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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
 June 2001 at Beech Flats Cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:     Beech Flats Cemetery
Read By:   Pat MOTT Gobea & Pat SMITH Raymond
Date Read:    July. 19, 2002
Typed By:    Pat MOTT Gobea & Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:   Beech Flats Road, Canton, Bradford County, PA
Other comments:  This cemetery is very well cared for
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Wright Silas S. Mar.6.1848 Mar.6.1929    
Wright Anna Mar.19.1851 May.23.1926   Two Markers on Cement Slab
Streeter George   Jun.6.1875    
Streeter Ellen 1842 1906    
Streeter Emma I.   Apr.20.1872 1y5m18d d/o Geo H. & Ellen Streeter
Jones John B. 1811 1873    
Jones Betsy E. 1821 1902   w/o John B - on same stone
Jones L. W.       Co. D 132 PA INF (Gov. Marker & GAR Flag)
Stowell Max L. 1914     Married Oct.26.1965
Stowell Louise S. 1921 1994   On stone w/Max L.
Palphramand Henry Sep.26.1808 Sep.25.1887    
Palphramand Ann  Jun.11.1819 Jan.27.1900   His wife - On stone w/Henry
McConnell Edward H. 1850      
McConnell Sarah 1856 1908   His wife - On stone w/Edward H.
Jones John B. Aug.15.1840 Jan.12.1878    
Jones Theadore J. 1855 1920    
Jones Margaret Tubman 1863 1937   His wife - on same stone
Jones Robert L. Dec.7.1881 Aug.14.1882   s/o T. & Maggie Jones
Andrus Herbert L. 1851 1885    
Andrus Clara A. Andrus 1863 1918   On stone w/Herbert L.
Williams Annette 1847 1893   w/o A. B. Williams
Williams A. B. 1843 1931   On stone w/Annette
Bellows Frank 1850 1932   FATHER
Bellows Halilah 1854 1929   MOTHER
Jenkins Jennie 1873 1905   w/o W. S. Jenkins
Jenkins Myles W. Nov.7.1905 Feb.4.1952    
Jenkins Goldie Kilbourn May.13.1910 Dec.30.2001   On stone w/Myles
Drysdale Galen D. 1900 1957    
Jones Ralph W. 1883 1960    
Jones Luva A. 1891 1965   On stone w/Ralph W.
Griffin Laverne George 1935 1971   To my Daddy from Gladys
Griffin Lucille 1927 1997    
Tunnicliff Joseph R. May.1.1934 Dec.20.1984   US Air Force Korea
Smith W. Lee Mar.7.1934      
Smith Eva Hower Nov.26.1938     On stone w/W. Lee
Reibson Lester L. 1914 1979    
Reibson Martha C. 1912 1977   On stone w/Lester L.
English Catherine J. 1922      
English Leon D. 1912 1984   On stone w/Catherine J.
Brass Kenneth E. 1932      
Brass Samuel W. 1883 1960    
Brass Agnes M. 1893 1976   On stone w/Samuel
Stanbery Ray V. Dec.18.1911 Dec.5.1995    
Stanbery Lola C. Oct.5.1914     On stone w/Ray V.
Stanbery Iola Mae Sep.7.1935 Mar.13.1937    
Deery Harry Alpha, Sr. 1906 1974    
Deery Jane Bellows 1909     On stone w/Harry Alpha Sr.
Sorgeson Mabel   Jan.22.1894 1y1m1d? d/o N. & A. Sorgeson (not sure of the 1 day-hard to read)
Kendall E. R. Aug.10.1869 Jan.29.1926   "Woodmen of the World Memorial"
Kendall Mabel   Feb.12.1876? 43y2m19d w/o A. A. - Stone has been repaired-pretty sure it is 1876
Tubman William H. 1885 1933   s/o Robert & Ellen Tubman
Tubman Mary Oct.14.1830 Oct.14.1882   w/o Henry Tubman
Tubman Henry   Nov.1.1899 80y4m9d  
Tubman Robert 1850 1904    
Tubman Ellen M.Campbell 1859 1922   His Wife - on stone w/Robert
Tubman Susie E. Feb.28.1902 Oct.22.1999   d/o Robert & Ellen "A Life Devoted to Nursing"
Williams Fredrick W. Apr.22.1871 Apr.22.1880    
Williams Dellie M. Aug.22.1874 Apr.28.1880    
Williams George W. May.31.1866 May.10.1880    
King Roxy    Oct.3.1892 64 yr w/o George King
Williams Malissa M. 1826 1885    
Williams Abby 1804 1878   w/o Brumalia Williams
Williams A. Brumalia 1802 1896    
Davy Ralph W. Sr. Jun.20.1925 Aug.3.1992   Married June 18. 1949--Back--Our Sons: Ralph W. Jr. 1950, James R. 1952
Davy Helen Adams Nov.29.1931     On stone w/Ralph W. Sr.
Roberts Mary E. Feb.12.1846 Aug.12.1896   w/o Solon Roberts
Roberts Grantie   May.18.1875 11m16d s/o Solon & M. E. Roberts
Jones Jane F. 1861 1948   w/o B. F. Jones
Jones B. F. 1844 1919    
Jones Emerson Rosa   Oct.12.1872 3mo c/o C.F. & H.S. Jones
Jones Emma May   Aug.16.1876 3y11m26d c/o C.F. & H.S. Jones--On stone w/Emerson
Jones Hannah S.   Mar.19.1877 35y10m26d w/o B. F. Jones - Stone broken - Flag next to this stone
Bailey Cora M. 1871 1937    
Bailey Maynard C. 1873 1941   On stone w/Cora M.
Kendall/Bailey         Family Marker no info
Kendall Joseph  1848 1930   Co F 11th PA Cav. GAR Marker & flag - Stone buried under a Yucca plant
Kendall Sophia Wright 1847 1922   w/o J. S. Kendall
Whitecross Wm   Feb.25.1896 70y  
Whitecross Mary Ann Best   Jun.14.1895 49y His wife - on stone w/Wm.
          Next 2 stones are blank
Annable Zacchaeus C.   Sep.2.1861 3y  s/o Samuel & Hannah Annable
Lewis Alice   Jun.25.1860 12y6m20d d/o Moses M. & Hannah Lewis
Annable Sevelen J.C.   Jul.19.1858   s/o Samuel & Hannah Annable - Rest of this stone buried
Annable Martha Delphine   May.19.1857 1yr d/o Samuel & Hannah Annable
Annable Mary Ella   Sep.5.1871 11y7m20d d/o Samuel & Hannah Annable
Annable Hannah Haverly Lewis Sep.20.1825 Nov.6.1904   w/o Sam'l Annable--later of Eldaah Landon
Annable Samuel  Sep.7.1821 Dec.27.1886   On stone w/Hannah
Swingle Ralph A. 1901 1936    
Vroman Marie A. Swingle 1924 1959    
Swingle Harold "Toppy" 1925 2001    
Swingle Marguerite A. 1925 1998   His wife - On stone w/Harold
Wright Raymond H. 1865 1935    
Wright Addie L. 1864 1948   On stone w/Raymond H.
Wilcox Briton L. 1847 1922    
Wilcox Arvilla O.Truesdail 1852 1913   On stone w/Briton - w/o Briton
Hardy Mattie 1870 1938    
Hardy Thomas 1868 1957   On stone w/Mattie
Hardy Mary N. 1828 1915   MOTHER
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/14/2002
By Joyce M. Tice