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Bentley Creek Cemetery, Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, PA
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Bentley Creek Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, 
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Owen Cemetery 
(Off back left hand corner of Bentley Creek Cemetery)

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Name of Cemetery:    Bentley Creek a.k.a. Baldwintown Cemetery
Read By:  Pat Barnum,Lois Conrad,Marcia Jankowski,Bev Rocco and Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   June 30,1999
Typed By:   Charlotte Stevens
Located between Centerville,Pa. And Bentley Creek,Pa.
Other comments: The Bentley Creek Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1897.It was formerly named the Baldwintown Cemetery.The land was given for the Cemetery by Isaac Baldwin.
Comment from JMT : This is arranged in burial order rather than alphabetical. For those of you who do not want to take the time to browse, you can use the search engine on the main page or use the FIND feature on your browser software.
Makinster Charles C. 1927 1996    
Makinster Charlotte E 1937      
Chamberlain Mark W. 1873 1957    
Chamberlain Arotines S 1869 1956    
Chamberlain Harold E. 1898 1953    
Kline Viola A   June 29,1861   d/o J.A.and M.W.Kline
Kline Viola A. July 10,1859 June 29,1861   duplicate stone
Kline Johnson May 12,1823 Mar.13,1889    
Raynor Naomi   Feb.11,1887 29y1m26d w/o Judson W Rayner
Rayner     Oct.27,1885   infant son of W.and N.Rayner
Rayner Naomi 1857 1887   new stone
Rayner Judson W. 1858 1936   new stone
Chamberlain Frank E   Feb.19,1884 12y3m  
Chamberlain Eva   Ap.5,1889 11y10m25d  
Gillette Diadama   Mar.19,1851 77y8m4d w/o Alpheus Gillette
Gillette Lovina   June 6,1852 5y7m20d d/o A and S Gillette
Gillette Sally M   Oct.17,1881 74y3m5d w/o Amizah Gillette
Gillett  Minnie 1865 1937    
Cooper George K Mar.18,1846 July 24,1900   Father
Cooper John April 16,1876 Mar.8,1893   s/o George K Cooper
Cooper Georgia B Feb.22,1878 Apr.17,1886   d/o George K Cooper 
Cooper Harry April 2,1881 Jun2 28,1881   infant son of George K Cooper
Mead G.Riley 1842 1912    
Mead Catharine 1844 1899   w/o G Riley Mead
Mead Wellington   Mar.26,1896 77y   
Tubbs William 1865 1934    
Tubbs Samuel Aug.28,1826 Nov.27,1879    
Tubbs Maltilda Aug.20,1826 Jan.10,1879    
Mead George W. 1814 1906    
Mead Sarah R. 1816 1902   w/o George W.Mead
Gillett Nelson 1841 1920 76y Co B 7 Pen Cav.(old listing)
Cummins Morris 1838 1919   Civil War marker
Cummins Theresa 1845 1898   w/o Morris Cummins
Welliver Jeremiah S 1846 1914    
Welliver Mary E 1851 1925   w/o Jeremiah S Welliver
Faringer Helen P 1862 1931    
Dickerson Wm July 7,1828 Sept.18,1902    
Dickerson Mary G. Oct.15,1834 Mar.11,1897   w/o Wm Dickerson
Evans Jerome May 3,1841 Feb.1,1879    
Evans Emorgene 1847 1914    
Evans Martin A 1872 1927    
Larison Rev.John   May 28,1891 83y4m11d  
Larison Mary   Oct 20,1886 83y1m3d w/o Rev.John Larison
Larison David 1839 1914    
Larison Harriet 1844 1927    
Larison Minnie 1867 1937    
Ray Susie A 1856 1934   w/o David H Ray
Ray David H       Co F.21st NY Inf.
Hapeman Jeremiah   Dec.20,1888 77y5m  
Thompson Charles C. Oct.28,1835 Feb.18,1911   Co K 23 NY Vol
Thompson Juliaette Oct.22,1840 Mar.10,1923   w/o Charles Thompson
Ray Robert   Sept 1883 65y Co'I 141st NY
Ray Mary   Aug 1891 63y  
Thompson Verna Feb.10,1878 Dec.20,1961    
Thompson Jennie M   Aug.8,1876 8y3m d/o C.C.and Juliaett Thompson
Scott Emma Fassett 1844 1900    
Scott Henry 1839 1915    
Scott Vincient 1891 1917   Co H 310 NY Inf.WW1
Scott Charles  1873 1958    
Brown Elijah M Nov.6,1807 Nov.26,1894 87y  
Brown Lucetta Mar.10,1811 Mar.21,1895 81y w/o Elijah Brown, At Rest
Brown Jud S   July 1,1852 9y28d s/o EM and L Brown
Brown Sid P   June 25,1852 5y21d s/o EM and L Brown
Dubert J George 1838 1918    
Dubert Lavinia 1844 1940   w/o J George Dubert
Moore Adelbert A 1854 1930    
Dickinson Hettie 1858 1912   w/o Adelbert A Moore
Churchille Marion B   May 14,1936    
Burnham Otis R 1867 1947    
Burnham Minnie A 1871 1954   w/o Otis R Burnham
Lewis Elton D Mar.19,1898 Apr.14,1991   Plac on back,Elton D Lewis US Army WW1
Ripley Viva I Nov.17,1903 Feb.11,1988   w/o Elton D Lewis
Lewis Kathleen L. Aug.14,1927 Nov.19,1930   d/o Elton and Viva Lewis
Ayers John C. 1873 1922    
Ayers Hattie G 1873 1942    
Tuthill Wesley S 1896 1979    
Tuthill Ethel M 1895 1985    
Covell Eddie E 1922 1935    
Covell Ora B 1880 1971    
Covell Edward H 1880 1923    
Lutz Rose Marie   May 10,1954   Behind lg Covell marker
Cullen Theodora C 1902 1984    
Crainey William H 1870 1934    
Crainey Elizabeth M 1871 1931   w/o William Crainey
Crainey Russell   July 7,1934    
Young Elbridge C 1887 1973    
Young Marion I 1893 1977    
Wood Caroline B 1940 1963    
Wood Pauline M 1912 1969   Mother
Wood Merton A 1903 1987   Father
Wood Francis 1925 1929   s/o Merton and Lillian Wood
Young Ansel Wm         1st Lt.4th Inf Div.WW11
Montanye Alice A Sept.12,1925 July 2,1963   w/o Ansel Wm Young
Merrill M Lucille May 7,1925 Nov.21,1989   w/o Ansel Wm Young
Crainey Raymond Francis 1903 1948    
Ballard Kathryn 1899 1991   w/o Raymond Crainey
Farr Gladys L 1905 1968    
  Margaret 1871 1936   Mother
Kimbal Elsie A 1882 1980    
Cummings Gertrude D 1897 1977   w/o Charles Cummings
Cummings Charles 1894 1979    
Owen L.R. 1858 1937    
Owen Vesta M 1851 1919   w/o LR Owen
Mercer Clarence G Apr.28,1907 March 26,1986    
Mercer Catherine M Mar.20,1905 May 23,1981   w/o Clarence G Mercer
Mercer Gertrude W 1880 1926   Mother
Fay Raymond G 1892 1968    
Fay Laura C 1895 1971   w/o Raymond G Fay
Dickerson Michelle Nichole   July 28,1989    
Roloson Phillip P 1875 1937   Lot # 122
Roloson Etta A 1881 1929   w/o Phillip P Roloson
Roloson Ella N 1910 1985    
Roloson Harriett A 1914 1986    
Roloson Lila K 1917 1966    
White Elmer 1880 1950    
White Eugene 1884 1939    
White Philo 1878 1954   Lot#121
Inman Floyd 1881 1962    
Inman Edna 1880 1975    
Inman Norris 1913      
Inman Dorris 1913 1914    
Inman Dorris Nov.26,1913 Nov.21,1914   Old marker
Winslow Herbert 1912 1939   back half of White lot #121
Jelliff Elton F 1896 1943    
Jelliff Mildred G 1902 1987   w/o Elton F Jelliff
Phillips Maragaret May 1961 1961    
Leonard Dewey S Oct.17,1898 May 27,1959   Back of stone our children:Beverly R,1922;Nina L,1924;Betty J,1926;Gene D,1926;RitaA,1929;Carleen W,1931;Donna J,1933;Lila A,1935;Bonita,1949,adopted
Leonard Leone M Jan.15,1902 June 17,1973   w/o Dewey S Leonard,married Aug.7,1921
Houseknecht Lila A 1935 1972   nee Leonard
Lutz Robert F Nov.15,1932 Dec.5,1984   Plac,Robert F Lutz,Tel3 US Navy,Korea
Lutz Audrey J May 10,1933     w/o Robert F Lutz
Lutz George C April 5,1925 May 21,1969   RM3 US Navy WW11
Lutz George A Nov.24,1898 June 3,1954   New York WW1
Lutz Rachel H 1904 1976   w/o George A.Lutz
Lutz George C 1925 1969    
Lutz Ethel B 1922     w/o George C Lutz
Douglas Joseph A Oct.31,1910 May 29,1994    
Lentz Annabell Feb.12,1914 Feb.14,1990   w/o Joseph A Douglas
Douglas Wesley H 1887 1969    
Douglas Elizabeth R 1891 1954   w/o Wesley H Douglas
Van Brocklin Roscoe 1893 1975    
Van Brocklin Edith 1896 1950   w/o Roscoe Van Brocklin
Seeley Albert 1872 19--    
Seeley Jennie  1872 1950   w/o Albert Seeley
Halstead T D 1872 1949    
Everson Horace S Aug.6,1903 Sept.23,1988    
Everson Carl Feb.16,1906 Nov.9,1974    
Everson Francis H Sept.13,1917 Aug.2,1965    
Boughton Ella Nov.29,1876 Apr.12,1962    
Everson Henry D Aug.10,1912 Feb.1,1959    
Woodard Ronald G Oct.14,1918      
Woodard Margaret M April 15,1920     w/o Ronald Woodard,married June 8,1938
Lefler Aubrey C 1895 1970    
Lefler Anna 1900 1954   w/o Aubrey C Lefler
Lefler Dorothy M 1908      
Lefler Wells 1867 1955    
Lefler Myrtie 1871 1953   w/o Wells Lefler
Goudreau Peter A 1884 1972    
Gougreau Jessie L 1888 19--   w/o Peter A Goudreau
Budnick Gertrude 1911 1991    
Crandal Charles A Jan.30,1895 Feb.28,1953   Illinois-AMM1 USNRF WW1
Freeman Eugene H Oct.10,1948     Our Children,Jeffrey Eugene,1967;Gregory John,1969
Wood Patricia A Apr.17,1947     w/o Eugene Freeman,married Jan.21,1967
Freeman Jeffrey E June 6,1967 Feb.19,1989   "I'll send you for little while a child of mine"He said.
Miller Roy W. Sept.8,1926 Aug.18,1997   On the back,Our Sons,Dennis R.;Richard K.;David R.;Donald K.;Terry L.;Charles A.
Burnham Lorraine Feb 2,1929     w/o Roy H.Miller ,married Sept 26,1948
Miller Roy W. Sept.8,1926 Aug.18,1997   US Navy WW11
Leonard Donald R 1957 1993    
Leonard Jill B 1960     w/o Donald R Leonard,married Mar.23,1993
Nero Kenneth W Aprril 1,1948 Oct.19,1995   "Butch"
Nero Donald Louis July 5,1931 Dec.8,1995   Pvt.US Marine Corps,Korea plac,1950-1955
Burnham Roy H June 29,1908 May 22,1987    
Burnham Ruby L Feb.27,1908 June 9,1997   w/o Roy H Burnham,married April 21,1928
Inman William H Oct.9,1945 April 14,1971    
May Harry 1863 1935    
Thompson Mack Sept.20,1891 Nov.4,1960    
Thompson Nellie Sept.15,1905 Sept.13,1975   w/o Mack Thompson
Lonergan Bertha May 1886 1951    
Devoe Kathyn B June 25,1899 May 25,1991   No stone
Winslow Bernard 11   Apr.21,1989 34 yrs. No stone
Aber Estella 1866 1904   w/o Jud S Aber
Aber Jud S 1864 1909    
Brown Mary W 1935 1945    
Beach Julia L May 1,1853 Dec.26,1899   w/o C.C.Beach
Dewey Hiram 1810 1881   No stone
Dewey Lousia 1817 1884   No stone
Wright Charles Edwin   1870 9mos No stone
Wright Gifford   1897 2 yrs No stone
Voorhis Elmira West   June 16,1918 86yrs No stone
Voorhis A.H. 1825 1899   No stone
Voorhis Della   1855 1 yr. No stone
Quick Sarah R 1833 1900   No stone
Gillett Aaron 1838 1905   No stone
Mowers Nancy A 1846 1914   No stone
Bostilla Mrs.Frances   1955   No stone
Townsend Clark   Nov.1,1918 3mos No stone
Townsend Rueben   Aug.8,1912 76 yrs. No stone
Aber Jud S 1864 1909   No stone
Aber Estella 1866 1904   No stone
Beach Julia L May 1,1853 Dec.26,1899   No stone
Green James   May 15,1907   No stone
Green Addie   Sept.22,1899   No stone
Phillips Robert A.   Jun.4,1999    
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