 Cox 1U.S. Navy
Burroughs Joe O. 1895 1968
Laura S. 1895 1982
Bush William H. 1886 1971
Emma 12-Jul-66 Born Evergreen, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. 75 yrs.Dau. Of Charles and Florinda Springer Hakes.Marr. 24 Oct.1912
Butcher Charles W. 30 Apr.1947 23 Dec.1966 U.S. Navy emblem
Butcher Harry A. 1915 23 Oct.2003 Born Daggett, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Son of Henry and Ruby Smith Butcher.
Margaret I. 1919 Married 65 yrs.
Butcher Roger Dale 19 Oct.1954
Butters Baby Girl 21 Oct.1957 22 Oct.1957 Born, died Waverly, N.Y.Dau. Of Eugene Edwin and Alice May Bailey Butters.
Butters Michael James. 4-May-66 15-May-90 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Hazelton, Pa. Son of Frank Eugene and Nancy Butters Mingos.
Butters Rebecca Vivian 25 Apr.1956 6 Jan.1957
Deborah Sue 21 Oct.1957 22 Oct.1957
Button Francis J. 1910 1960
Mollie C. 1915
Byrd Joseph, Rev. 1910 1992
Dorothy Taber 26-May-1912 12 Mar.1988 Born Barlow, W.Va. Died Bradford County Manor.Marr. 25 July 1935 in Barlow, W.Va.
Byron James P. 1894 1977
A. Theresa 1894 1980
Byron Violetta K. 14 Apr.1910 26 Oct.2004 Born Toledo, Oh.-Died Towanda, Pa .Dau. Of Frankand Kathryn Feldhauer Gomersall.
Edgar S. 1910 Married 14 Nov.1931
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Hi Joyce... [January 2008]
Kenneth W Burlington was buried in Bradford County Memorial Park.  According to your Cemetery Listing on the Website his name is spelled Burlingame by mistake.

-Kevin Arnold

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