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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
 June 2001 at Beech Flats Cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:     Beech Flats Cemetery
Read By:   Pat MOTT Gobea & Pat SMITH Raymond
Date Read:    July. 19, 2002
Typed By:    Pat MOTT Gobea & Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:   Beech Flats Road, Canton, Bradford County, PA
Other comments:  This cemetery is very well cared for
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          Starting next row from main road
Horton E. S. 1839 1925    
Horton Julia M. 1842 1918   "His Wife" - On stone w/E. S.
Best Minnie R. 1870 1938    
Best William A. 1872 1934   On stone w/Minnie
Northup Elson 1860 1933    
Northup Florence 1861 1932   On stone w/Elson
Stevenson Geo. 1869 1930    
Stevenson Nettie L. Nov.1.1867 Jan.16.1928    
Stevenson David M.   Apr.13.1888 53y7m17d  
Stevenson Josephine   May.6.1905 68y w/o D. M. Stevenson - On stone w/ David M.
Stevenson Bessie 1880 1906   w/o Henry Rhodes
Stevenson Harry 1878 1923    
Smith Anthony 1801 1882   GAR Marker & Flag - may not belong there
Smith Mary A. 1802 1894    
Smith Mary R. 1843 1887   w/o Ira M. Smith
Crandle John R. 1827 1915    
Crandle Elizabeth P.Wright 1829 1906   "His Wife" - On stone w/ John R. -Side stone MOTHER
Metzgar Mary Crandle 1854 1948    
Crandle Lewella D.   Apr.29.1872 19y11m17d d/o John R. & Elizabeth P.
Stapleton Arthur Rechan?       s/o A. & Sara L. Stapleton
Crandle John Lincoln 1859 1919    
Crandle Rose Linda 1862 1922   On stone w/John
Crandle Ray M. 1885 1918   WW 1 Marker & Flag
Crandle Robert I. 1895 1903    
Crandle Claudie   1887 6 m. No surname-on Crandle lot
Crandle Floyd J. 1889 5 m  
Comstock Gates Samuel, MD 1849 1926    
Comstock Elodia Adella 1852 1929    
Comstock Name Unreadable   Sept.29.1888 10m11d s/o G.S. & Elodia (Reading questionable stone eroded)
Comstock Dwight Ray 1881 1967    
Bassett Amos E. 1847 1930   Military Marker & Flag
Bassett Matilda Matson 1848 1920    
Bassett Leon C. 1876 1930    
Beinlich Mary 1880 1942    
Wilber Douglas L. Mar.12.1934 Oct.7.2000   Dept. of Navy & US Marine Corps Wreath-Korean War Marker & Flag
Wilber Marlene K. May.23.1936     Married Aug. 6. 1955 - On stone w/Douglas
Fitzwater Ray 1888 1970    
Fitzwater Cora A. 1895 1918    
Budd Estella B. 1886      
Fitzwater Nelda M. 1916 1917    
VanFleet Hettie 1857 1936    
Metzger Walter K. 1924      
Metzger Shirley A. 1924     On stone w/Walter K.
Tillotson Milo D. 1898 1969    
Tillotson M. Leah 1897 1970   On stone w/Milo
Campbell Cameron S. 1895 1973   WW 1 Marker & Flag
Campbell Pearl L. 1894 1972   On stone w/Cameron
Campbell Cameron S. Nov.30.1895 Nov.26.1973   Cpl. US Army WW 1- Military Marker behind other marker
Bellows Luther J. 1884 1976    
Bellows Jennie M. 1889 1971   On stone w/Jennie
Rockwell Dolla T. 1915 1970    
Bellows Jane Ellen Nov.17.1959 Jun.28.1969    
Bellows Lewis E. Mar.19.1921 Nov.15.1984   On stone w/Lila--Marriage date-June 17.1950
Bellows Lila M. Aug.6.1931     Children:Jake 5/4/51; Paul 7/30/55;Jane 11/17/59; Dale 5/2/61;Naomi 1/30/63
Bellows Louis Jake May4.1951 Oct.13.2000    
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/14/2002
By Joyce M. Tice