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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
11 August 1999

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NAME OF CEMETERY:   Darling Cemetery
READ BY: Reva Wagner and she also used the 1960s 
Wheaton records to compare to and confirm her own listing.
DATE: Year 2000
TYPED BY: Reva Wagner & Carol Jacobs
LOCATION: East of Orwell Village
Story of the Cemetery A to B
D to F
G to K
L to N
O to S
T to Z
How Many
Unmarked R. H.  Near Barton
Unmarked P. G.   
Unmarked   White slab
3 Unmarked   Next to Fred Sibley
Unmarked   1 sm. White marker After above 3
Unmarked Unknown  between Rebecca Newell & William Fuller
Unmarked Sm. White marker Next to below
Unmarked Sm. White marker Next to Holmes Fuller, next two lots empty
Unmarked 2 unknown  Between Oliver Corbin & Esther Chubbuck
Unmarked 3 unknown Between Carrie Chaffee & Willie Newell
Unmarked 5 unknown Between C. H. Pitcher & Rachel Cowles
Unmarked 7 unknown  Between field stone with I. C. ( I. C. stone next to Noah Chaffee) & Mary Newell stone
Unmarked 19 unknown Between Althea Prince & Hollie Spencer
Unmarked 8 unknown Between Chester Gridley & Isaac Howe
Unmarked 3 unknown Between Mary Howe & Mary Cook
Unmarked 4 unknown Between Keith Chaffee & William Ranny
Unmarked 10 unknown Between Polly Ranny & Lyman Merrill
Unmarked 1 unknown After Lysena Grant
Unmarked 1 unknown  Before Edwin Lung
Unmarked 3 unknown Between Harry Elsbree & Warren Frisbie
Unmarked 9 unknown Between Catherine Eastebook & Ruby Darlin
Unmarked 2 unknown Between H. T. Darling & Henry G. Newell
Unmarked 2 unknown Between Rev. Barns & Anson Barnes
Unmarked 1 unknown Between Anson Barnes & E. H. Browning
Unmarked 1 unknown Between E. H. Browning & Roland Darling
Unmarked 3 unknown Between George Derry & Carrie Darling
Unmarked 2 unknown Between Ithel Allis & Adeline Ackley
Unmarked 1 unknown Between George & Mary Jane Darling
F. M. & M. M. 2 empty after Then M. D.
Unmarked 1 unknown Between double stone A. D. & A. D. & Hannah Beckwith

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/05/2000
By Joyce M. Tice