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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
 June 2001 at Beech Flats Cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:     Beech Flats Cemetery
Read By:   Pat MOTT Gobea & Pat SMITH Raymond
Date Read:    July. 19, 2002
Typed By:    Pat MOTT Gobea & Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:   Beech Flats Road, Canton, Bradford County, PA
Other comments:  This cemetery is very well cared for
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Morse Judson H. 1853 1925   FATHER
Morse Kate M. 1852 1930   MOTHER
Morse Winifred "Winnie" 1927      
Morse Willard J. 1887 1939    
Morse Lena B. 1890 1975   On stone w/Willard J.
DePew Mary Morse 1910 1986    
Fitzwater Ellen Nash 1896 1937   MOTHER
Fitzwater Corydon R. 1885 1959   FATHER
Fitzwater Annavanett Carr 1856 1928   MOTHER
Fitzwater William O. 1857 1922   FATHER
Brizzy Lillian C. 1887 1949    
Brizzy Francis  1885 1945   On stone w/Lillian C.
Deighton Edward A. 1886 1919    
Swingle Clifford H. Mar.10.1904 Dec.10.1985   SON
Swingle Rose L. 1871 1957    
Swingle John S. 1863 1933   On stone w/Rose L.
Sallada John A. 1883     Stone grown into a tree
Sallada Mary M. 1877 1929    
Sallada Miles 1850 1927    
Sallada Harriett 1842 1924   On stone w/Miles
          Next two stones same people/same information
Swingle John A. 1907 1982    
Swingle Helen J. 1909     On stone w/John A.
Hecker Edgar A. 1906 1924   "EDDIE"
Wilcox D. Leona Jun.16.1918 Nov.7.2000    
Wilcox Wilbur M. Nov.5.1913 Oct.21.1992   On stone w/D.Leona
Wilcox Richard M. 1883 1947    
Wilcox Pearl M. 1883 1966   On stone w/Richard
Erb Frederick 1864 1940    
Erb Jennie M. 1880 1948   On stone w/Frederick
Breidt Charles R. Mar.22.1939 Sep.24.1991    
Breidt Charles David Nov.6.1919 Oct.24.1986   Married Nov.3.1974 - Military Marker & Flag
Breidt Carol Ann Jan.24.1947     On stone w/Charles David
Kreger Amber Rose   Jul.19.1992    
Elliott Darwin A. 1897 1980    
Elliott Iva Lena Gee 1895 1988    
Elliott Douglas R. 1925 1994    
Elliott       Children of D. A. & I. L.
Hawk Cornelius   Aug.23.1887 37y7m17d  
Williamson Amy 1853 1931    
Hawk Cornelius Joseph Nov.24.1880 Jul.31.1947    
Wright Charles K. Dec.9.1841 Apr.24.1926   Military Marker & Flag - Side stone FATHER
Wright Fidelia E.   May.9.1892 45y1m11d w/o Charles K - Side stone MOTHER
Webster Daniel W.   Jul.9.1914 88y  
Webster Martha McClelland Jul.2.1828 Jun.3.1895   w/o Daniel W - on same stone
Webster Ada E. Oct.3.1852 Jul.5.1907   w/o Daniel T. Segur - On side of above stone
Gray Ruby M.   Jul.14.1871 19y7m26d w/o John W. Gray - d/o D. W. & M. McClelland Webster - on side of above stone
Calkins Carl W. 1913 1998    
Calkins Ellen K. 1911     On stone w/Carl
Hickok Nellie M. 1871 1898   w/o W. R. Wilsey
Wilsey Warren R. Jul.9.1866 Aug.16.1907    
Adams M. Louise Wilcox 1917      
Adams Roy R. 1906 1986   On stone w/M. Louise Wilcox
Muncey Elizabeth   Aug.21.1876 38y w/o William Muncey
Cross Augustus Nov.18.1811 Oct.1.1882    
Cross Margaret T.       w/o Augustus - Stone broken no other readable info
McKee George W. Aug.7.1834 Jun.25.1903    
McKee Lydia A. 1842 1926   On stone w/George W. "His wife"
Hickok Edna M. 1889 1985    
Hickok Fred T. 1887 1953   On stone w/Edna M.
Hickok Zane D. 1920 1939    
Ward Rev. John H. Dec.5.1827 Feb.7.1909    
Ward Adelia M. Spaulding Apr.2.1822 Apr.19.1888   w/o Rev. John H. Ward
Ward W. H. 1856 1930    
Ward Jesse B. McKee 1862 1912   His wife
Hicok F. W. 1851 1928    
Hicok Eunice A. 1853 1907   "His wife"
Vermilya William    Jul.15.1887 58y4m27d  
Vermilya Lydia Kelly 1827 1911    
Miller Mandana E.   Jun.15.1883 3y3m5d d/o G. T. & M. Miller
Pelton Lottie 1862 1939    
Pelton Morgan K. 1858 1940   On stone w/Lottie
Pelton Mary A. 1881 1969    
Adams Ruia Stone 1908 1939   MOTHER
Adams Henry Y. Dec.20.1868 Oct.24.1932    
Adams Rosalyn M.Barnes Mar.28.1881 Mar.14.1956   On stone w/Henry
Hinderliter David J. Jan.3.1946 Dec.6.1960    
Hinderliter Evelyn E. Jun.14.1926 Aug.3.2000    
Hinderliter John M. Jun.3.1915 Dec.30.1997   On back: Mil. Marker-S2 US Navy - Vet Marker & Flag - On stone w/Evelyn
Best James H. 1906 1973    
Best Gertrude A. 1908 1983   On stone w/James
Best James P. Sr. May.6.1938 Aug.10.1985   On back of above stone
Best Lloyd W. 1933 1988    
Newman Evelyn Mott 1911 1975    
Newman Ernest H. 1902 1971    
Spencer F. Dean May.23.1929 Aug.29.1996   Military marker on back - GM3 US Navy Korea - Military Marker & Flag
Trent Harriet M. 1913 1970    
Wright Willard Dane 1956 2002    
Wright Richard Lewis 1955 1966    
Campbell Alan L. 1944 1944    
Campbell C. Richard May.27.1911      
Campbell Nedra N. Feb.15.1917     On stone w/C. Richard
          Child's stone totally unreadable
Horning Blanchie   Feb.28.1889 6y2m4d d/o Hiram & Emma Horning
Horning Ernest L.   Jan.24.1882 2y3m?d s/o Hiram & Emma Horning
Fitzwater Clarence  1880 1952    
Fitzwater Ruby  1889 1953    
Fitzwater Raymond E. 1908 1980    
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/14/2002
By Joyce M. Tice