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Bentley Creek Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read by Pat Barnum,Lois Conrad,Marcia Jankowski,Bev Rocco and Charlotte Stevens June 1999

Typed by Charlotte Stevens

Photos by Joyce M. Tice April 1998

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Name of Cemetery:    Bentley Creek a.k.a. Baldwintown Cemetery
Read By:  Pat Barnum,Lois Conrad,Marcia Jankowski,Bev Rocco and Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   June 30,1999
Typed By:   Charlotte Stevens
Located between Centerville,Pa. And Bentley Creek,Pa.
Other comments: The Bentley Creek Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1897.It was formerly named the Baldwintown Cemetery.The land was given for the Cemetery by Isaac Baldwin.
Comment from JMT : This is arranged in burial order rather than alphabetical. For those of you who do not want to take the time to browse, you can use the search engine on the main page or use the FIND feature on your browser software.
Evans Laura E. Dec.26,1826 Nov.27,1896   w/o Henry G.Evans
Evans Henry G. Apr.25,1830 Aug.16,1896    
Evans Peter A. 1804 1868    
Evans Sally 1800 1880   w/o Peter A Evans
Evans James 1832 1905    
Evans Guy L. 1875 1945    
Evans Charles M.   Sept.25,1852   s/o Peter A.and Sally Evans
Evans Charles B.   Aug.8,18- 3y s/o Peter A.and Sally Evans
Faringer William Nov.29,1902 Jan.7,1903    
Faringer Frank C. 1862 1949    
McKee Minnie 1867 1940    
McKee John A. 1863 1928    
McKee Pauline 1894 1905    
McKee Stewart A. 1902 1984    
McKee Anna L. 1903      
Stirton Alexander E. 1835 1917    
Stirton Mariam A. 1842 1921    
Miller Sarah        
Miller Harry W. 1888 1924    
Kelly Edith Miller 1887 1971    
Miller John Edward Sept.20,1952 Jan.2,1971   New York SR US Coast Guard Vietnam,marker
Gates Sarah 1861 1909    
Burnham William H. Mar.21,1854 Feb.12,1912   Father
Burnham Josephine Mar.21,1855 Nov.16,1930   Mother,w/o W.H.Burnham
Burnham Roy May 9,1887 Jan.14,1960   son
Miller Lewis R. 1838 1918    
Miller Jane 1845 1928    
Fay Eva L. 1870 1950   `w/o Fred O Fay
Fay Fred O. 1868 1937    
May Stephen W. 1885 1962    
May Nora E. 1884 1967    
Playfoot Ernestine May 1909 1931    
May Emerson   Dec.12,1913   s/o S.W. andNora E.May
May Alvin   Dec.12,1913   s/o S.W. andNora E.May
Balmer John P. 1879 1961    
Balmer Grace May 1881 1978    
Balmer Marjorie L. 1922      
Balmer Stewart 1905 1906    
Balmer Bertha L. July 5,1914 Sept.12,1914    
Thomas Harriet B. 1906 1986    
Thomas Gerald B. 1905 1969    
Baldwin William 1863 1933    
Baldwin Hannah E 1868 1956    
Cummins Charles 1860 1943    
Cummins Emma 1866 1942    
Cummins Ethel M Feb.3,1899 Feb.14,1900   d/o Chas and Emma Cummins
Cummins John B. Dec.5,1891 Dec.7,1892   s/o Chas and Emma Cummins
Lefler William 1836 1909    
Lefler Amanda 1843 1916   w/o Wm.Lefler
Bouton Vera Ide May 4,1906 May 18,1986    
Ide Anna L. 1877 1959    
Ide Charles F. 1878 1968    
Dickerson J.A. 1865 1931   Father
Dickerson Blanche E. 1876 1959   Mother
Dickerson Rosella R. 1911 1982    
Dickerson Frank F. 1911 1971    
Robinson Peter 1835 1909    
Robinson Mary 1838 1919    
Gardner William M. 1859 1835   Father
Gardner Irene M. 1863 1931   Mother
Gardner Robert 1884 1923   son
VenDemark Arthur M. 1877 1958   Mason
VenDemark Bertha G. 1881 1977   Eastern Star
VenDemark Florence 1902 1908    
Cooper Nancy Dec.9,1823 Nov.18,1907   w/o George Cooper
Miller George 1830 1926    
Miller Emma Ann 1841 1918   w/o George Miller
Miller George R.Jr. 1876 1943    
Miller Edmond J 1879 1953    
Mitchell Alice M. 1860 1929    
Mitchell Vuncent 1854 19-    
Mitchell Eugene 1902 1969    
Wood Frances 1897 1979    
Wood Ray 1891 1964    
Parmenter Ella C. 1894 1946    
Clark Kate Feb.6,1873 Mar.24,1933    
Clark James Feb.12,1868 Oct.3,1934    
Wood Edna 1863 1919    
Clark Lillian 1903 1998   w/o Russell Clark
Clark Russell C. 1900 1968    
Worden John A. 1863 1934    
Worden Estella M. 1867 1935    
Evans Harold S.        
Evans William 1881 1922    
Anastasi Evelyn G. Sept.10,1914 Feb.28,1995    
Drake Grace M. 1884 1962    
Drake Frazie R. 1894 1963    
Guiles Faith Marie 1832 1936    
Guiles Harry L. 1867 1947    
Guiles Lulu G. 1864 1957    
Chase J.W.   Mar.28,1912 80y  
Chase Betsy   Jan.31,1909 70y w/o JW Chase
Chase Pearl M. 1883 1950    
Chase Nathan D. 1873 1923    
Halstead Robert Louis Mar.11,1932 Nov.4,1934   Back of stone,Children,Robert L,William J,Joann V,Joyce L.
Halstead Velma Aug.9,1913 Aug.25,1992   w/o Robert Louis Halstead
Halstead Nancy J. 1888 1982   w/o Smith Halstead
Halstead Smith A. 1881 1964    
Halstead Joesph S. 1913 1998   s/o Nancy and Smith Halstead
Halstead Merrill G. 1910 1988   s/o Nancy and Smith Halstead
Lesring James E 1867 1941    
Lesring Sadie S. 1886 1950    
Guiles Harriet A. 1922 1975    
Guiles George B. 1908 1977    
Kimble Charles 1862 1924    
Kimble Julia 1873 1953    
Jelliff Eva L. 1890 1975    
Jelliff Olin R. 1890 1937    
Higgins Edward H. 1867 1938    
Higgins Ruella 1870 19-    
Swan Shirley M 1913      
Swan Earl 1908 1962    
May LeRoy S 1889 1971   IOOF flag
May Florence 1900 1971    
May Francis D Aug.26,1919 Sept.15,1981    
May Clifford A Mar.9,1916 June 23,1991    
May Mary Mason Apr.8,1917     w/o Clifford May Mrried Nov.26,1936
Beck Irving G. 1899 1960    
Beck Lela Ide 1899 1990    
Lefler Burt A 1883 1964    
Lefler Victoria C 1887 1955    
Buck Walter R 1896 1977    
Buck Valeda E 1903 1995    
Buck Walter R Oct.15,1896 Dec.17,1977   F1 US Navy WW1,in ground marker
Vedder Ida B 1895 19-    
Vedder Edwin J 1882 1964    
Sturdevant Myrtle R 1897 1991   w/o Earl S Sturdevant
Sturdevant Earl J 1891 1979    
McDonald Brenice E Sturdevant Oct.1,1926     w/o George E.McDonald
McDonald George E June 30,1929 Jan.7,1998   married May 20,1955,U.S.M.C.WW11
Wood Carrie M 1895 1947    
Wood Asa A 1879 1951    
Miller Joanne Elaine   Feb.3,1943    
Raynor Helen Seymour 1894 1978   w/o LeRoy Justus Raynor,married Sept.3,1928
Raynor LeRoy Justus 1902 1988    
Raynor Lois Wege 1933 1992   w/o Robert "Rip"Raynor
Raynor Robert "Rip" 1929     married Jul 5,1958
Owen Guy W. 1900 1987    
Owen Olga R 1923      
Owen Mary E 1877 1967    
Owen John G 1871 1960    
Halstead Smith Howard   Apr.1950    
Wood Richard L. Mar.19,1916      
Wood Mary E Oct.13,1919 Oct.18,1991   w/o Richard L.Wood,married July 29,1939
Halstead Hazel O 1897 1984   w/o Henry G Halstead
Halstead Henry G. 1887 1978    
Cooper Bertha E 1877 1952    
Cooper Charles W 1874 1961    
Cooper Bert H. 1899 1982    
Cooper Myra E 1899 1984    
Cooper Aretta M July 15,1915 July 2,1997   wo Lester Cooper,married ,March 11,1938
Cooper Lester Mar.16,1909 Dec.24,1990   back of stone ,our children,1939,Barbara A,1943,Norman L.,1944,Ronald,
Cooper Patricia Christman Aug.14,1946 June 16,1988   w/o Ronald E.Cooper,married Aug 21,1965
Cooper Ronald E Dec.26,1944     Back of stone,If only love could save you,you never would have died.
Jackson Florence J 1914 1993    
Garrity Ralph A 1940 1944    
Frisbie Harland G 1904 1977    
Frisbie Elizabeth B 1904 1970    
Frost Carrie 1917 1978    
Lefler Fred G 1879 1944    
Lefler Sallie A 1876 1947    
Owen William B 1883 1972    
Owen Bertha M 1889 1969    
Johnson Richard H Oct.18,1938     back of stone,our children,Machael K,1959;Andrea L,1963;Michele A,1964;Toni L,1968
Johnson Theo L. Dec.21,1938     w/o Richard H Johnson,married Aug.9,1958
Jelliff Glen L. Aug.29,1921     Together forever,our Children,Thelma J,1942;Leland G,1946;Sharon L,1953;Karen E,1956
Jelliff C.Lucile Mar.23,1923     w/o Glen L.Jelliff,married July 2,1941
Campbell Dennis M. Apr.3,1951 Apr.17,1997   our children,Daniel L,1971;Denise M,1971;Amy M,1980;Diane R;1984
Campbell Melanie R. Oct.5,1948     w/o Dennis M Campbell
Tuning Shane Dec.11,1969 Aug.3,1989   This is our beloved son in whom we are well pleased. John3:16
Tuning Lahja J Nurmi Jan.27,1923      
Tuning George L. Oct.31,1910 July 16,1994    
Townsend Cora Dec.2,1925 Feb.13,1995    
Drake Ora B.Leonard June 25,1892 May 15,1933    
Drake     1917   Baby boy,next to Ora B Leonard Drake
Drake Charles E. Oct 16,1889 July 4,1973    
Drake Ellery T. 1914 1989   Lt.US Navy WW11 
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By Joyce M. Tice