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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
11 August 1999

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NAME OF CEMETERY:   Darling Cemetery
READ BY: Reva Wagner and she also used the 1960s 
Wheaton records to compare to and confirm her own listing.
DATE: Year 2000
TYPED BY: Reva Wagner & Carol Jacobs
LOCATION: East of Orwell Village
Story of the Cemetery A to B
D to F
G to K
L to N
O to S
T to Z
Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
D A       double field stone heart shaped
D A       found on above
Darling Abel   8/13/1821 71 years  
Darling Abel Leroy   3/14/1866 62 years 2 mos  
Darling Ann   1809 54 years  
Darling Amelia   1829    
Darling Baby dau   1803    
Darling Baby 5/7/1873 12/16/1888   daughter of W.H.&M.E.
Darling Carrie 2/14/1841 3/14/1890   wife of LeRoy A.
Darling Dennis   12/3/1885 48 years son of Theron
Darling Edwin B.   1804 2 weeks  
Darling Elizabeth L.   1/2/1894   wife of william N.
Darling George B.   2/24/1882  30 years 28 days  
Darling George L.        
Darling George W.   1818   son of Theron and Sally (no marker found for Sally)
Darling Grace 1873 1888   daughter of W.H.&M.E.
Darling Harriet M. 1882 1965    
Darling Hollis T. 10/10/1838 08/15/1917   brother to LeRoy
Darling Laura 2/26/1871 7/13/1871 4 months daughter of H.T.&S.H.
Darling  Laura   3/1888   wife of Abe & LeRoy
Darling  Leland H 1875 1966    
Darling daughter 5/7/1873 12/10/1888   daughter of W. H.&M.E.
Darling         child of Roland& Laura
Darling         child of Roland& Laura
Darling LeRoy A. 9/23/1841 02/20/1927    
Darling Lyman   1864   son of Theron
Darling Nancy E. 1825` 1894   Theron's daughter never married
Darling Major B.   1881   Theron's son not much left of stone
Darling  Mary Jane (Beckwith)   12/26/1863 41 years wife of Major
Darling Polly   6/14/1867 57 years  
Darling Rolland 7/13/1861 7/12/1862   son of Hollis &Sophia
Darling Theron 2/24/1849      
Darling  Unknown       between George& Mary
Darling Sarah A.   1870 87 years wife of Theron
Davis Pluma        
Derry George W.   7/10/1860 16 years 2mos Son of Nathaniel&Sarah J.
Derry Sarah J.   4/11/1843 31 31st year of her life, wife of Henry William
Dodge Marion G. 12/17/1921 12/21/1998   Mary 
Eames Zella 1857 1948   Mother
Edsall Beatrice D. 1896 1974   same stone as Leo
Edsall Leo E. 1891 1963    
Ellsbree Harry   9/1/1891 6 months 21 days so of N.N.&K.L.
Ellsbree son       son Of N. & K.L.
Eastebrook Catherine   8/24/1822   wife of Abel
Ellsworth D.C. 1824 1897    
Ellsworth Dayton F. 8/25/1858 06/14/1922    
Ellsworth Edward L. 6/13/1869 03/14/1922    
Ellsworth Marthena 1/26/1855 12/21/1935   wife of Edward
Ellsworth Lena no dates      
Ellsworth S. J. 1828 1904    
Farrar Elizab M   2/1/1895 81 years 4 mths wife of E.M.
Farrar Effie        
Farrar Rollie        
Farrar Wife       Wife of E. M>
Ford Douglas J. 1956 1992   funeral home marker
Foster Beatrice M. 1904 1942   same stone as Donald
Foster Donald G. 1907 1936    
Frisbie Aaron Clayton 3/4/1826 2/18/`896    
Frisbie Aaron Gaylord 1826 1896    
Frisbie Addiso Cowles 10/20/1829 02/24/1910    
Frisbie Ann (Newell) 3/31/1833 01/31/1914   wife of Addison Frisbie
Frisbie Ard   1870 4 months  
Frisbie Ardelia (Darling) 2/18/1827 02/18/1922   not sure of spelling of first name
Frisbie Alswitha K. 8/16/`834 11/4/1890    
Frisbie Armenia H. 8/22/1861 5/6/1818    
Frisbie Carolyn (Coburn) 10/6/1833 03/02/1905   wife of Warren
Frisbie Child 2/13/1865 3/6/1865   child of Aaron &Ordella
Frisbie Chloe H.   01/03/1905 9 years  
Frisbie Chloe   11/7/1826 36 years wife of Chuncey
Frisbie Chuncey  11/16/1787 5/4/1864   born NJ came to Orwell 1800 "Musician 41st Regt. PA
Frisbie Chuncey M. 1837 1921    
Frisbie Cynthia M (Bull) 11/10/1857 12/2/1895   wife of Eaton
Frisbie Eaton W. 2/13/1853 03/13/1947    
Frisbie Eliza   9/9/1865 29 years 8 mos 12 days wife of Chauncey
Frisbie Eliza M.        
Frisbie Emily   1849    
Frisbie Emogene (Knapp) 1843 1923   wife of C.M.
Frisbie Flora M. (Russell) 2/19/1867 09/17/1914   wife of Eaton
Frisbie Frank 1/28/1859 9/7/1866    
Frisbie Harriet E. (Oyer) 7/29/1807 7/25/1897   wife of Levi
Frisbie Humphrey       same stone as Addison
Frisbie Levi   11/23/1869 91 years 4 ds  
Frisbie Mary E.        
Frisbie Ordella 4/25/1827 2/18/1896   wife of Aaron
Frisbie Orrin   12/3/1847 2 years 6 mths  
Frisbie Phebe   10/5/1851 84 years wife of Levi
Frisbie Polly 2/.19/1829 1847    
Frisbie (MD) W. L. 1834 1896    
Frisbie Warren R. 9/29/1831 9/3/1865    
Frisbie Zebulow        
Frost Aaron   01/17/1942    
Frost P (H) olly       Polly or Holly wife of Aaron
Frost William H.        
Fuller Abigail        wife of Asa (stone broke)
Fuller Asa       buried next to Abigail, no dates
Fuller  Holmes   6/18/1888or66 30 years  
Fuller Lucy   2/2/1866   wife of Asa (stone broke)
Fuller Martha   1868 1 year  
Fuller William A.   1856   son of Asa & Lucy

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/05/2000
By Joyce M. Tice