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Name of Cemetery:Bradford County Memorial Park
Read By: Eloise Frantz Wilson, Stephanie Johnston, and Candyce Hauryski
Date Read:To 2005
Typed By: Eloise FRANTZ Wilson
Location: Route 6, Burlington Township
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
O'Connor Janetta Lynn 20 Oct. 1955 12 Oct. 1975 Born Sayre, Pa. Died Rochester, N.Y.Dau. Of Richard and Janet Zurn O'Connor" Darling daughter "
O'Connor Christopher Jay 17 Sept. 1961 11 Oct. 1961 " Darling Son "
O'Connor Kimberly Ann 16 Mar. 1958 27 Nov. 1960 " Darling Daughter"
Ogden Eli C. 1903 1978
Myrtle G.q1909 1989
Oldroyd Clayton H. 3-Jun-17 28 Sept. 1999 Born Rutland, Pa. Died Troy, Pa.Son of Frank A. and Ella Holton Oldroyd.
Eleanor 12 Aug. 1924 4 Dec. 2005 Born Fassett, Pa. Died Troy, Pa.Dau. Of Oliver and Florence Yeisley Balmer.Marr. 27 June 1942( Peace section, lot # 119 )
Oldroyd Frank A. 1884 1967
Ella A. 1891 1969
Oldroyd Wilbur 27 Nov. 1920 23-Jun-96
Marjorie J. 23-Jun-23 Marr. 20 Oct. 1945
Oliver Claude C., Jr. 24 Feb. 1924 24-Jul-75 Born Wyalusing, Pa. Died Towanda, Pa.W.W.-2Cpl AAC
Olm Albert H., Sr. 21-May-14 6-Jun-90 Born Long Island, N.Y. Died Sayre, Pa.U.S.ArmyW.W.-2
Harriet Burns 16 Apr. 1921
Ordway Charles S. 8 Aug. 1928 16-Jul-89 W.W.-2U.S.N.
Ordway D. Marshall 1899 1966
Hazel G. 1907 1997
Ordway William H. 1873 1953
Addie M. 1876 1963
Ordway William M. 27-Jun-25 18 Apr. 1976 Born Athens, Pa. Died Troy, Pa.Heart attack.Son of Marshall and Hazel Wetmore Ordway.W.W.-2Pfc. U.S. ArmyWife; Ethel Carr
Orr John H., Jr. 1957 1974
Osgood Ivan Turner 20 Aug. 1915 12 Feb. 1997 Born Seneca Castle, N.Y.Died Towanda, Pa. Son of Edwin and Mary Turner Osgood.MOMM 3U.S. NavyWife of 58 yrs. Mildred Peters Osgood.
Osgood Susan Ann 23 Nov. 1960 8 Aug. 1998 Susan Ann Holcombe
Osmun Cora E. 27-May-21 4 Sept. 2001 Born Monroe Twp., Pa. Died Bradford County Manor.Dau. Of Charles and Lula Strope Reynolds.
Ostrander Clarence C. 1902 1978
Bertha A. 1913 1996
Ostrander David Wayne 21 Oct. 1970 23 Oct. 1970
Ostrander Howard C. 15 Oct. 2004 62 yrs. Age.Died Troy, Pa.Son of Clarence and Bertha Roupp Ostrander.Wife; Martha L. Tillinghast Ostrander.
Ostrander Kerstyne Eliz. 20 Mar. 1998 infant dau. Of Robert and Melissa Bair Ostrander.
Outwater John H., Jr. 31 Jan. 1966 68 yrs. Born Moonachie, N.J. Died Sayre, Pa.W.W.-1 veteran.( SSDI says 9 Jan. 1898 - Jan. 1966 )
Overdorff Blair A. 1901 1977
Margaret C. 1905 1985
Overdorff Bruce 8-Jul-40 13-Jul-64
Overdorff Nancy Jean 27 Aug. 1937 22 Oct. 1964
Overdorff William B. 1926 1986
Donna M. 1937
Overpeck Merial Ann 28 Apr. 1941 26 Nov. 1981
Overrain James O. 1924
Marion B. 1919
Owen Gordon R. 1916 1 Jan. 1960 U.S. ArmyW.W.-2
Marie S. 4-Jun-14 26 Nov. 1981
Owen James B. 1941
H. Juanita 1935 H. Juanita Owen-Walker
Owen Lee B. 1912 1979
Frances H. 1915 1985
Owen Shaylee Moran 6 Jan. 1994 small marker
Owen Vincent L. 30 June 1888 14 Mar. 1960 Born Clapper Hill, Wyoming Co., Pa.W.W.-1Pa. Wagoner 314 Inf, 79th Div.U.S. Army
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