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Photo by Joyce M. Tice May 2000

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The Cemetery was read by Susan Miller and submitted to Tri-Counties by her

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The cemetery is located 1/4 mile along SR2024 off Route 187 South in the small village of Durell. This cemetery listing was typed and submitted September 1998 by Susan Miller.

Many of the local residents refer to the cemetery as the Benjamin cemetery as many of the deceased are either Benjamin or married into the Benjamin family. The first listing of the Durell Cemetery appeared in the "1889" Bradford County Tax Assessment records. The cemetery was in exsistence prior to the date above, we know that because of the death dates of the many people that died before 1889 and it is said that since the cemetery is exempt from taxes it may not have been necessary to have listed the cemetery as part of their tax records. Stephen Durell, for whom Durell was named, located at the mouth of the Durell creek about 1789 to 1790. He built a house and a sawmill there. Stephen Durell was said to be a quiet and respectable man advanced in years. He was thought to have come from Connecticut. Durell was at one time the name of the whole township and it included Frenchtown, Macedonia, Kerrick Hill, Ellis Hill, Marshview, and including part of Rob Wood Mountain, from 1842 to 1850 and it is listed as Durell Township. The big Bradford County map of 1858, which is based on the statictics from the 1850 census, indicates Durell as a well populated community. The Cemetery was read by Susan Miller and submitted to Tri-Counties by her

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or note
Wood Albert   Mar 26 1921    
Wood Robert Dec 22 1813 Apr 17 1884   w/o Robert Wood
Wood Almina Sep 19 1816 Dec 26 1890   Safe in the arms of Jesus
Vanderpool Renslear       Co. M 16 NY Heavy Art.
Vanderpool Julia   Dec 19 1890 42y 3m 29d Thy trials is ended, thy rest is won
Frisbie William   Nov 18 1896 36y 8m 10d  
Frisbie Addie   Aug 06 1890 4m 3d d/o Wm & Emma Frisbie Sweetly Sleeping
Johnson Jerry Mar 30 1892 Aug 121892    
Grippin Jaby 1870 1940    
Russell Gordon L   Sep 15 1894 3m 23d  
Covey Florence Aug 29 1894 Oct 04 1895    
Covey Henry F 1863 1931   Father
Covey Nora E 1867 1943   Mother
Benjamin Geo. A 1844 1924   Co. C 12 Regt. NY CAV
Chilson Angeline M 1848 1926   w/o Geo A. Benjamin
Fuls James H Apr 11 1835 Jul 26 1912    
Fuls Julia Ann Mar 25 1838 May 01 1905   w/o James H. Fuls
Fuls Sam'l H Jan 15 1871 Jul 31 1889    
Benjamin Evaline   Oct 06 1879 22d d/o S.S. & Margaret Benjamin
Benjamin Rosella   Aug 14 1878 1d d/o S.S. & Margaret Benjamin
Benjamin Leonard Mar 27 1877 Apr 01 1877   s/o S.S. & Mar. Benjamin (Budded on
          Earth to Blossom in Heaven)
Benjamin Macie   Mar 11 1895 1y 5m 20d She is gone but not forgotten
Grippin John S Sep 12 1833 Jan 10 1902    
Grippin Grace B Sep 09 1840 Aug 25 1893   w/o John S. Grippin
Westbrook Isabella   Jul 21 1892 29y 10m 18d w/o Thomas Wesbrook (Gone but not forgotten)
Grippin Henry F May 05 1825 Mar 30 1899   Father we miss thee
Grippin Ellen N Dec 24 1841 Sep 26 1925   w/o Henry Grippin
Hickey Alma B 1931 1955    
Benjamin Emma 1907 1964   w/o Cleveland Benjamin
Benjamin Cleveland 1892 1970    
Grippin Louise   Dec 11 1887 36y w/o J.H. Grippin
Grippin Daisy L Aug 14 1887 Mar 13 1888   d/o John & L.A. Grippin
Grippin James H Apr 1850 May 12 1916    
Elliott Edna        
Benjamin Solon   Jan 11 1902 85y  
Wood Margaret 1851 1935   w/o Solon Benjamin
Elliott Edna Jun 30 1904 Jul 25 1912    
Elliott Zelphia BENJAMIN 1882 1965    
Vanderpool Jessie 1877 1904    
Vanderpool Melvin 1904 1904    
Vanderpool Beatrice 1899 1907    
Vanderpool Stephen 1871 1960    
Chilson Louie 1877 1963    
Chilson Ervin 1871 1932    
Benjamin John L May 31 1815 Aug 04 1891    
Benjamin Mary May 02 1822 Apr 01 1893   w/o John L Benjamin
Benjamin F.L. 1870 1892    
Benjamin Polly 1863 1938   w/o F.L. Benjamin
Benjamin Minnie        
Benjamin John 1892 1967    
Benjamin George Aug 02 1896 Mar 12 1957   Penn F3 US Navy W W I
Rafferty Arlena Jo Jul 03 1961 Nov 11 1961   (Jesus Loves Me)
Benjamin Zelma A Nov 14 1868 Mar 22 1889   w/o M.K. Benjamin (Sweetly Sleeping)
? Gertrude 1901 1902    
Elliott James  Jul 12 1836 Nov 11 1915   Co. D 17 Regt. P.M. 1 MF
Frisbie Lydia J Feb 28 1843 Sep 15 1888   w/o James Elliott
Weaver Manford E 1885 1960    
Weaver Lottie G 1895 1925   w/o Manford Weaver
Benjamin Fred F 1879 1932    
Benjamin May F 1880 1966   w/o Fred Benjamin
Stempel David A Oct 04 1915 Apr 10 1989   Pvt US Army W W II
Stempel Dorothy E 1920     w/o David Stempel
Benjamin William W Nov 13 1889 Jul 05 1972   Penn Pvt US Army I
Benjamin Adelbert 1865 1950    
Benjamin Delila 1871 1938   w/o Adelbert Benjamin
Benjamin James May 02 1892 Jan 28 1894   s/o Adelbert & Delila Benjamin
Benjamin Jerson Dec 27 1899 Sep 21 1901   s/o Adelbert & Delila Benjamin
Vanderpool Baby        
Vanderpool Enos  ?      
Vanderpool Sophrana       w/o Enos Vanderpool
Frisbie Georgia R 1860 1948    
Frisbie B. Frank 1862 1922    
Frisbie Infant   Oct 13 1873   d/o Myron & Susan Frisbie
Frisbie Myron Aug 06 1841      
Frisbie Susan GRIPPIN Nov 15 1845 Apr 21 1902   w/o Myron Frisbie (Lay at Rest)
Johnson Eli   May 16 1917 67y  
Benjamin Sarah Oct 05 1858 Apr 21 1931   w/o Eli Johnson
Johnson Polly   Sep 06 1893 3y 28d d/o Eli & Sarah Johnson
Johnson Charles   Nov 04 1886 10y 8m s/o Eli & sarah Johnson
Ackley Arthur Nov 11 1883 Feb 01 1920   Penn CWT US Navy WW I
Grenier Nellie 1897 1995   w/o George Grenier
Grenier George 1889 1977    
Decker Hattie GILBERT        
Decker Wilson M Jul 18 1819 Feb 12 1898    
Decker Susen Apr 22 1824 Feb 15 1912   w/o Wilson Decker
Frisbie Myron K 1892 1956    
Frisbie Bessie A 1891 1979   w/o Myron K Frisbie
Frisby Adeline   Apr 20 1884 25y 7m 10d d/o W.D.C. Frisby
Frisbie John J 1851 1930    
Frisbie Annie 1852 1906   w/o J.J. Frisbie
Frisbie Charlotte Apr 08 1824 Apr 08 1903   w/o William Frisbie
Frisbie William Jan 31 1815 Jan 11 1892    
Ackley Rhoda J Apr 01 1887 Feb 13 1901    
Ackley Freddie Dec 11 1891 Dec 15 1891    
Northrup Bertha L Nov 30 1860 1940   w/o George W Ackley
Ackley George W 1858 1937    
Benjamin Florence 1913 1928   d/o Nathan & Maude Benjamin
Benjamin Rachel 1911 1929   d/o Nathan & Maude Benjamin
Benjamin Nathan 1885 1966    
Emory Maude  1892 1964   w/o Natha Benjamin
Benjamin Phebe E 1906 1982    
Benjamin Franklin W 1900 1958    
Benjamin Julia   Sep 08 1908 28y w/o Clark E Benjamin
Clark George Mar 17 1856 Dec 30 1923    
Chilson Mary Jun 29 1855 May 27 1912 57y w/o George Clark
Chilson John W 1858 1946    
Chilson Hattie S 1877  1954  
Blowers Ralph 1879 1936    
Johnson Clark May 09 1884 Jan 16 1957   Penn Pvt 24 Co. Coast Art. S/o Eli & Sarah Johnson
Mann William Jan 10 1865 Mar 17 1896 31y s/o Jonas & Rebecca Mann
Springer Jeanette 1879 1907    
Benjamin Elias 1841 1915    
Benjamin Hannah 1840 1916   w/o Elias Benjamin
Chilson Geo W   Apr 02 1889 58y 7m 9d  
Benjamin Richard Dec 12 1845     Co. D Regt. P.V.
Benjamin Hettie Dec 23 1849 Aug 28 1903   w/o Richard Benjamin
Benjamin Noble   Sep 15 1897 17y 10m 3d s/o Samuel & Rosie Benjamin
Acla Stephen 1871 1916    GO TO PAGE TWO OF THE LISTING
Subj:  Errors in Susan Miller's Durell Cemetery Readings
Date:  10/19/2002 1:43:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dick McCracken)
To: (JoyceTice)


I'm currently doing research on Benjamins in Asylum Twp.  I've just found a person buried in Durell Cemetery, first in the listing by Susan Miller and second in the reading I did two years later.

As you may recall, I re-read the cemetery because Ms. Miller had listed people as buried in this cemetery when, in fact, they were not.  They were buried in the Decker Cemetery.

Then today, I found the following discrepancies between her reading and my own.

Durell Cemetery - Read by McCracken
Benjamin John L.      31 May 1815  4 Aug 1891
Benjamin Mary          ----        4 Apr 1893 his wife. Same stone as
John L. Benjamin
Durell Cemetery - Read by Susan Miller
Benjamin John L.       ----        4 Aug 1891
Benjamin Mary          2 May 1822  4 Apr 1893 his wife. Same stone as
John L. above.
Durell Cemetery - Read by McCracken, 2000
Benjamin Elias     1841 1916
Benjamin Hannah    1840 1916   Same stone as Elias above.
Durell Cemetery - Read by Susan Miller
Benjamin Elias     1841 1915
Benjamin Hannah    1840 1916   w/o Elias Benjamin

If you look closely at the first two, John L. Benjamin and his wife you will see that they are completely different.  She has given her his birth and death dates and the birth date is completely incorrect.

Elias Benjamin, the date of his death is incorrect in her reading.

On page two of her reading, everything below Lucinda Benjamin (Beginning with Simeon Decker) should not be there.  All of these people are buried in the Decker Cemetery as you can see from my reading of Decker.

I don't believe I know Ms. Miller, and she may well be a nice, sweet lady.  But her glaring errors, insertion of information that isn't on headstones and failing to identify it as such, and her apparent general inattention to detail are just not acceptable.  We are researchers.  We cannot tolerate such sloppy or forced work.  These pages serve many who cannot go to these cemeteries themselves to verify the information, and they should not have to.

Finding errors on the two listings I was seeking makes me leery of all of her work.  For heavens sake, I have no idea where she came up with the reading of the John L. and Mary Benjamin entries.  I know that you don't want to hurt her feelings, but her pages must go.  Failing that I will feel obligated to continue this issue through the list.

As an aside, on both of her Durell Cem pages, you have a photo of the Decker Cemetery, not the Durell.

I'm truly sorry for all of this, but I've been a researcher an analyst of one kind or another all of my adult life.  There are tests and standards and I cannot compromise the integrity of the philosophy of research.

Dick McCracken
Towanda, PA
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/13/1998
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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