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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Nagle Gary Herbert 3 Oct. 1949 9 Nov. 1957 " Son"
Nagle Herbert E. 22-May-22 17 Oct. 2005 Born Sheshequin Twp., Pa. Died Monroe Twp., Pa.Son of Eugene and Sophia Johnson Nagle.Memory section, lot # 453, space # 1Wife; # 2 Helena Thomas
Norma G. 13-Jul-26 1-Jun-82 Born E. Smithfield , Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.Dau. Of Manley and Thelma Chapman.
Neiley Ann 2 Feb. 1953
Neiley David C. 1905 26 Jan. 1961
Alta G. 1910 3 Mar. 1961 asphixiated by fumes from car.Died Towanda Twp., Pa.
Neiley James A. 1930 Korea1951 - 53
Lois M. 1929
Neiley Jennie Stevens 5 Nov. 1867 16 Aug. 1953 Wife of Jerome B.( info from 1995 Bradford County History+E1
Neiley Jerome Bonaparte 26 July 1869 3 Mar. 1970 Son of Robert and Julia Ann Moyer Neiley.
Neiley Nelson 10 Apr. 1902 11 Feb. 1998 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Son of Jerome B. and Jennie Stevens Neiley.
Evelyn Griffis 1905 Married in Sugar Run, Pa. On 24 May 1924
Malcolm, son 1929 1958
Neiley R. Alfred 14 Nov. 1898 26 Mar. 1997 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Sayre, Pa.Son of Jerome B. and Jennie Stevens Neiley.
Catherine Agnes 1897 20-Jun-80 Married Catherine Agnes Brennan in S.S. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Towanda, Pa. On 24 Jan. 1923
Neiley Rachel 23 Nov. 1895 1 Dec. 1993 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of J.B. and Jennie Stevens Neiley.
Neiley Ruth 2 Apr. 1897 25 Feb. 2001 Born Durell, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. of Jerome B. and Jennie Stevens Neiley.
Neiley Stephen R. 1900 Dec. 1973
Mary Katherine 30 Sept. 1903 28 Dec. 1998 Born Corning, N.Y. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. of George and Ethel Derbershire Russell.Marr. Mar. 1924
Nelson Gunard C. 1910 2000
Sue H. 1917 1993
Nero Kenneth 6 Nov. 1922 15 Sept. 1985 W.W.-2U.S. Army
Florence 20 Sept. 1924 22 Apr. 1994
Neubert Raymond J. 17-Jul-30 31 Dec. 2005 Born Hilltown, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa. Son of John and Elizabeth O'Pat Neubert.Love section )
Mildred B. 1931 Married 53 yrs.
Newbury James M. 1908 1973
Lelia S. 1907
Newell Lawrence A. 1900 1964
Dorothy E. 4-May-07 17 Apr. 1984 Born Berrytown, Pa. Died Troy, Pa.Dau. Of Milton and Laura Whipple Ward.
Newhart Almond Cyrus, Sr 27 Mar. 1929 19 Jan. 1994 Born W. Pittston, Pa. Died Monroe Twp., Pa. W.W.-2 & KoreaU.S. ArmyOn marker with Sally L. Stevenson
Newland Robert Lloyd 21-Jun-24 9 Feb. 1945 Pa. Pfc. Co. F, 60 Inf. Regt. BSMPHU.S. Army
News Frank H. 1884
Anna C. 1896 1970
Newton Arden Thomas 7 Aug. 1943 6-Jun-02 Born New Era, Pa. Died Terrytown, Pa.Son of Walter and Edna Newton.Wife; Margie Irene RussellMarr. 15 Aug. 1964
Newton Niles A. 25 Nov. 1932
Edna May 18 Oct. 1937 29 Nov. 1986 Born Terrytown, Pa. Died Ulster Twp, Pa. Auto accident.Dau. Of Edward and Theresa Diffenbach.Marr. 9 July 1955 in New Era, Pa.
Newton Walter E., Sr 11 Mar. 1896 11 Dec. 1973 Born Albany Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-1U.S. Army
Edna M. 1901 1971
Nichols Asa 1895 1962 Son of George Hanford and Jessie Hunsinger Nichols.
Genevieve 26 Apr. 1890 8 Oct. 1975 Born Lake Winola, Pa. Died Elmira, N.Y.
Nichols Claude 1902 1968
Marguerite 1914 19 Feb. 1994 Marguerite Decker died Horseheads, N.Y.
Nichols Connie May 23 Dec. 1955 1 Jan. 1980
Nichols Guy W. 1917 1996
Olive F. 1921
Nichols James L. 1899 Jan. 1964 James Lawrence born Towanda, Pa.W.W.- 1AAS
Minnie E. 31 Mar. 1899 23 Nov. 1995 Born Neath, Pa. Died Athens, Pa.Dau. Of Fred and Nellie Morgan Jones.
Nichols Margie A. 1939 1996
Nichols Olive F. 1921
Nimitz Baby Boy 1954 1954
Nimitz Elsie M. 19 Feb. 1919 22 Feb. 2003
Nimitz Fred A. 14 Nov. 1922 8-May-70 W.W.-2Pa. Sgt. 318 FTR Cont'l Sq. AAC
Noel David P., Rev. 1933 7 Oct. 2004 Died VanBuren, Ark.Son of Fred and Ethel Noel.
Mary Jane 1935 Mary Jane Hunter married 49 yrs.
Noel Donald J. 1935
Frances L. 1933 1965
Noel Frederick Aa., Sr. 24-Jun-03 23 Dec. 1971 Born Penna. Died Waverly, N.Y.Son of Harvey Neil and Sarah Plasterer.
Ethel M. 27 Sept. 1903 12 Mar. 1994 Born Middletown, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of Albert and Alma Lichtenberger Mohn.
Noel Robert M. 13 Jan. 1932 17 Apr. 1986 Born Middletown, Pa. Died Morristown, N.J.Son of Fred and Ethel Mohn Noel.U.S. ArmyKorea
Elinor E. 1931
Nolte George E. 1928 1990
Mabel E. 1923
Norman Allen Carl 20 Jan. 1935 9 Jan. 1977 S/ Sgt. U.S. Army
Norris Carl J. 22 June 1897 21 Sept. 1983 Born Watauga Co., N.C.Died Towanda, Pa.Son of Thomas and Vick Tyre Norris.
Effie E. 1911 Effie Jordan marr. On 11 Sept. 1932 in Mercur Co., W.V.
Northrop Cassell F. 26 Nov. 1908 24-May-83 Born Wyalusing, Pa. Died Ulster, Pa.Son of William and Nellie Casselbury Northrop.
Eldia T. 9 Jan. 1921
Northrop Derwin L. 23-Jun-27 8 Sept. 2002 Born Monroeton, Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Son of Lewellington and Carrie House Northrop.W.W.-2U.S Army.
Northrop Hannah M. 1911 1978
Northrop Myron Dayton 30-May-19 13-May-98 Born Asylum Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Son of Leonard and Cora House Northrop.W.W.-2U.S.M.C.
Pauline Stroud 8 Apr. 1924
Northrop Paul L. 8 Feb. 1915 16 Mar. 2002
June F. 10-Jun-10 26 Apr. 1997
Northrop Ronald M. 8 Mar. 1949 2 Aug. 1984 Born, died Sayre, Pa.Son of Myron and Hannah Johnson Northrop.Wife; Thelma Drislane
Northrop Henry C. 1886 1954
Dora E. 1887 1962
Northrop Hudson C. 1913 1971
Edna J. 1917 1964
Northrop Hugh B. 10 Oct. 1911 21 Oct. 1991 Born Kellogg, Monroe Twp., Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Son of Francis and Mildred Benjamin Northrop.W.W.-2U.S. Army697 Fireld Batt. Arty.
Margaret H. 1923 Margaret Hibbard married 9 July 1941 in Apalachin, N.Y.
Northrop Leonard A. 1886 1960
Cora M. 21 Nov. 1887 12-May-63 Born Wyalusing, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.Dau. Of Dayton and Esther Brown House.
Northrop Myron D. 1919
Hannah M. 1911 1978
Northrop Paul L. 8 Feb. 1915 16 Mar. 2002
June F. 10-Jun-10 20 Apr. 1997
Northrop Pauline S. 8 Apr. 1924
Northrop Ronald M. 1949 1984
Norton John B. 4 Oct. 1941 16-Jul-91 Born Corning, N.Y.Died Sayre, Pa.Son of Ward and Blanche Belles Norton
Betty L. 1942 Marr. 4 Dec. 1965
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