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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Cahill John P. " Jack" 15-May-26 25 Dec.2004 Born Mildred, Pa. Son of Thomas and Mary Shovlin Cahill.U.S. NavyW.W.-2
Edith L. 30 Jan.1926 25 Mar.2004 Born Laquin, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of Carl and N Lucy Hartford Beers.Married 12 Apr. 1947
Calkins Leo P. 1922 1993
Jane A. 1924
Callear Clinton L. 1902
Florence M. 1907
Callear Donald A. 1935
Phyllis W. 1934
Cameron Lora Johnson 10 Mar.1878 7 Jan.1965 Born Mansfield, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Wife of Everett H. Cameron.
Camp Mary L. 1887 1966
Camp Ralph E. 4 Oct.1914 30 Mar.1985 Born Monroeton, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Tec 5U.S. ArmyW.W.-2
C Evelyn 18 Feb.1920 2 Apr.1996
Campbell Amy, infant 5 Aug.1975 Died Elmira, N.Y. Dau. Of John and Cynthia Garriety Campbell.
Campbell Edward Eugene 22 Aug.1912 3 Feb.1997 Born Athens, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Son of Derrick Leroy and Lena Williams Campbell.
Mildred Lenora. 23 Feb. 1916 10 Mar. 2006 Born Milan, Pa.Died Sayre, Pa.Dau. Of Morris " Clair" and Lola Joanna McKernan Loomis. Married 28 June 1934 in Owego, N.Y.
Campbell Freda M. 10-Jul-23 18 Aug.1992 Born Montrose, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of Dayton and Ruth Jones Stevens.
Campbell Garn A. 10 Aug.1954 4 Feb.1998
Barbara I. 29-Jun-54 8 Nov.2005 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Howard and Olive Seipler Howard.
Campbell Garn A. 1 Oct.1916 16-Jul-77 Born N.Y. StateDied Sayre, Pa.W.W.-2Tec / 5U.S.Army
Campbell Gary D. 9 Mar.1945 12 Jan.2005 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanad, Pa. Son of Carlton and Helen Dunbar Campbell.
Campbell Howard A. 26 Oct.1876 8 Oct.1955
Campbell James H. 1913 1977
Florence a. 1913 1964
Campbell Joseph M. 1877 1959
Bertha M. 1868 1959
Campbell John R. 11 Nov.1955 13 Nov.1990 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Carlton and Helen Dunbar Campbell.Wife;Cindy Garriety.
Campbell Kevin Alan 21 Feb.1960 18 Nov.1967 next to Garn Campbell
Campbell Laura M. 15 Aug.1943 29 Jan.1997
Campbell Obidiah 1897 1966
Luetta 4 May1899 25-May-78 Born N. Towanda, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.
Campbell Orson 22 May1875 29-Jun-48
Emma 29 June1881 26 Nov.1965
Campbell Philip James 1940 1989 next to James H. and Florence A.
Campbell Thomas E. 19 Feb.1953 11 Sept.1992 Born Waverly, N.Y.Son of Devillow and Herethal Callear Campbell.Former wife; Cindy Porter
Campbell Wayne
Laura 15 Aug.1943 29 Jan.1997 Born, died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of James D. and Felda Lane Pelton.Married 21 Feb.1967
Campbell Wesley J. 13 Aug.1919 28-May-82 W.W.-2U.S. Army
Canfield Edmund, Rev. 28 Jan.1967 80 yrs. Died Sayre, Pa.
Canning Alexander 28 Jan.1895 22-Jun-70 Born Clarks Boro, N.J. Died Sayre, Pa.W.W>-1U.S. Army
Capwell Douglas R. 14 Nov.1932 23 Feb.1990 Born Waverly, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Cpl. U.s. ArmyKoreaSon of Purle and Ruth Watson Capwell.
Shirley P. 23 Oct.1924 9 Feb.2000 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Waverly, N.Y.Dau. Of Raymond and Beatrice Loomis Heffron.
Capwell Kenneth R. 31-Jul-22 15 Nov.2002 Born Lynn, Pa .Died Chemung, N.Y. Son of Paul James and anna Teel CapwellPfc. U.S. ArmyW.W.-2 from 3 Mar.1941 to 3 Dec.194536th Texas Ind. Div.
Capwell Orville Martin 10 Nov.1928 6 Sept.1990
Capwell Paul James 3 May1895 16 Dec.1957 Born Maine, N.Y.W.W.-2Pa. Pfc. 35 Co. 153 Dept. Brig.U.S. Army
Card Harry B. 23 Sept.1952 31 Oct.1974 Sigm. U.S. ArmyRetired 3 July 1932 ?
Card Mary L. 1887 1967
Card Warren L. 1920 1990
Edna M. 1920 2001 Married 20 Oct.1938
Carl Sanford F. 11-May-01 14 Oct.1963 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Bath, N.Y.AAC W.W.-2
Carle Bertha H. 12 Jan.1880 24-May-68
Carlson Carl A. 1902 1990
Sara E. 1910 2002
Carmen Arthur Stanley 1 June1898 28 Jan.1969 Born Ghent, Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Son of John and Diana Tompkins Carmen.Wife; Ruth
Jennie M. 28 May1893 15 Feb.1950
Carman Earl W. 1916 1978
Carman Floyd L. 1915 5 Feb.1981
Ruby E. 17-May-20 22 Mar.2003 Born W. Burlington Twp., Pa. Dau. Of Leonard Eugene and Lula Elizabeth Selleck Ayers.Married 27 Mar. 1939 Burlington Twp., Pa.
Carman Francis C. 1918
Esther A. 27 Jan.1924 20 Oct.1991 Born Williamsport, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of Verd and amy MacIntire Ling.Marr. 48 yrs.
Carman Ralph W. 15 July1891 24 Jan.1974
Gertrude 1895 1989
Carman Richard D. 19 Nov.1914 17 Oct.2001 Born Luthers Mills, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Harry W. and Elizabeth VanNoy Carman.U.S.NavyW.W.-2
Lillian 30 Mar.1914 31 Oct.1990 Born Canton, Pa. Died Troy Twp, Pa.Dau. Of Frederick Earl and Ethel Belle Clinton Johannis.
Carman William Floyd 13-Jun-55 4 Sept.1966 Died Luthers Mills, Pa. Hit by car.Son of Floyd Carman
Carpenter Bobby D. 1940 1965
Carpenter Hazel B. 27 Apr.1908 7 Feb.1989 Born Mildred, Pa. Died Athens, Pa.Dau. Of Orina nd Cora Thrasher Bennett.Wife of Floyd
Carr Elowwd J. 1922
Betty B. 1923 1988
Carr Robert G. 1929 1989 U.S. Army 1946 - 47
Vivian L. 1935 2002
Carter Annette M. 7 Sept.1960 14 Sept.1978
Carter Earl K. 26-May-22 9 Dec.2000 Born W. Auburn, N.Y. Died Laceyville, Pa. Don of Donald and Merle Baker Carter.
Janice Weaver 1940 1978 wife
Alberta Bennett married 11 yrs. on his death
Annette Miles 7 Sept.1960 14 Sept.1978 Daughter
Sylvia A. 7 Feb.1963 14 Sept.1978 Daughter
Carter Kevin E. 3 Sept.1970 14 Sept.1978
Caseman Nelson F. 1919 W.W.-2U.S.A.F.
Adele M. 1925
Cavanaugh John J. 18 Oct.1890 28-May-68 W.W.-1 veteran
Cavanaugh Minnie Bartlett 2 Mar.1877 12-Jul-49
Cease Arthur B. 1902 1955
Helen 1903 1988
Cease Dorothy E. 1935
Cease Raymond A. 1894 1988
Belva I. 1907 1995
Cease Snyder L. 1870 1958
Emma 1879 1963
Celli Eugene A. 4 Apr.1926 12 Mar.1983 Born Pecksville, Pa. Died Sylvania, Pa.W.W.-2U.S.Army
Betty M. 14 Apr.1924 25-Jul-83
Celli Guerrino 1895 1971 Royal Italian ArmyW.W.-11916 - 1919
Santina J. 1906
Chaapel Boyd B. 1901 1971
Elizabeth L. 1914
Chaapel Mary P. Allen 10 Oct.1919 30 Oct.1993
Chaapel William E. 26-Jul-25 26 Sept.2004 Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Harley and Nora Rogers Chaapel.U.S.A.F.W.W>-2
Lorraine Whipple
Chaffee Norman J. 27-Jul-18
Theresa S. 17 Nov.1920 25-Jun-60
Chaffee Quentin R. 4 Dec.1905 3 Aug.1985 Born Orwell, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Manurl B. and Genevieve Overpeck Chaffee.W.W.-2U.S. Army
Lola 9 Dec. 1912 20 Sept.2001 Born Monroeton, Pa. Died Towanda ,Pa. Dau. Of Albert Joeeph and Mary Knupper Hugo.Marr. 5 Jan.1942 Winchester, Va.
Chamberlain Floyd " Bud" 4-May-15 9 Nov.1992 77 yrs.Born Armenia Twp., Pa. Died Troy, Pa. Son of Harry and Ethel Clark Chamberlain.Wife of 52 yrs; Mary Rathbun Chamberlain
Chamberlain Gail L. 6 Mar.1935 11 Apr.1998 Born Elmira, N.Y. Died Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. Son of LaVerne L. and Mary Ida ( Gale) Chamberlain.Marr. Sandra J. Kenyon on 21 Dec.1972
Chamberlain George, Sr. 8-May-10 9-May-98 Born E. Smithfield, Pa. Died Burlington, Pa. Son of Arthur and Margaret Campbell Chamberlian, Sr.
Ralph L. 7 July 1892 8-May-51
Catherine 4 Jan.1899 9 Mar.1971 Catherine McCloskey
Chamberlain George E., Jr. 3 Nov. 1939 13 Sept.2004 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y.Son of George Hl, Sr. and Ada M. Wheeler Chamberlain.U.S.Army1958 - 65
Chamberlain J. Arthur 1916
Ethel M. 18 Mar. 1918 13 Jan.1997 Born Bunyon Hill, Granville, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. of James and Jennie Shedden Allen.Marr. 14 Sept.1943
Chamberlain Laverne L. 1914 14 Nov.1985 Died DeLand, Fla.
Mary I. 1916 1978
Chamberlain Richard D. 23 Mar.1951 29 Apr.1999 Born Troy, Pa. Died Indianapolis, Ind. Son of George, Sr. and ada M. Wheeler Chamberlain.
Chamberlain Walter L., Jr. 23 Sept.1922 2 Sept.1985 Born Towanda, Pa . Died Athens, Pa. Son of Walter L. and Blanche Place Chamberlain.U.S. Navy W.W.-2
Ethel M. 1 Apr.1920 19 Sept.2002 Born Wyalusing, Pa. Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Arthur and Helen Benjamin Dunham.Marr. 31 Aug.1952No marker for her.
Chambers James B. 27 Nov. 1902 21-Jun-82 Born Ridgeway, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of John and Emma Halberg ChambersMarried 20 Apr. 1926 Waverly, N.Y.
Sarah C. 1909 16 Jan.1987 Born Pittston, Pa. Died Little Meadows, Pa. Dau. F William and Bertha Mensch Shelly.
Champion Claude E. 1 Mar. 1892 22 Aug. 1955
Champion Clyde 1907 1985
Hazel 1906 1996
Champion Donald A. 12 Apr. 1922 19 Aug.1997 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y. Son of Harry and Edna Kithcart Champion.W.W.-2Pfc. U.S. ArmyWife; Louise Wells.
Chance Henry B 1910 1965
Marian V. 1915
Chandler Allen Burton 6 Mar.1896 5-Jul-56 Son of Daniel and Sally Marie Campbell Chandler
Ernestine J. 11 Dec 1893 5-Jul-56 Both killed in auto cccident.( Wm. Campbell genealogy )
Chandler Larry C. 29-Jul-43 5-Jun-97 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Leland E. and Daisy Morley Chandler.Marr. Linda Parks on 3 Oct.1964 in Rome, Pa. Preabyterian Church.
Chapman A. June 1924
Chapman Arthur E. 13 Nov. 1911 30 Oct.1944 W.W.-2U.S. NavyLost at sea
Chapman Arthur E. 10 Jan. 1928 3 Dec. 1980
Chapman Charles Edward 10-Jun-55 11 Oct.1961 Son of Searle T. and Ann Crowley Chapman
Chapman Charles H., Sr 18 Aug. 1917 8-Jul-01 " Shotgun" born Burlington Twp., Pa. Died Waverly, N.Y.Son of Ernest and Maude Rogers Chapman.Former wife; Lola Jean Chapman Bouse.( Marker says " In memory of "
Chapman Claude E. 1 Mar. 1892 22 Aug.1955
Chapman Claude E., Jr. 1927
Elizabeth S. 1925
Chapman Clyde R. 18 Nov.1907 16 Dec. 1985 Born New Albany, Pa Died Sayre, Pa.Son of Ernest and Maude Chapman.
Hazel Chilson 26-Jun-96 Died Sayre, Pa.Husband # 1 Claude Chapman, # 2 Clyde Chapman
Chapman Edward James 1927 1989
Irma M. 1933 Married 17 June 1951
Chapman Gladys L. 1941
Chapman June Renee 18-Jun-62 7 Oct. 1965
Chapman Kevin A. 9 Dec.1958 9 Aug. 2000
Chapman L. Douglas 3 Dec. 1953 12-Jul-59
Chapman Max R. 10-Jun-39 20 Feb. 2001 Born, died Elmira, N.Y.Son of Arthur and June Brainard Chapman.Wif eof 43 yrs/ Gladys
Chapman Nancy J. 11-May-59 2 Sept. 1998
Chapman Ralph L. 18 Apr. 1902 2-May-50
Lavina M. 29 Oct. 1906 17 Feb. 2005 Died Troy, Pa.Dau. Of Christian and Minnie Beinlich Kobey.
Chapman Sterling E. 30 Nov.1921 30-Jul-87 " Stub" born Monroeton, Pa. Died Gillett, Pa. Sonof Ernest and Maude Rogers Chapman.U.S. ArmyW.W.-2AAC
Carmen Boyd L. 1913 1987
Ruby E. 1920 2005
Chaffee Quenton R. 1905 1985
Lola H. 192? 2001
Charles Robert L. 1938
Shirley 1927 1999 Married 3 Mar. 1959
Charles Robert C. 1960
Carmen William Floyd 13-Jun-55 4 Sept.1966
Charnick Matthew Allen 6 Aug.1977 19 Aug.1977
Chase Carl R. 10 Dec. 1916 16 Apr. 1971 Born Overton, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-2Aac
Janice D. 29-Nov-21
Chase Eva Belli 15 Dec.1925 Jul-95 ( no day dateHer marker reads; "Wife of Yugoslovia"
Claude R. 5-Jun-18 14 Nov. 2004 Born Overton Twp., Pa. Died Mechanicsburg, Pa.Son of Fred and Emma Shaffer Chase.(
Chase Earl A. 27 Apr. 1922 30-May-50 Born Overton, Pa.W.W.-2U.S. Army
Chase Edward L. 27 Feb.1948 20 Feb.1968 W.W.-2Co. I, 338th Inf.
Mary Cavanaro Aug. 1975
Chase Fred K. 27 Sept. 1996 18 Dec. 1969 Born Covington, Ky. Died Troy, Pa.Son of Mahlon and Frances Snodgrass Chase.
Emma S. 28 Aug.1891 2 Dec. 1997 Born Forks Twp., Sullivan Co., Pa. Died Bradford Co. ManorDau. Of Phillip and Dorothy Monahan Shaffer.
Chase Henry B. 1910 1965
Marian V. 1915
Chase Megan 12 Aug.1994 " our little angel "
Chase Nellie W. 31 Mar. 1907 11 Jan.1986
Chase Ralph L. 1914 1993
Cleone E. 1924 1991
Chase William F. 8-Jul-06 22-May-50
Cheney Paul Russell 21 Mar. 1905 2 Apr. 1970 N.Y. Pfc. Inf.W.W.-2
Hazel V. 17 Oct. 1908 2 Nov. 1992
Cherenowsky Walter T. 20-Jun-26 19 Apr. 1993 Born Glencairn, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa. Son of Onufry and Seredynska Cheresnowsky.
Betty R. Farr 1941 1970
Chicarilli Nazzareno 2 July 1885 13-Jul-69 Born Pergola, Italy Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Joseph and Benelda Chicarilli.Immigrated to Mildred, Pa. 1912.Italian Army Service
Chirarilli Tito O. 1915
Gina E. 1916
Chilson Albert Leonard 21-Jun-20 18 Oct. 1981 Born Endicott, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa. U.S. ArmyW.W.-1
Helen H. 3 Jan. 1923 18-Aug-00 Born, died Towanda, Pa. Dau. Of Leonard and Nellie Benjamin Hatch.
Chilson Amelia A. 4 Dec. 1905 11 Jan. __? Born St. Gallen, Switzerland - Died Sayre, Pa. Dau. Of Joseph and Amelia Coretta Denkenberger.Wife of # 1 Albi M. Andrus d. 1968, # 2 Meloin B. Chilson d. 1980
Chilson Cecil F. 5-Jul-19 14 Mar. 1986 Born Frenchtown, Pa.Died French Asylum, Pa.Son of Bart and Adeline Vanderpool Chilson.
Pauline 1922 1993 Married Pauline Walter 1 June 1941
Chilson Charles F. 17 Jan. 1910 3 Feb. 1991 Born Albany Twp., Pa.Died Towanda Twp., Pa.W.W.-2Aac
Meta Bendt 29 Nov. 1920
Chilson Clyde, Sr. 28 Aug. 1925 24-Jun-93 Born Endicott, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa.W.w.-2Cpl. U.S. ArmyPOW
Chilson Daniel P. 20 Oct. 1956 only date, small heart shaped marker
Chilson James L., Sr. 24-May-25 10-Jul-99 Born Towanda, Pa.Died Sayre, Pa.Son of Raymond and Cecil Haynsworth Chilson
Anna Mae 1927 Married 52 yrs.
Chilson Max D. 1931 1983
Barbara A. 1939
Chilson Minnie May 21-May-23 6 Feb. 1995
Chilson Robert Edward 14 Sept. 1917 23 Oct. 1972 Born, died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-2Pvt. Co. E, 276th Inf. Reg. 70th Div.U.S. Army
Mary B. 11-Jun-19 11 Dec. 1999 Born Homet's Ferry, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of William and Martha Kinney Bailey.
Chruchill Wesley E. 30 Apr.. 1906 5 Apr. 1972 Born Evans Mills, N.Y.Died Franklin Twp., Pa.W.W.-2Maj. U.S. Army
Chubb M. Wendell 1930
Eleanor K. 1928 Marr. 21 May 1960
Claggett Raloh T. 19 June 1899 5 Apr. 1963 Born Standing Stone, Pa.Died Waverly, N.Y.Son of Thomas and Jesse Mitten Claggett.
Eva L. 5 Feb. 1903 13 Apr. 1987 Born Rummerfield, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of Fred and Maybele Landmesser Sage.
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